Dreams Within Worlds

"Hey!" said a girl with black hair and brown skin. "Did you just... you... helped me?" She looked at her helper that was on her side. "Wait.... Xi Xi! I thought you were trying to kill me!" He looked at her. "Long story short. I wasn't trying to kill you... my father was... let's keep on going shall we?..." She looked at him with a sort of face that you do when you don't trust someone. He then struck at their killer.
"For the worlds!"


3. Thoughts Pt. 1

It was Tuesday and Anzu had managed to stop Carlos from killing her. What she did was that she erased his memory (even though it hurt to do so)  but, he is still an active Jovenknight.

"What is wrong with your son!" She gave Max a small smile and a quick laugh for him to know that she was joking around.

"More like what is right with him! I mean he... he chopped your head off two times! And! AND he shot an arrow through your head and still made the bull's eye! And! He also chopped you into pieces... Well... you let him," he was looking at Anzu.

"Well... I don't know! Only a general Jovenknight can do that!"

"I know Anaisabel!"

She closed her eyes and smiled. The bell rang. "See you later," she opened her eyes.


During P.E she played bocce with her friend Griffin. "HOW ARE YOU WINNING ME!!!" he was yelling that as he saw his green bocce ball bounce right over Anaisabel's blue ball. 

"I don't know... "

"You are cheating somehow!" Ana gave a small smile and thought to herself 'Am I learning how to control Magic down here on Earth?'

Griffin threw his ball again. And it happened again!


Ana starting laughing so hard. "I AM SO SORRY!"

Not sorry at all.

'I think I'm learning how to control magic better now, down here on Earth.'

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