Dreams Within Worlds

"Hey!" said a girl with black hair and brown skin. "Did you just... you... helped me?" She looked at her helper that was on her side. "Wait.... Xi Xi! I thought you were trying to kill me!" He looked at her. "Long story short. I wasn't trying to kill you... my father was... let's keep on going shall we?..." She looked at him with a sort of face that you do when you don't trust someone. He then struck at their killer.
"For the worlds!"


2. He Wants to Kill

Anzu got on the bus and drove to school. She tried not to get a seat next to Carlos and got a seat with another one of her friends.

She looked at him. He looked at her back. 'We were friends.... I think I should call him a frienemy,' She got off her bus and went to her first-period class.

"Hi, Max... anything new that I need to know? You know... about It," She stood next to him looking at the poster that was next to their table that was at the back of the class.

"Yes... we killed him... well... we can't kill him but, we can turn him into an inactive Warrior. He was the reason why now you only have ONE partner," as the boy said this she started remembering what he had done.

Long ago when she was still new to the world... (compared to her age) she had her first partner. Xi Xi and him. As time went on she became close to Xi Xi. And fell in love with him. He was jealous of Xi Xi on how much he got her attention.  He somehow got Anzu to her Shou part of her. Shou is the bad side.

And made a deal with Xi Xi's father and both of them plotted to kill both Anzu and Xi Xi. Xi Xi's father took over his body and made him do things he didn't want to. He made him try to kill Anzu. She couldn't believe what had become of her friend. When she turned into a Shou form that even she could not control he stopped her from killing people that had nothing to do with his plan.

He had 'saved' her and her people. Xi Xi's father let his body go and once Anzu found out what both had plotted she had gone face to face with both of them. With her most trusted friend at her side fighting. Both of them managed to make him an inactive Warrior. And after that, they both went to kill Xi Xi's father.

But, for that, they had to pay a price. A life. The fight was too fast for Anzu to see what was going on. But, when it ended Xi Xi's father was dead and he was on the floor. He had saved her life. His father was going to do was kill her. Even though she is immortal she can still die.

'His father made me look like a fool! I thought that he was Xi Xi!' She thought to herself.

"Also... Carlos will be fully awakened by Tuesday. It is Friday today." He looked at her eyes. She looked down.

"I see.... so... he is the father of that kid that I killed when I was a child... I didn't mean to... I couldn't control my powers back then... and as for my daughter... she too wants me dead. My adopted daughter..."

"We'll talk about it later, not now,"

The bell rang.

During lunch, they talked about the other worlds among themselves. Their friends asked what they were talking about and simply said that they were talking about a game that they played.

She nodded. "We have to do it tonight!"

"And... we have to go back to our lovers," Haku told her.

'That is the thing... do I love Ziz'o my first lover... or... Haku?...' She started to wonder. 'He loves someone else... if I love him then... I have to let him go...' She nodded at him.

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