Twisted❤️ ~5 Seconda of Summer Fanfic~

What happens when 15 year old Ashley comes face to face with someone from the past? What happens when she finally gets a good family? Will she find love or will she fail? Everything changes when 15 year old Ashley gets adopted by Luke Hemmings. Follow Ashley as she tells the story of her life. #5SOS


1. Intro✌🏻️

Hey, it's Ashley, Ashley Moore. I'm about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically why my life ended. Just kidding. I'm about to tell you my whole life. So take whatever device you are reading this on, grab some popcorn and just listen.

I'm not your average everyday 15 year old girl. I'm an orphan. My brother, Austin, and I are in an orphanage as we speak. He's 19 and the limit before you get kicked out was 18 but because of me they had to change it. I wouldn't let them kick him out. He's in a local gang.

I have another brother he's my twin, Asher. He got adopted when we were 10 and I haven't seen him since. Sad thing is I don't know if he's alive or dead in a ditch somewhere. He's like my other half. He left me 5 years ago not by will tho. I have nightmares all the time about him. And I wake up screaming and crying.

My brother Austins' best friend Matt is also in the gang with Austin. When Austin went away to do jobs Matt was my baby sitter. He's like a babysitter/brother/best friend all in one. Last time I saw him was when I was 13. He taught me so much like boxing, cooking and fighting.

Today I am going on a skate on my penny board. Right now I'm getting my converses on, my outfit is a black Nirvana shirt, black ripped skinnys and black converses with my hair curled and a black beanie over my head. I head to my clear penny board and grab it then head to the door before asking Mrs Gemma if I can go out. She says "yes you can but be back before noon there are some people coming to adopt a kid or two. "Okay" was all I said.

I walk out the door and put my penny board down and hop on. I start to skate across the road when a car comes and nearly hits me. "Oh my god, are you okay?" A guy with red hair asks me getting out of the car. "Yeah just a little taken aback, I got go sorry." I said.

I run back in the door and put my board up then hear"Ashley, Lela, Alex, Claire and Brooke come downstairs." I walk downstairs to see the guys that almost hit me. I wave and mumble a soft "hi". "Girls this is Michael, Luke, Ashton and Calum, and they are here to adopt one of you." Mrs Gemma said. 'Great' I thought. "Who's adopting today?" Brooke asks "Luke is" Mrs Gemma said.

"Ashley you first go to the kitchen table" I do and I sit down in a chair. I hear footsteps and turn my head to see 4 guys sitting down. "So, what's your name?" Luke says

"Ashley Grace Moore."


"2, an older brother that's upstairs and a twin brother that got adopted 5 years ago."



"Favorite color?"

"Mint Green"

"Favorite band?"

"Like today's band or past?" I ask



"Favorite sport?"


"And one last question." Luke says I nod

"Me or Ashton?"


"Correct, that's all thank you" Luke says and I leave the kitchen.

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