Twisted❤️ ~5 Seconda of Summer Fanfic~

What happens when 15 year old Ashley comes face to face with someone from the past? What happens when she finally gets a good family? Will she find love or will she fail? Everything changes when 15 year old Ashley gets adopted by Luke Hemmings. Follow Ashley as she tells the story of her life. #5SOS


3. :2

Previously in Twisted❤️; "I wanted to you know catch up" Asher said.

Ashley's POV Chapter 2: Reunited.

Okay catching up works. "Okay so what do you want to know?" I asked Asher.

Asher- "What school do you go to?"

Ashley- " Sydney High school now,"

Asher- " How long have you been adopted?"

Ashley- " About 2 hours"

Alec- "what that's it after 5 years still not adopted?"

Ashley- "I couldn't leave Austin after ding dong over here left."

Alec- (chuckles)

Asher-"Moving on,"

Ashley- "What about you and the adoption?"

Asher- "They kicked me out when I was 12."

Ashley- "What?!." "Why?"

Alec- "He came home late from my house."

Ashley- "Idiot"

Asher- "Hey! You can't talk. You almost got kicked out of the orphanage for coming home late."

Ashley- "Yeah but I came back from the hospital that night."

Alec-" Why the hospital?"

Ashley and Asher- "Austin."

We kept talking for an hour than Alec asked" hey Asher, Ashley, do you wanna go meet my brother at the house my sisters there too." And we both nodded.

******* 15 minutes later at Reeves' residence.

"Bro I'm home." Alec yelled through the house. "Someone I want you to meet" he said. I heard footsteps then someone stepped into view. Omg.... Matt?!

"Matt?!" I exclaimed.

"Little A?!" He said opening his arms. I ran into his arms.

"Jesus Little A. You've grown up so much." Matt said we pulled back to look at my brother and crush looking dumb founded.

"You 2 know each other?!" Alec said.

"Nooo, long legs. We just happen to have nicknames only we call each other to strangers." I said sarcastically.

"Damn Little A's as feisty as ever." Matt said.

"Watch it, Matter." I said turning to him. He put his hands up in defense.

" So how do you 2 know each other?" Asher asked.

"Oh, yeah this is Austin's best friend." I said pointing to Matt.

"Austin has friends?!" Asher said shocked.

"You know Austin?" Matt said.

"Oh yeah. Matt, this is Ashley, Asher's twin sister." Alec said.

"Asher as in this little Asher Moore over here." Messing up Ash's hair. Ash pushed his hand away. Matt looked to me I nodded.

"Well Asher, welcome to the sibling club. You to Little A." Matt said.

"Oh shut it, Matter the bad batter." I said with a laugh.

"Matter the bad batter?" Alec and Asher said questioningly.

"Oh story time." I exclaimed.

"So 1 day Austin and Justin and Conner and Vic and Tony and Chris and Matt took me to the batting cages. Matt was up to bat and missed every time he batted so me and Justin and Chris came up with the nickname Matter the Bad Batter. And that's my blackmail method."I said.

"Justin? Chris? Vic? Conner? Tony? As in the guys from the gang Matt's in?" Alec asked.

"Yeah exactly. Wait you know about the gang too?" I asked

"Yeah how do you know?" Alec said

"Austin's in that gang too. That's how I know the guys." I explained.

"And Little A, don't forget I have my blackmail methods too" Matt said and I gasped and turned to him like I had seen a ghost.

"You wouldn't?!"

"Oh I would."

"Prove it! You don't have anything on me!"

"Justin, Chris, Conner, Vic and Tony- Brownies."

"(Gasp) Don't" I exclaimed.

"Ohh do please do. I want to know my sisters secret." Asher exclaimed, I sent him a death glare.

"Or not." He said and I nodded.

"Don't forget Matter, I still remember the boxing, fighting and Karate you taught me." I said and he went as white as a ghost.

"NEVERMIND!" He yelled. And a girl came down the stairs and started yelling" MATT SHUT THE HE- (squeal) OMG A GIRL FINALLY. Wait you look like someone I know." She said and looked at Asher.


"Alive? Of course unless I'm a ghost."

"Oh what I meant was you are alive like not dead like Asher thought you could of been." She said oh.

"Sorry, Ashley. And Asher." She said.

"No it's fine Ella I understand I started to think the same like a few years ago." I said. I looked at Asher to see tears in his eyes and there were obviously some in mine he walked up to me and hugged me tightly. I hugged back and let the tears fall.

"I'm sorry." I heard Ash say.

"For what? Thinking what could of been possible? You don't need to be sorry for that I even thought you could of been dead." I said

"No not for that for leaving you behind." He said.

"Ash... Hey remember a man left behind is just another to be found later." I say using our childhood motto. He chuckled slightly.

"Yeah but no man left behind is more important." He said and I teared up then looked at Matt, Alec and Ella who looked on the verge of tears. They huddled around us and said "sibling Goals." I laughed and said " But ash I'm not left behind now, am I?"

"No." He said.

"Exactly, now we can be Hansel and Gretal again." I said laughing, soon to be joined by everyone.

"Okay German twins I'm gonna invite the guys." Matt said leaving our group hug.

"Okay Ashley your coming with me to my room to talk." Ella said. Pulling me from Asher.

We were in her room when she started talking.

"Look I know you like Alec." She said.

"Oh you do?"

"Yeah, it's obvious"

"Don't tell him!" I pleaded.

"Oh don't worry he wouldn't believe me anyways" she said.

******** Alec's POV (same time)

"Dude, look I know you like her."

"Like who?" I said trying to play dumb.

"Don't play dumb with me. My sister that's who."

"Are you gonna tell her?"

"I'm her brother of course, but I'm also your best friend so no I won't tell her" " but if you ever hurt her your dead. Got it?" He said and I nodded.

"Got what?" Matt said walking in the room.

" I asked Alec if he got that if he hurts my sister he's dead. I think you can agree, right?"

" Yeah your damn right I agree. She's like my baby sister already. And now she may be in the future." Matt said.

"What do I do?" I asked them

"You ask her out." They said at the same time.

"What if she says no though"

"Oh trust us she won't" Asher said

"But how do you know?"

" I'm her Twin brother I know when she likes someone." Asher said, hold the phone Ashley likes me?!

"Ashley likes me?!" I exclaimed

"No shit Sherlock. Your so oblivious" Matt said.

"Who's oblivious?" Justin asked walking through the door.

"Alec is" Asher, Matt and Ella said. Ella was coming down the stairs.

"Oh, what about?" Conner said. Just then Ashley came walking down stairs as if on que. Every head turned toward her.

"Ashley?!" Conner said as he saw her.

"Hey guys what's up?"

" What's up is why am I seeing my bestest friend in Matts house without Austin." Vic exclaimed.

" I'm here with my other brother." She said.

They all looked confused then Chris asked" Who?"

"My twin brother of 15 years. Asher Tyler Moore." She said and then looked at Asher. And walked over and they shared a hug.

"Sibling Goals" Conner screamed.

"Okay enough. As the conversation was going before Ash junior came. What's Alec oblivious about?" Tony asked.

I looked at Asher who shrugged to me. "All guys and Ella backyard now." Matt said.

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