Twisted❤️ ~5 Seconda of Summer Fanfic~

What happens when 15 year old Ashley comes face to face with someone from the past? What happens when she finally gets a good family? Will she find love or will she fail? Everything changes when 15 year old Ashley gets adopted by Luke Hemmings. Follow Ashley as she tells the story of her life. #5SOS


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Previously on Twisted❤️:

"Correct, that's all thank you" Luke said and I leave to go upstairs.

Ashley's POV: Chapter 1; The Adoption.

I go up to my shared room with Austin. I need to talk to him. "Austin?" I say. "Yeah?" He says from his bed.

"Can I talk to you?" I ask

"Yeah little sis anytime"

"I don't want to leave."

"What? Why would you be leaving?"

"People came to adopt a 15& a 19 year old girl and boy. And everyone says I'm gonna be the girl." I explain.

"I know I go to see them in 2 minutes." Austin says. "Just know no matter what I love you little Sis." He added.

"I know and I love you too Austin you're all I had after Asher left." I said. "Asher... Austin do you think we would see him in the near future?" I ask quietly.

"Maybe.." He said and started to say something but was cut off by a knock at the door. "It's open." I said

"Austin it's your turn to meet them." I heard Drake, someone at the orphanage, say.

"Good luck, Austin" I said and gave him a hug then started to play some FIFA 2k17.

Austin came back 10 minutes later but not alone. He came back with Luke.

"Hey Ashley, he says we need to hear something." Austin said pointing to Luke.

"Okay shoot"

"I'd like to adopt you guys." Luke said and Austin and I looked at each other and smiled. "If that's okay with you guys." He added. I was the first one to open my mouth

"Trust me it's more than okay." I said and he smiled. "You guys better get packing be down in 15 minutes, okay?" Luke said.

Me and Austin both nodded and went to the closet to grab our suit cases and started packing.

************ Asher's POV

I rode around a corner and found Alec sitting on his bike. He reminds me of my sister they would be the best couple ever. Ohhhhhhh, how I miss Ashley,my twin, she was so heartbroken when I left and I was too. Then I got kicked out by my Adopted parents when I came home late from Alec'.

"Hey Alec." I said as I rode up to him he turned to look at me.

"Hey Asher." He said and we did our fist bump. "Any luck finding your sister today?" Alec asked. He knows and we're trying to look for her but I don't know what school she goes to.

I shake my head and mumble a "no" then he says,

"I'm sorry, hey but we'll find her. I promise."

"Yeah it's fine it's just I'm kinda losing hope in finding her." I confessed.

"Don't lose hope."

We got ready to leave when a car drove slowly past us. I looked in the back seat and saw a girl with light brown hair and dark brown eyes. She looked so familiar, she looked up at me and her eyes widened. She turned to the driver and said something then got out. When she got out I finally found out who she was. It can't be... She's here... Ashley she's in front of me. She looked me in the eyes kinda questioningly and I nodded. I hopped off my bike and opened my arms. She ran to me and jumped in my arms I hugged her tight and spun her around slightly.

"Asher.." She said her voice shaky.

"Ashley.." I said kissing the top of her head.

We pulled away to find 6 sets of eyes on us. Alec, 4guys and... Austin? Everyone looked confused except Alec and Austin they looked shocked. "Austin bro is that you?" I questioned. I walked up to him and gave him a quick hug when we pulled away Ashley was at our side. She embraced us both in a hug and screamed, "THE 3 AMIGOS ARE BACK TOGETHER!" And everyone laughed. I turned to Alec "Alec, this is Ashley my twin sister and my brother Austin. Ashley, this is Alec my best friend." I said. They waved and mumbled "hi". I can tell Alec and Ashley like each other even though the just met. Ashley started to say something, "Asher Alec, this is Luke my Dad, and Ashton, Calum and Mikey my Uncles." We waved at each other. I turned to Ashley "can you come with me to Starbucks?" I asked and she nodded. She turned to Austin and asks for 20 bucks and her penny board from the car. He gave both to her. She hugged all of them and got on her board and asked if I was ready. Alec and I got on our bikes.

******* Alec's POV

We just got to Starbucks and Asher and I had to lock our bikes to the rack. Ashley just picked her board up. We ordered and sat down I just realized we all got a Vanilla- Carmel Swirl Frappé. I chuckled. Ash and Ashley looked at me and said "what?". And I said "I just realized we all got the same drink." They looked at the cups on the table and chuckled. Okay that's the most glorious sound yet to come out of Ashley's mouth. I smiled widely and Asher looked at me and gave me 'the look' like the look you get from a family member of the person you like saying 'hey I know you like her but break her heart and I'll beat you up' shit he knows. All I did was nod. He smiled widely too. "So Ash what did you want me to come here for?" Ashley asked." I wanted to you know catch up." Asher said.

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