The Bad Boy's Dare

❝Admit it, you’re too scared. You’re always the good girl,❞ Atlas smirked as his lips got dangerously close to mine.

Then and there, I wanted to do nothing more than to punch the cocky smile off his face.


Atlas Waring; the school delinquent, the player, the heartbreaker. He was everything I strayed away from.

That was, until he showed up in my bedroom at 3:00 AM holding a high school bucket list and dared me to complete the list before graduation.

And there were only three things I never turn down.
An invite to binge watch New Girl episodes,
The extra guac at Chipotle,
And lastly, a dare from anyone


4. The Bucket List

Margo’s POV

Atlas stepped close to me.

Too close.

In that moment I could see every detail that comprised Atlas Waring. I could see tonned lines underneath the thin fabric of his shirt, his dark hair tousled by the breeze, and of course, his deep starlit eyes.

He gently stroked my hair and smiled to himself.

I froze.  

“Wh-what do you think you’re doing?” I stammer.


Atlas was bad news. He was a player, he skipped school, and he was a heartbreaker. Suddenly he flopped down onto my bed, his six foot frame easily filling the length of my sheets.

“Alright Mango,” he smirks in a true douche like manner, “what should we do for our astronomy project? White dwarfs? Neutron stars? Solar winds?”

“How do you know any of those terms?” I tease, “you’ve been to astronomy less than five times this year!”

Atlas stops smirking and looks at me with hesitation. His face starts to get a little red, and he chucks a pillow in my direction.  

It suddenly clicked. “Oh my god… YOU’RE A CLOSETED NERD!”

I burst out into laughter at his expense. Atlas Waring, who everyone thought was the bad boy delinquent, was really an astrophysicist at heart.

In between tears of amusement and wheezing for more air, Atlas swiftly grabbed my waist and pulled me down onto the bed with him.


I landed with my hands against his chest.

We stayed like that for a bit in lingering anticipation. Atlas was once again, gazing at my eyes, and I suddenly felt embarrassed to be in such a compromising position with him.  

He got up and offered a hand to me. “Margo, I dare you to come with me.”


“Right now? Why?” I ask, slightly nervous.

“Remember that high school checklist we made when we were younger?”

I vaguely remembered it. It was a checklist we made just as we were starting high school, and we were going to do all of it together.

Atlas then reached into his pocket and pulled out a sheet of paper. He gave it to me, and gestured for me to read it.

It was the checklist. There were five goals:

1. break into somewhere,

2. go to a party,

3. drink alcohol,

4. go skinny dipping,

and the last one that was indistinguishable because it’d been crossed out.

I couldn’t believe that we actually wrote this. I’m pretty sure Atlas had already done all of these, when I had done none.

“Where would we even go this late at night?”

“On an adventure, sweetheart. Isn’t it time to live a bit?”


Atlas seemed to be serious.

Perhaps it was time for me to do something new.

After all, I was a senior in high school and hadn’t even had my first kiss. The most exciting thing I’d done was probably binge watching two season of Parks and Rec in the span of a week.

It was a glorious week.

But it was no go-somewhere-with-Atlas-Waring-late-at-night exciting.

“Admit it, you’re too scared. You’re always the good girl,” he smirked as his lips got dangerously close to mine.

Then and there, I wanted to do nothing more than to punch the cocky smile off his face.

But as much as I’d hate to admit it, he was right. Maybe it was time I’d live a little bit in my seventeen years of life.

Besides, who better to teach me than him?

And then, I decided to take a chance; So I took his hand.


Thanks for reading! If you’re ready for the adventure in the chapters to come with Atlas, press the star ;)


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