The Bad Boy's Dare

❝Admit it, you’re too scared. You’re always the good girl,❞ Atlas smirked as his lips got dangerously close to mine.

Then and there, I wanted to do nothing more than to punch the cocky smile off his face.


Atlas Waring; the school delinquent, the player, the heartbreaker. He was everything I strayed away from.

That was, until he showed up in my bedroom at 3:00 AM holding a high school bucket list and dared me to complete the list before graduation.

And there were only three things I never turn down.
An invite to binge watch New Girl episodes,
The extra guac at Chipotle,
And lastly, a dare from anyone


5. One Too Many Fries

Atlas's POV

I can't believe she took my hand.

She placed it there, albeit hesitantly, but nonetheless entrusting me with it. Her hand seemed to be so fragile. The more I contemplated it the more I could feel my testosterone depleting.

For a moment, my heart forgot to beat.

What the hell is happening to me?

"Alright my little adventure virgin," I patronize, "let's do each and every goal."

After she pulled on a pair of jeans and a pair of converse, I led her over to the balcony. The night was strikingly beautiful. Tonight, there was a bright crescent moon followed by trails of stardust.

It was also surprisingly clear. We stood under the constellations of Draco, Orion, and she described to me the stars of Hercules.

"Amazing," I heard her whisper, awestruck by the beauty of the solace.

The truth was, she was the brightest star of them all.


Her eyes held the arrow of Sagitta, her hair had embroidered the jewels of Crux, and her skin decorated by the spectre of Cassiopeia.

"What constellation do you think you are?" Margo asks.

"What is this, a buzzfeed quiz?" I responds. "But if I had to pick I'd probably be a Cygnus. You know, since Cygnus wants to fly far far away."

"How poetic. But utterly wrong." She stares at my confused expression and gives me a two-dimpled smile. "My friend you are Ursa Major. Because you are annoying and you give me a major headache."

Margo's attempt at a pun made her laugh so hard her face blushed a deep red. I just smiled and observed her chuckle. It was a strange laugh, like when you hear it for the first time you think someone is choking.

But her laugh was music to my ears.

The puzzle of the girl standing next to me who sounded like she was having a minor seizure perplexed me. I would have never guessed that Margo would have taken my dare, especially after we fell apart freshman year.

But a bit of me hurt.

The irony is, I knew if she wasn't careful, I'd be her downfall.


Margo's POV

Atlas had to demonstrate how to climb down from a tree several times before I dared to try.

But since physical exercise is not my forte, I ended up riding on his back as he did the climbing for the both of us.

"Geez Mango," he joked after we arrived to the ground, "I think you've had one too many fries."

I took the empty grease stained bag and threw it at him. Which, of course, he dodged effortlessly. After walking for about two minutes down the block, Atlas stopped. "Here's the ride," he said as we approached a white 1960's Mustang Convertible.

"This must get awful milage," I taunt.

"Let's just say, when I usually pick girls up I'm not driving much."

My face instinctively scrunches up in disgust. All it does is provoke a one-dimpled smirk from Atlas, as if the only thing that brings him satisfaction is tormenting others. In one smooth motion, he jumps into the driver's side and unlocks the door.

"What's the first goal?" I would never admit it, but I was ecstatic to finally have some excitement in my life.

"Number one. To break into somewhere."

"Where to?" I ask, unable to contain my elation. "The school? The Planetarium?" Atlas looks at me while he mockingly shakes his head.

"You have a lot to learn, young disciple. Since we have been working for a while, I thought we might need a break," he responds.

My eyes widened as I comprehended what Atlas was saying.

"Let's go break into the Carnival."

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