The Bad Boy's Dare

❝Admit it, you’re too scared. You’re always the good girl,❞ Atlas smirked as his lips got dangerously close to mine.

Then and there, I wanted to do nothing more than to punch the cocky smile off his face.


Atlas Waring; the school delinquent, the player, the heartbreaker. He was everything I strayed away from.

That was, until he showed up in my bedroom at 3:00 AM holding a high school bucket list and dared me to complete the list before graduation.

And there were only three things I never turn down.
An invite to binge watch New Girl episodes,
The extra guac at Chipotle,
And lastly, a dare from anyone


2. Herpes... Or Whatever

Margo’s POV

What. The. Hell.

Does this nimrod have no boundaries?

The bell rang, and I ran out of the classroom as fast as I could. But before I could get very far, someone grabbed my wrist.

Damn his long strides!

In spite, I turned to face Atlas. He was once someone I knew very well. But after high school started, we went our separate ways. Because of our differences we never crossed paths much.

He had become a delinquent. He was more concerned with, well, anything other than school. I became the academia poster child. I was concerned with getting into college with a full scholarship, especially since my family couldn’t afford a full tuition.

In fact, it surprised me he bothered to show up to last period.

“Let go of my wrist before I make sure you wake up confused in Columbia tomorrow,” I challenge. Atlas doesn’t. Instead, he rolls his eyes then pulls me closer to him.

“Oh now you decide to talk to me. A little feisty, I like it.” He teases, “So, are you going to take me up on that gamma ray offer?”

“Please. I would never… I don’t want herpes or whatever.”

He stares at me in shock and disgust, like he couldn’t believe I just said that out loud. I couldn’t even believe I said that out loud. It’s a little satisfying though, knowing I could catch him off guard.

“I’ll have you know I’m selective,” he continues. “We’ve changed so much Mango. But I know you’re still just a tame little good girl.”

What he said was true, but his tone takes me back a bit. “Mango?” I say while raising an eyebrow, “I haven’t heard that since freshman year.”


Atlas suddenly brings me into his arms in the open hallway, full of hoards of students trying to leave for the weekend. There are countless onlookers, no doubt wondering what Atlas was doing with a girl like me, given his reputation.

But he doesn’t seem to care.

I don’t even think he realizes they are all staring. His gaze is fixated on my eyes, my lips, my hair. Atlas brings my chin up slightly to meet his sea blue eyes.

I can no longer feel myself physically breathing. It’s as if my lungs were filling up from his oceans. Atlas notices this. He flashes me a one dimpled smirk in response.

“Don’t be such a dick,” I taunt as I struggle in his grasp.

“You’re still thinking about my dick?” Atlas retorts. And if the day can’t get any worse, he laughs at my apparent frustration.

“Oh I bet there’s barely anything to think about,” I quip. He gawks at me, stupefied that I insulted his manhood.

“If you want I can show you tonight. I’ll be over to work on the astronomy project of course,” he winks.


Atlas’s POV


I watched her frame as she gracefully weaved through the students leaving to catch up to a guy. What was his name… Alec, I think? I’m not proud of it, but as soon as Alec put an arm around her I felt a bit of anger.

She was different from the type of girls that usually “hung out” with me. There was no surprise that other guys were interested in her. She was smart, fierce, and not to mention rawfully beautiful, with the most brilliant hazel eyes I’d ever seen.

They looked like woods I’d want to run away with her in.  

“Hey Atlas!” Caleb’s voice called out. “Is that the girl you were ogling at during lunch?”

I wanted to straight up murder him. How did he know? Am I that obvious?

“It’s okay dude,” Caleb says when I don’t respond. “There are a lot of girls you can make mistakes with at the party tonight.”

As I walk away with Caleb, I catch sight of Margo leaving the building with Alex holding onto her waist. She was a sign. Just saying, if school was full of girls like her maybe I’d come more often.

Something about her, it just pulled me in like dark matter to gravity. The feeling was inescapable. I needed to make her mine, and only mine.

The only question left was how to go out a girl who wants to castrate you.


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