The Bad Boy's Dare

❝Admit it, you’re too scared. You’re always the good girl,❞ Atlas smirked as his lips got dangerously close to mine.

Then and there, I wanted to do nothing more than to punch the cocky smile off his face.


Atlas Waring; the school delinquent, the player, the heartbreaker. He was everything I strayed away from.

That was, until he showed up in my bedroom at 3:00 AM holding a high school bucket list and dared me to complete the list before graduation.

And there were only three things I never turn down.
An invite to binge watch New Girl episodes,
The extra guac at Chipotle,
And lastly, a dare from anyone


1. Gamma Ray Bursts

Margo’s POV

“Admit it,” Olive sighed, “they are hot.”

I turn my head to look at the guys she’s drooling over. My best friend, along with half the girls in the school (and some of the guys), were all staring at the central table where three guys sat.

Of course. The goddamn golden trio. Who else could it be?

There was Jason, the star football quarterback with green eyes and blond hair who brought home a new girl each night. Then there was Caleb, a good natured person who didn’t seem to care much for his admirers, and only cared about his grades. I never really understood how he became friends with them.

And last, there was Atlas. The dark-haired blue-eyed school delinquent with an ego so large that if I wanted to kill myself I’d jump from his ego to his IQ.

“I guess they are kinda hot. Too bad they fall in love every time they see a mirror,” I snort.

Our friend Alec chuckles at my jab and he offers me a high five while Olive glares at us. It was then, when I looked up, that I caught Atlas’s gaze.


He smirked at me. I, of course, rolled my eyes and looked away.

Most girls would have swooned if they caught Atlas gazing at them, but I knew the truth. I knew how quickly he went through girls and how he’d leave them after using them.

I knew him before he became this person too.


It was the last period of the drawn out day. I had Mr. Hemmings, my favorite teacher, for Astronomy. He had a bushy white mustache, and he always wore variations of the same hawaiian shirt.

He reminded me of Santa on vacation, but a little thinner. So I guess if Santa got a gym membership instead of bingeing on an ungodly amount of cookies.

Usually I’d love to hear him lecture about astrophysics. But since it was only a quarter from graduation, senioritis made me more lazy than usual, which I previously thought wasn’t physically possible.

Mr. Hemmings droned on through a list of our partners for a final project. He finally finished his prepared list, but my name was nowhere to be found.

“Mr. Hemmings, I don’t think I was assigned a partner,” I say.

“I guess not Margo,” he shrugs, “but since everyone has a partner, go ahead and join any pair you want.”

Just as I made eye contact with Olive and Alex, who’d somehow manage to luck out and get each other as partners, Atlas entered the room.

He had a tendency of ruining absolutely everything.


Atlas’s POV

The room went dead silent as I entered the door. I guess surprise was warranted since I could count the number of times I’ve been in this class for the entire year on one hand.

“Oh great!” Mr. Hemmings chuckled, “Atlas, you can be Margo’s partner.”

Margo? I hadn’t heard that name in years.

Everyone stared at me, holding back laughter. It was like a sea of familiar faces. But a girl with striking hazel green eyes stood out. She held my gaze and challenged it with unwavering annoyance.

Margo had changed over the years. We both had.

But goddamn, why does this girl look like she wants to decapitate me?

I casually walked over to my new partner as Mr. Hemmings continues to lecture, believing that perhaps there could be some no-strings-attached-benefits to this partnership.

She simply ignores me and continues to talk to her friend. But hey, I like a challenge.

“Hey Margo,” I start. She doesn’t turn to face me, but then again, she didn’t need to. “Girl, I don’t have a library card, but mind if I check you out?”

I hear a couple of snickers behind me but Margo doesn’t budge at all. I move a little closer to her, just to try again. “Damn, your beauty blinded me so I’m going to need your number for insurance purposes.”

Still no response. Enough was enough. I’d used two of my best one liners and I couldn’t even get a little rise out of her, when usually my mere presence was enough.

So I got close enough that her arm brushed against mine. It was time to use one that was a bit more… forward.

“But basically what I’m asking you is,” I smirk, “do you wanna see my gamma ray burst?”

And it was then, that she turned to face me with widened hazel eyes.


Hey readers! I’m trying something new. Let me know what you think! I will be updating this short story frequently, so be sure to add it to your library.

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