The Bad Boy's Dare

❝Admit it, you’re too scared. You’re always the good girl,❞ Atlas smirked as his lips got dangerously close to mine.

Then and there, I wanted to do nothing more than to punch the cocky smile off his face.


Atlas Waring; the school delinquent, the player, the heartbreaker. He was everything I strayed away from.

That was, until he showed up in my bedroom at 3:00 AM holding a high school bucket list and dared me to complete the list before graduation.

And there were only three things I never turn down.
An invite to binge watch New Girl episodes,
The extra guac at Chipotle,
And lastly, a dare from anyone


3. A Fatass Squirrel

Margo’s POV

It was exactly 3:00 AM when I heard the sound.

At first there was a soft rustle, and I thought it was nothing but a squirrel. But the sound grew louder. I then dismissed it as a very fat squirrel.

The noise grew to an impatient knocking sound on the door of my balcony. Frantic thoughts ran through my mind.

Oh shit. Is this how I’ll die? From an intruder? That’s such a lame way to go out!

I haven’t even finished Teen Wolf yet! Oh my god you’re about to die and this is what you think about?

Determined to live, I sure as hell was not going down without a fight. So I did what any reasonable person would do:

I grabbed a textbook from the ground and carefully approached the door.


Atlas’s POV

There were many things I’d expected to happen when I showed up at Margo’s balcony at 3:00 AM while holding french fries.

Any normal girl would have greeted me with a hug, or even a kiss. Not of course, just only the food, but more so for my mere appearance. Or maybe we would have skipped the formalities and just started to do something more… physical.

I was Atlas Waring, after all.

But she was Margo Rainford.

So instead, I was greeted with a smack in the face with a World History textbook.


“Goddamnit Margo!” I yell while slightly losing consciousness. But she doesn’t even seem fazed, and she stood defiantly unapologetic.

Well that was who she was. Infuriatingly stubborn.

Margo looked perfect under the moon’s dim light. She was wearing an oversized t-shirt that had the Avengers sprawled out across it, and she seemed to be the only girl who could pull the look off.

“What are you doing here at 3:00 AM?” She asks with a tinge of annoyance in her voice.

“Thanks for the apology, I’m fine.”

“Oh please, Atlas. What else do you expect if you try to sneak into someone’s house at 3:00 AM?”

I roll my eyes at her but hand her the fries nonetheless. She takes it in apprehension and then starts to fucking eat them while she watches me bruise.

“You’re insane. Did you know that?” I tease while I message my cheek. “Besides. We have an astronomy project to do.”

“I’m insane? You’re the one who tried to sneak into my room at 3:00 AM! I thought you were a fatass squirrel! Do you not sleep?”


The truth is, I was at a party. She could probably tell by the musk of alcohol my jacket brought in. And I was going to be there until the sun rose, but I decided to leave somewhat early for her.

"What the hell is this about a squirrel? I brought french fries because I remember how we used to share them all the time,” I say as I reminisce about the old times. Back when there was less pressure, less deadlines, and filled with freedom and time.

Time with her.

“I’ve done you three favors tonight,” I smirk. She stares at me in confusion but gestures for me to continue. “First, you have the privilege of being my partner.” She gives me a sarcastic two dimpled smile in response.

“Second, I showed up at an ungodly hour to work on a school assignment. And last, I bought you food.” She raises an eyebrow at me and shakes her head.

“And oh Margo,” I say while walking over to her. She starts to tense up under my gaze, becoming self conscious.

“Since you’ve been nothing but ungrateful for my deeds, I think it’s only fair that you do me favors for the rest of the night.”



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