Goosebumps-After Night of the Living Dummy

After Lindy and Chris defeated Mr Wood with a steamroller, Slappy came to life and now they are Slappy's slaves. What will happen to Lindy and Chris next...


1. What Happened?

After Mr. Wood was defeated, Slappy came to life.


“Hey slave is that other guy gone?” Slappy said in a cold, raspy voice “I thought he’d never leave” Slappy continued holding Kris’s arm tight.


Kris pulled her arm off Slappy’s hand.


“Oh-no!” Lindy cried, “Not him too!”


“Mr. Wood was useless. He was a dumb dummy! Now you are my slaves.” Slappy said. He laughed.


“No we won’t be your slaves!” Kris cried.


“I’m gonna lock both of you up! And you will do what I say!” Slappy shouted.


Lindy and Kris ran down stairs. By the time they stepped on the bottom step, the saw Slappy standing there.


But then he dropped down lifeless. Starring lifeless. Seconds later, Mr and Mrs Powell opened the front door.


“Dad!” Lindy cried. “We need to sell Slappy!”


“What are you talking about?” Mr. Powell asked.


“He was alive!” Kris cried.


“Great now Mr. Wood and Slappy is alive! You to are grounded for a month!” Mr. Powell shouted.


“We destroyed Mr. Wood!” Kris cried.


“I brought Mr. Wood for you because you wanted a dummy!” Mr. Powell shouted. “You're keeping Slappy! Now both of you get to your room and bring Slappy with you!” He added.


Lindy and Kris was Slappy’s slave for months until they sold the dummy to a local pawn shop. Everyday they were keeping an eye on Slappy.


Until one day they saw a man buy Slappy. Lindy and Kris tried to stop the man but he drove away before they could stop him from buying Slappy.

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