Till my last Daay

One year to live. That's my limit. September eight at three forty two p.m on the dot. That's the time right now. The day, the time. That day, that time, next year... It all ends.

Photos included in this story were not taken. Pictures drawn were not drawn by me.


1. Happy birthday Princess!

I stair into the mirror.  I look breathtaking.  I rub my hands up and down my arms, feeling the soft cream colored silk reaching to my knuckles.  My whole dress the is the same cream colored silk of my sleeves. Throughout the dress there are tiny pearls.  It's beautiful.  My silky ginger hair is just as beautiful.  Up in a high bun, with more tiny pearls and a few tiny wisps escaping.  But I love these little wisps.  Rebellious,  like me.  Two curled strands lay on each side of my pail face.  In the front is my tiara.  Simple, yet ornate.  Tiny silver flowers placed perfectly with silver and white leaves and pearls.  Of course a thin veil, is pinned just behind my crown.  The veil is so thin it's almost invisible and pearls.  No surprise there.  I'm not even getting married. But it's my birthday, so like always there's a ball, the whole kingdom is invited.  Besides I only just turned fourteen.  Even here in our alternate reality thing.  Our reality is different than Earths, it's the same except it's just our kingdom, not the whole entire world.  It's only about twenty years old.  I wasn't even alive when we still lived there.  But somehow it's safer.  My mother and father were the elected leaders along with eight others.  They, well we since I'm the princess all have our own castles.   Every one in our sector is coming and the other leaders and their children.  At least the sectors are small.  So that there will only be at most 100 people I think.   I'm just glad that it's not like other kingdoms in history where the maids and palace servants dressed you and all kinds of things.  Most were not bad to them but I still like dressing myself.  A knock sounds at my door across my bedroom. 

"Coming"  I call and after sneaking one last glance at the full length oak mirror, I skip over to the door lifter my dresses skirt to my knees.  Opening the door I grin.  Standing there is my mother.  I hope she notices my little wisps and my little extra surprise.  She's smiling.

"Hi mom."I chirp.

"Happy birthday sweet."  She says grinning back."You look lovely"   

"Thank you."  She looks closer at me, and apparently she realizes the little rebellious parts of my outfit because her smile fades.

"J. November Saturn, I will forget about those wisps in your hair in fact I love them"She smiles again"But where are your shoes"

"Over there"I point to the tiny little glass slippers.

"why are you not wearing them?"

"I like them, but I like being barefoot more"

"Will you put them on please.  I would hate for your feet to get stepped on at the party."

"Alright."I sigh pretending to give up.

"You can take them off later"  She grins winking at me when she sits next to me on my window seats as I put the surprisingly sturdy glass slippers.  She used to be as rebellious at me.  But that's almost gone now.  I love when she shows what's left of it.

"Yes!  I mean it's not terrible, being Cinderella for one day is pretty cool.  But I like being more more."

"which means going barefoot?"

"Of course" 

She rolls her eyes at me.

"Hey you look beautiful."I tell her gesturing at her whole body.  She's wearing pale blue.  No pearls except at the hem for her.  But she too has glass slippers and a crown.  Except hers is more extravagant, she is the queen.  Hers has flowers twisting like tall vines.  But it still has pearls too.   It's our kingdoms symbol.

"Thank you.  Now shall we head down to see your father and brother."

"I suppose."

We both stand and head for the door.  But she stops putting out a hand in front of me.

"What is it mom?" I ask worried.

"I'm fine it's just I want to warn you Amalia the head of protection of the kingdom, is going to be testing you tomorrow.  the time has not been decided but.  The test needs to be done for security measures."

"Oh.  What kind of test"

"I can't tell you."

"Why are you warning me then?" 

"I want you to be prepared, that it's happening I'm not even supposed to tell you.  But if I tell you the test you won't take it.  It's nothing to worry about I just wanted you to know."


"Please just trust me."

"I do.  It's ok"

"I love you.  you know that right J.?"

"Ok course.  I love you too mom."

With that we head down the blue floral wall-papered hallway.  Sun steams through the windows washing us in light.  The magnificent lights dance across the lights and the amazing chandelier.  We walk down the steps holding up our skirts with one arm and link arms.  My brother and Father.  Both looking handsome in their princely and kingly blue, and white suits.  

Richard my 16 year old brother whistles up at us, father chuckling and smiling broadly.

"You little twat!"  I yell down to him.  Barely resisting the erg to unhook my arm and slide down the railing to punch him.

"Whatever little brat!"  He yells back.

Finally we reach the landing and Richard and dad walk towards us.  I am finally able to punch Richard in the shoulder.

"Children, please not today."  Mom says.

"Your mother is right."  He says feigning seriousness then forgetting it he grins looking at me"No let me look at my little princess"

"Right here." He takes me by the shoulders looking at me up and down.

"You are so grown up.  You look beautiful dear."  

"Thank you dad."  I smile and kiss him on the cheek.  He kisses my hand and moves on to mother taking her hand and turning her in a circle.  

"Now my darling wife, you look ravishing."

She giggles like a little school girl.  It melts my heart to see them this happy.  On my birthday too.  Best present ever.  I want to cry I'm so happy.

"Hey Nov, you look pretty today."Richard says

"Thank you"I say"You look pretty too."

"I'm serious" He smiles though."You look so grown up.  You are the best sister I could every ask for.  I love you.  You know that right sis?"

"Of course I know.  I love you too."I grin hugging him. He hugs me back.

"Your the only brother I would ever want.  This is the best birthday ever.  Just being together and happy is the greatest present I could ever ask for"I whisper.

We break the hug and he holds me at arms length.

"Speaking of your birthday.  I hope you may consider my present as being you favorite."  He winks.

"Really?" I ask looking behind him trying to find the present"Where is it?"

"It's in here"  He says gesturing toward a door beside him"We'll be right back mom, dad."

"Alright Rich be quick you too."  Dad says.  He's confused so is mom, they must not know about he present.  Weird.

Rich turns walking briskly holding my hand leading me to the room.   He opens the door for me and we both walk in. 

"So I actually have to things for you."  He begins"One is not really something it's more like some information.  You are not gonna like it."

"What do you mean?"

"It's two things.  One is about tomorrow.  I know mom told you what's happening.  The tests.  But I'm going to telling what they are about.   I can't have you go in blindly, I took them too."

I held my breath.


"Ready as I'll ever be."

"Ok.  I cant really describe what the tests are like but I can tell you that they are to see if you have this "Disease" thing.  It's genetic apparently.  I don't have it.  But mom's sister did.  She died.  Because whatever the thing is she had it and she was dangerous apparently.  She almost killed the Mortise family.  The rulers to the east.  So she had to be killed.  It didn't work at first.  But they found away.  If you have it.  That's not good.  But I want you to know it's for everyone's safety.  That's what everyone else thinks but I don't."

"Wow.  That's insane."  I breath.

"I know.  We can talk more after we find out the test results.  Now the second is about your future.  Mom and dad don't want to tell you.  But it's to keep the peace of the families.  They are marrying you off to one of the other kingdom's sons when you are old enough."

"What?!"I slam my fist on the table.

"I'm sorry.  I am trying to convince them not to.  To find a new deal. I think I am almost there."

"Thank you so much Rich."I hug him

"I want you to find love, like I get to. Not have an arranged marriage."

"Thank you so much."

"Ya it's worth it.  You deserve someone who you love and will treat you right.  Now for the real present"  He grinned.

"Yeah?"I grin jumping up and down.

"Sit down and close your eyes Nov."He instructs.

"Ok"  I plop down on the chair next to the table closing my eyes.

I hear a something creaking.  Must be a panel opening.  Or door.  But there were no other doors that I saw in this room.  Must be a secret safe or something.  Then I hear different clicking noises.

"What are you doing?" I ask

"shhh" He answers.  

He closes the panel, it creaks again, and the clicking starts again.  He walks over feet thumping on the wooden floor.  

He must have stopped because I dont hear a sound then I feal something smooth and cold being placed on my lap.

"open" He instructs.  My eyes open.  Laying in my lap in a necklace with a fine silver chain.  A single globe hangs on the chain.  I pick it up holding my breath.  Inside it as if suspended, in the little globe is a rose.  It's petals are are orangeish pink.  The rose is absolutely magnificent.

"This is magnificent."I breath"Is it real?"

"Of course."

"Magic?"I ask



"Yes.  It's from the far east."

"It's amazing.  I love it."

"Your welcome, now let me help you put it on."  He takes it from me unclasps it and puts it around my neck.

"This is amazing thank you so much."

"You deserve it now let's head back."

"Yah."We head out the door and back to our parents.  All my anger has subsided and all I feel is happiness.

"Ah"My dad says looking at the necklace"I forgot you got that.   Where's the box you got for her to keep it it?"

"Oh right here."Rich says pulling out an small ornate silver chest with silver flowers and vines all over the box.  He unclasps it showing the dark red velvet perfectly shaped for the necklace.

A maid walks toward us grinning"Morning Richard, Charles, Maria, and J.  Happy birthday dear J."Says Molly handing me Ring with a pearl made into a flower.  She's my head maid.

"Thank you so much."I gush as she slides the ring onto my finger"You are so kind.  Will you please take this box to my room.  And then join the festivities.  If you are busy I can take it up myself though."

"No J.  It's not a problem"

"Thank you molly."

As she walks away dad takes mom's hand and say "Alright we should head to the balcony to greet everyone."

Rich links arms with me and we stroll down the hall.  Molly will be in time to watch as we greet everyone.  Shes so kind.  I hope I do enough to thank her.  Finally we reach the double golden framed glass doors of the balcony.

"Alright your mother and I go first then You." Dad instructs us."First we need Arthur."  Arthur is Mom and 
Dads trusted adviser.

"Ok"I say nervously playing with my new ring.

Rich takes my hand smiling encouragingly.

This is my first year That it is going to be this big a deal.  14 is a big deal.  Suddenly we hear the clomping of boots running down the hall.  Arthur comes into view.  

"Hello your majesties.  Happy birthday little J."  He's a tall spindly old man.  He passes me a rose with orange going into red petals.  

"Thank you Arty.  It's lovely." He gives me a different one every year.  And I give him a different rock.  It's like this every holiday.  He's like a grandfather to me even though my grandfathers died one died before I was born and the other died I was 5.  It was a terrible time for a 5 year old.

Arty winks at me then says to all of us"Ready?"

"Yes"They all say

"Ready as I'll ever be"I smirk regaining confidence with Arty here.

"Alright then."He opens the doors with one swooping movement and we move around the corner out of the view of the doors.

He addresses the crowd using a microphone standing on the balcony draped with gold, silver and blue ribbon. It even has roses.  It's decorated with roses because like my gifts show I love roses.   He asks the king and queen to step out.  Mom and dad step out greeted by boisterous  cheers. 

His voice booming says"Finally may I present the prince Richard Amorous Saturn and the girl of the hour Princess J. November Saturn"  Cheers pound against my ears as I walk onto the balcony in the middle of my parents.  We wave to the people and bow.  Then I turn to Rich smirking evilly as my our surprise begins.  Music erupts from loud speakers and we begin dancing.  Mother and Father laugh as the confused crowd then begins dancing.  Now this is my idea of a birthday.  The music fades and Arty addresses the crowd again.

"Now as you all know this is a special day!" he booms"Today is Princess J's birthday.  She has finally turned 14 and all the kingdoms are celebrating with us today.  May I welcome the kings, queens, and children of our neighboring kingdoms.  From the balconies beside ours the other families come our of the doors.

"They have come to celebrate this momentous occasion with us.  Now let us wish the princess happy birthday!"  He yells  taking my hand leading me to the steps so that the crowd and other kingdoms families can see me.

"I love you Princess J!" Some yell.  "You are beautiful Princess!"  others yell. Some even hold up signs. 

"Happy birthday princess!"They all scream again and again as confetti explodes above us everywhere.   


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