Elite Mystical Destroyers

Many years ago Elenor's mother was murdered in front of her. Due to an accident she cannot remember her mother's killer. Until one day she is attacked by a mystical creature exposing her to a new world that has existed around her. When an opportunity arises to avenge her mother's death will Elenor allow her soulmate's mother to live?


2. The Legend returns



“Elenor.” I pause.

                “What’s-“ I shhh Tammy whiling looking around, nothing out of the ordinary was present besides the voice.               

                “Tammy, tell me I’m not the only one hearing that.” I climbed down from the tree and walk towards the woods slowly. I could hear my breaths get deeper, slower.         

                “Nor, what are you hearing; you’re starting to freak me out.” She jumps down from a high branch landing slightly forward. The voice grew louder as I approached the woods.

                “Elenor.” It whispered again. The hairs along my neck rose, as this time it was crystal clear something called my name. I could hear Tammy running, the woodchips shifting under her feet. I knew she was scared, especially since she couldn’t hear what I heard.

                “I think we should go inside, so you can go to the nurse.” She said.

Tammy wasn’t always the brightest, but I must agree she had a bright idea for once. My eyes betrayed me though, looking at Tammy for a moment before back to the woods.

                “I’ll join.” My eyes locked with the woman in white. Her deranged smile stopping my heart from fright, I fall startled.

                “Hello Elenor.” She falls to her knees enthusiastically, crawling closer. Her jet black hair moved like snakes, not to mention her hyper white eyes with a dark black pupil silenced my tongue. She caresses my face and scrunches her nose attached with a wider smile.              

                “So you’re the legend?” She whispered, shifting my head to get a better view of my features.

                “The Legend? Wh- who are you?”

                “Don’t act as if you don’t know Elenor!” Her voice gained a deeper tone, satanic like. Frightened more I scoot back in attempt to run, but a tight grip around the ankle prevents it. Her chilled skin gave me instant shivers. By my second glace her hyper white eyes had turn pure black, just like the veins that spread across her face like roots.                

                “Killing you would make my life so easy.” She hisses before pulling me in and biting my neck. The venom. The venom felt like glass shards traveling as it spread. I screamed out in pain holding my neck, cradled in a ball. MY eyes began to burn, my eyelids becoming heavy. I fought to keep them open, but before my final seconds awake I saw a flash of gold. I could hear voices but all muffled.

                “Hold her.” Said a man.

                I saw fragments of teenagers, I was in the backseat of a vehicle yet heard little to none.              

“What the fuck is wrong with you Hawk?” Said a voice. The vehicle made a turn, causing me to shift onto my side. I moan out in pain before passing back out.

I woke up to the sound of my dad’s voice. My eyes squinted as I regained my vision. I could feel his hand caress my head as I sat up slowly.

                “How are you feeling?”                 His voice was unusually soft.

                “She should take it slow.” Said a warm voice, a familiar voice from the car.

As my vision came to, starring back at me were four teenagers sitting quietly in the room with me.         

                “Aye look she’s up.” Says one rising to his feet. The others quickly stand to their feet in amazement. They were such an odd looking bunch.

                “I told you she’d pull through. How are you feeling Leg-“ The teen girl punches his arm.                

                “Don’t call her that yet. We don’t know for sure if she’s the legend.” If her eyes were knives I’d be dead. She gave a deadly glance while folding her arms, a face of disgust painted on her.

                “Vine stop being jealous you aren’t getting attention.” He responded sitting on the edge of my bed with a sweet smile. He began to point as he said names.           

                “That pink haired hot head is Vine, that’s Lasko, Hawk, and of course I’m Jag.” He gives a seductive smirk before getting hit by Hawk. I let out a small burst of laughter before covering my mouth, my eyes finally with the confidence to look them all over carefully. I wonder if Vine’s pink hair was natural. I couldn’t find any traces of dye. Her pale skin in contrast with her hair was quite the site. I could tell she’d be one to get attention from all the boys. Her slender yet busty chest had me a little self conscious about myself. Hawk coughs with a small smile interrupting my train of thought.      

                Hawk was beautiful, is it weird to call a man beautiful? Should I have said handsome? Breathtaking. My eyes traveled down his features promising. His dark brown eyes captivating me or maybe it was his strong jawline. No doubt both were attention getters. I tilt my head in awe. Maybe I was fascinated with the fact he had a man bun. His smile grew before he shyly looked away. Was I starring too hard?           

                “Why are you blushing?” said Jag his voice catching my attention. His light blue eyes were incredible. I think he would be the player in this group. My lips involuntarily smirk with disapproval. Hawk holds back a laugh before turning around. Jag’s hair was platinum blonde. I remember when Tammy went blonde a few summers ago, a disaster. Catching my attention again came a shift on his head. Slowly my hand reached, to reveal cat ears.         

I pull my hand back quickly before a laugh snatched my attention. Lasko. His jet black hair reminded me of the lady in white but he seemed more pure. More innocent and kind. Is he Asian? My brows furrowed as I thought. I lean over the edge of the bed to get a better view. He seemed…normal.                

I close my eyes shut tight. A burning sensation returned to them.

                “What’s wrong with me?” I say with a slight cry. Hawk grabs my hands and slowly removes them from my face.     

                “You’re changing.” He places them gently into my lap then smiles.

                “Changing into what? How? How am I changing?” I asked frantically, my eyes shifted to them all as the questions rolled off my tongue.

                “Your eyes are becoming silver.” Says Lasko stepping back as if he’s over stepped a boundary.  

                “What… what does that mean?” I look to Jag who sat beside me.

                The room went silent before the label was placed on my head officially.

                “You’re the Legend, Elenor.”


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