Elite Mystical Destroyers

Many years ago Elenor's mother was murdered in front of her. Due to an accident she cannot remember her mother's killer. Until one day she is attacked by a mystical creature exposing her to a new world that has existed around her. When an opportunity arises to avenge her mother's death will Elenor allow her soulmate's mother to live?


1. Just a day

To think yesterday I lived a pathetic life like you makes me sick. One worrying over boys who could give the slightest damn about you. A life where homework and grades determine you stress level. A life simply too simple. Today, I have become a part of the shadows; it’s where I belong.

“Are you ready?” he says grasping the stirring wheel. His shirt was stained from oil, and the smell of yesterday’s dinner still remained in his breath.

                “Only if that means you will change your clothes Wyatt.” I watched as his grasp on the wheel tightened, exposing the veins in his hand. The sun had barely rose, painting the sky a greyish blue. Almost the same color as my crush’s eyes. I smile faintly in thought, laying my head against the window. My father’s frustrated voice interrupted my thought.

“Elenor, if we... Nevermind. “He sighs then shakes his head giving up a long fought battle. I knew calling him by his name hurt him. Although I had agreed to call him Dad it still didn’t feel right. Our relationship hasn’t been the same since Mom died. You’d expect time to heal all but it hasn’t.

                “And you’re listening to 105.5 country hits.” Honestly, I hate country music, but my mother had a big love for it so I force myself to endure it. I use it as a tool of memory; I don’t remember much before the crash.

We pulled out of the driveway, neither of us spoke a word the entire drive to school. Instead, I laid my head against the window and watched as we pasted tree after tree.  The ride had been usual, but I remember something catching my attention. It was a woman. A woman who wore a faded white dress standing by a tree. When we past her, I thought we made eye contact. I just remember my eyes beginning to burn. That woman, it felt as if she knew me.

He pulled into the parking lot. Evidence of rain had formed puddles.

                “You ready for school?” He says jamming the stick into park. He let out a small smile while watching me gather my belongings.

                “Yeah I guess so, it’s just school…” I swung my backpack along my back once out of the truck. Then push one of my thick curls from my face after closing the door. His eyes remained steady on me.

                “You know, you look just like her.” I could hear the tremble in his voice. A big mechanic man’s trembling voice didn’t suit him if you ask me. Slowly, I walk backwards from the truck waving goodbye; forcing him to get his act together before peeling off. The last thing I needed was a crying father at school.

Would you believe me, if I told you I could see the future?

I repeat the same thing, every day. Same classes, walk the same brown brick halls. Listen to the same kids giving the teacher crap. I flicked my pencil between my fingers.

                “So how can I get x by itself?” Says Mrs. Mason, attempting to get a response from a half dead class. I raised my hand knowing I’d soon disappoint her.

                “How can I do it Elenor?” She smiles then sits on the corner of her desk. Her pencil skirt making it difficult to do so.

                “Oh, I didn’t want to answer the question. I needed to use the restroom.” The class giggled at her frustration.

                “Go ahead, hurry back.” She sighs deeply, making me feel slightly guilty. She knew I wasn’t coming back. Math was one of the easiest classes I had. I blame that on my dad and the home schooling I endured for 3 years prior to transferring to public schooling. I closed the door quietly behind me. The hall floors reflected the lights on the ceiling above them. Slowly I felt a hand creep upon my shoulder. Startled I grab it.

                “What the-“

                “Chill Nor it’s me.” Says Tammy pulling her fragile hand back. Her cheap lipstick smudge a bit over her upper lip.

                “You should know it’s me by now.” She says shaking her head slowly. My tolerance for scary things is at its all-time low. At least it was back then. I brush off her statement with a smirk while pushing the bathroom door open. Tammy and I, always skipped this hour. We’ve done it for years. There is this small window located at the top of the wall we crawl out of. I don’t remember how we discovered.

                “Boost me up.” I raised my leg to meet the height of her hand.

                “We need to bring a mini ladder next time.” She grunts while pushing me up through the small window. Tammy has always been taller than me. That’s including when she’s not wearing those awful platforms she just finds so adorable. I came to my feet after rising from my stomach; the wind blew softly causing my curls to flow to the right.

                “You ever wonder why we never get caught.” Tammy sits alongside the window then moves a few strands from her face. I spread my fingers and lifted my arms high into the air, taking a deep breath before responding.

                “We’re invisible.” I could feel it. The air’ the air filling the gaps between my fingers. Being outdoors has always had this amazing feeling to me. Free and alive. I use to climb trees during the summer and would never come down until night time. I use to watch everything live. Life is precious.

We stayed out there the rest of the class period. Doing dumb things, like climb trees and chase a butterfly. That’s when I heard it. An unfamiliar voice calling my name.

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