Who am I? (A Jacksepticeye fanfiction)

Lucy Devon is a normal college student until she meets Jack. As the two get to know each other, Jack begins to change. Lucy starts to see the dark side of him, and when hundreds of lives hang in the balance, it's up to Lucy to end it all.

*FYI Jacksepticeye is not a YouTuber in this story. Also he has green hair even though he is only 21.*

Cover art by Lightning


5. Chapter 5


~~Lucy's POV

I opened my eyes lazily, and found myself tied to a rusty metal chair by the hands and feet. I was in a wide room, surrounded by cardboard boxes and worn furniture. A big light was shining only on me, like a stage performance. I looked up at the bright light and focused on a shadow in the distance ahead of me.
The shadow isn't mine.
"Oh, you're awake." Hissed the shadow. "Finally, now the fun can begin!" He clapped his hands together and stepped out of the dark. I knew who it was immediately.
Only then did I remember what happened with my laptop screen. His cold black eyes and razor sharp teeth. His threatening smile. I tried to escape from my chair, but to no avail.
"Get away from me!" I cried. He had the same villainous smile on his face and black eyes as he did before.
"Don't say that, sweetheart." He teased. He was twirling a sharp silver knife in his hand. "As you know, I'm Anti." He spoke smoothly. He bent down in front of me to look directly in my eyes. I squirmed in my chair and refused to meet his gaze.
"Look at me when I'm talking to you!" He shouted. I was petrified about what he would do to me if I didn't oblige.
So I did. 
"Anyway, I'm the real Jack." He spoke calmly again. "I like to go by the name of Anti, adds a sort of evil twist, don't you think?" He cocked his head to the side and laughed. He was insane. I was terrified.
"Now, let's start the fun!" He grabbed my arm, and made a deep cut with the knife. I screamed out in pain. Dark red blood was dripping down my arm and into my hand, and started dripping onto the floor below me.
"Oh no, we can't have you screaming." He pouted. "People will come and spoil the fun!"
He took a wet cloth and put it all the way in my mouth so I couldn't say anything. "That's better!" He said joyfully. "Should we continue? Too late!" He cut my other arm. I tried to cry out but all I could do was choke on the wet cloth.
"Are you enjoying yourself yet, Lucy? I know I am!" He cut my leg. Blood seeped slowly through the wound. Who is this man? He was so kind to me, and now he is torturing me for his own enjoyment. I knew I saw his eyes change before. I had so many questions for him. Why does he call himself Anti? How does his eyes and teeth change? Who is he? Before I knew it, he cut my other leg. He had a deranged smile on his face and was jumping up and down again like an excited child, but this time, I wasn't giggling. All of a sudden he stopped smiling, and slowly lowered his knife.
"Why do you like Jack?" He asked as his head was tilted to the side. What does he mean 'Jack'? He is Jack! I decided to play along with his game and I tried to answer. He saw that I couldn't respond because of the cloth, and removed it from my mouth. I coughed and my breathing was raspy.
"I... I guess because... He is kind..." I struggled to get the words out. He looked at me with fascination, his mouth slightly open.
"Why does that appeal to you?" Why is he asking these questions? Before he was cutting me with a knife, and now he is just talking to me like a normal person.
"Um... Because it shows that he is a... genuine person." I was still having trouble with my breathing. "And... that I can... trust him."
"But why?" He looked distressed. I was confused as to why he was asking these questions, and what he meant by them.
"Um..." I didn't have any response.
"I can't understand..." He spoke quietly as he looked to the floor. "What makes him better then me?" He shouted. My eyes were wide open with fear. "Ya know what? I don't care about him! I'm the best Jack! ME!" He screamed. He stuffed the cloth back into my mouth, rose his knife and grabbed my face. He turned it so my right side was facing him. And with slow actions, carved something on my cheek. It felt like the letter A. It was the most painful thing that had ever happened to me, and it burned like hell. I cried out in agony.
"Now you're mine!" He howled. An insane smile was plastered onto his face again, and he started slashing my legs and arms with wild actions. Why was he doing this? I tried to scream, but choked on my own words. Suddenly, everything went a brilliant white, and then black.

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