Who am I? (A Jacksepticeye fanfiction)

Lucy Devon is a normal college student until she meets Jack. As the two get to know each other, Jack begins to change. Lucy starts to see the dark side of him, and when hundreds of lives hang in the balance, it's up to Lucy to end it all.

*FYI Jacksepticeye is not a YouTuber in this story. Also he has green hair even though he is only 21.*

Cover art by Lightning


2. Chapter 2


~~Lucy's POV

After maths, me and Jack started walking together down the hallway. It felt good to be in the company of someone who wasn't picking on me, for once. I am usually bullied for well, being a bit of a nerd. People like to pick on me because of that, and I try my best to ignore it. Emphasis on the word "try".
"So, Jack, you're Irish?"
"What gave it away?" He said with a snigger. I'm so dumb. Of course he's Irish.
"How come you moved to America?" I asked with curiosity, attempting to start a conversation and fill the awkward silence.
"Um, personal reasons." He said while looking at the grey floor. This wasn't going well. I always stick my nose into other people's business. A bad habit of mine. I could see that I made him uncomfortable, so I tried to apologise. "I'm sorry for asking that. Are you ok?"
"Yeah, I'm fine. And don't say sorry." He said with a beaming smile. He is always so happy! I wish I could be like that. It's been hard to be happy lately, with everything that's going on. My dad died recently due to drug addiction and my mom, I don't know where she is. After my dad died, she left home and I haven't seen her since. A part of me hates her for running away, but another hopes she is okay. It's complicated. I snapped out of my thoughts just as I entered my next lesson and said bye to Jack. I haven't been this friendly with anyone in so long. It's such a strange feeling.

After the lesson, I found Jack standing outside of my classroom. He was leaning on the wall and on his phone. When he saw that I was out of the classroom, his head shot up. Was he waiting for me? "Hey Lucy." Said Jack.
"Hi," I greeted "why are you standing outside?"
"Well, I was wondering if you could show me around. I am new here, remember?" He said with a slanted smile.
"Sure!" I think I sounded too excited. I haven't hung out with anyone in so long. Wait, hung out? He just wants me to show him around, why do I need to make everything into something it's not? What's wrong with me. "Um, I mean yeah, yeah okay." He laughed at my shy response.
He grabbed my wrist. Hard. He lead me to the school gates. I was taken by surprise, and tried to retrieve my wrist back. Jack saw how I was uncomfortable. "Sorry, did I hurt you?" He quickly released his grip from my wrist. "No, it's fine." I replied while rubbing my sore wrist. He looked concerned.
"Are you sure?" He asked with a shaky voice. He is so kind and considerate.
"Yeah, let's go." I ushered him to continue heading out of the gates.
"So where to first?" He asked.
"How about the park?"
"Yeah!" He gleamed.
Well someone likes the park! We left the school gates and headed for the park. I go there almost everyday after school, it's a great place to clear my head. The sound of chirping birds helps me to relax, which I usually have trouble doing.

Whilst walking, it dawned on me that neither of us had said anything in ages. I'm supposed to be showing him around, not staying silent! Just as I opened my mouth to spark up a conversation, I saw Lucas and his two goons behind him. I looked down and sighed to myself, knowing what was about to happen. Lucas was the school bully, and nothing pleased him more then to see me in tears. His two goons were Josh and Nathan, who were only friends with him so they wouldn't end up on his bad side. Lucas stared at me with cold eyes, a grimace on his face.
"Well well, what have we got here?" He laughed. Josh and Nathan were laughing along with him, sounding like hyenas circling their prey. "Has little Lucy finally found herself a boyfriend?" Wait, what? Me and jack aren't dating! He turned to Jack with his eyes wide. "You must be blind if you would date something like that!" All of a sudden, Jack looked furious. He clenched his hands into tight fists.
"What did you say?" He exclaimed with a harsh tone. I was stunned. Did Jack actually, care about me?
"Ohh, we have an Irishman here! Are you gonna get your pot o gold and potatoes?" Lucas spat, imitating Jacks accent. Jack looked like he was about to say something in retaliation, but looked at the concrete floor instead. He finally turned to me and said "Come on, Lucy, let's go." He put his arm around me and turned me on the opposite direction. Lucas looked at us like a wild animal.
"Leaving so soon?"
Jack quickened his pace, and I was in no mood to slow down either. I heard their laughter behind me and instantly felt humiliated. We kept walking down the street until we were sure that they were out of sight. "Maybe we should go to the park tomorrow." I said, trying to break the silence. Jack ignored my statement and said "Are you ok? Who were those people?"
"Yeah I'm fine. And nobody." I replied unconvincingly. Jack wasn't going to let this go.
"Lucy, who were they?" Jack said sternly.
"Just some people at school who, um, sometimes like to pick on me." I murmured. Jack sighed loudly. He then opened his arms for a hug. He embraced me tightly. This was a new feeling for me, and I didn't know how to respond, so I just hugged him back. It felt safe. Peaceful. I pulled back, but as I did, I thought I saw his eyes turn a deathly black.

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