Who am I? (A Jacksepticeye fanfiction)

Lucy Devon is a normal college student until she meets Jack. As the two get to know each other, Jack begins to change. Lucy starts to see the dark side of him, and when hundreds of lives hang in the balance, it's up to Lucy to end it all.

*FYI Jacksepticeye is not a YouTuber in this story. Also he has green hair even though he is only 21.*

Cover art by Lightning


11. Chapter 11


~~Lucy's POV

I arrived at the airport at 5:00. I paid the driver what I owed him, jumped out of the car and slammed the yellow door shut. Where was I going? I didn't know what flight he was getting on or anything! I entered the airport and was welcomed by a mass of people. There was no way I could find Jack, it was way to crowded. However, there aren't many people with bright green hair. That's all I have to look out for.

I ran up a flight of stairs near the reception desk and looked over the people from above. No green hair. This was pointless. I turned round and headed down the stairs. I was walking down, when my shoulder accidentally bumped into someone. I looked behind me to apologise, but the person had already walked away. I turned my head back around, but then realised something. The person had green hair. I gasped and my eyes widened. I ran back up the stairs at lightning speed and called his name out at the top of my lungs.
"Jack!" I shouted. "Jack!" He didn't turn round, he just kept on walking. Was it really Jack? It could just be another person with green hair. No, I told myself, its Jack, I can feel it. I sprinted  past the crowd of people, trying to catch up to Jack. I kept calling his name, but still no response. I eventually caught up with him and looked at his face.

It was Jack.

I was relived that I had found him, but that doesn't make up for the anger I felt. He was going to leave me, without saying a word. "Jack..." I was out of breath, so his name just sounded like a strange sort of wheeze. "Lucy, I can't deal with this right now." He said, refusing to look at my face.
"What do you mean 'you can't deal with this right now'? You were just going to leave without telling me!" I snapped. The anger I felt was unbearable.
"Look, I have my reasons. Can't you see I'm doing this all for you?" He finally looked at me, directly in my eyes.
"How are you doing anything for me?" I questioned.
"I don't want you to be in danger, and if you stay around me, then you will be. I'm only trying to protect you." He said, looking at the floor. I didn't think about it like that. So, he does care about me. "You don't understand, Lucy. And I don't think you ever will." I saw a tear fall down his cheek.
"Jack, I do under-" Jack cut me off mid sentence.
"No, no you don't!" He snapped. "He's always there!" Jack indicated to his head with his index finger. "Eating me away! I can't handle him anymore, he's killing me from the inside out!" He was furious now, but tears were streaming down his cheeks like a waterfall. "Maybe I should let him take control..." Jack muttered under his breath. "Then I will finally be free..."

"No, Jack, I can help. I can get you through this. I love you!" I held his pale face in my hands and wiped his tears away. I love Jack, more then I have loved anyone in my entire life.

"Y-you love me?" He asked, astounded. His bright blue eyes were wide with shock and his lips slightly parted. But then his eyes softened. He chuckled a little bit and held my waist. "I love you too, Lucy." I smiled so hard that my cheeks started to hurt. I love Jack, and Jack loves me. We pulled each other into a tight embrace, time stopping around us. He pulled back slowly and looked at me. He slowly brought his face closer to mine, and I did the same. We both hesitated for a moment, but then our lips touched. His lips were soft, his kiss filled with passion. I was filled with happiness, and my entire body felt as light as a feather. We both pulled away, and stared at each other's eyes. Jack's mouth was pulled into a beaming smile, his eyes filled with joy.

I knew that this moment couldn't last forever, and I was correct. Jack abruptly gripped his head and doubled over. I was ready, and didn't step away. I was going to face Anti head on. Jack stopped suddenly, and slowly lifted his head to reveal his deathly black eyes. He chuckled softly and stepped forward. His soft chuckle quickly turned into a maniacal howl, then he stopped and clapped his hands together. People around us were starting to gain interest, and looked at us in curiosity.
"Well then, Jack finally mustered up the confidence to kiss you, did he?" Anti hissed. "Ha! Pathetic. You're just as much of a fool as he is!"
"Leave Jack alone, Anti." I said sternly. I've had enough. I promised Jack that I would help him, and that's exactly what I intend to do.
"Or what?" Anti said, clearly interested. I didn't know what I would do, so I just stayed silent.
"That's what I thought." Anti then looked at the crowd of people, fascinated. He smiled to himself, like a predator about to kill his prey. "Now, you lot." Anti started. "I have been testing out my powers recently, which I have many, and was curious to see how many people I could test them on." The crowd of people all started muttering things to one another, some started to leave the building.

"Shut it!" Anti screamed, bearing his sharp, white teeth. The crowd immediately silenced and a strange feeling was filling the room.
"What are you doing?" I questioned.
"You'll soon see, Lucy dear." Anti said softly. "Now, let's have some fun shall we! If anyone dares call for help, well, the inevitable will just happen quicker." Anti clapped his hands together once again, his maniacal laughter returning. What does he mean 'the inevitable'? Is he...? My thoughts were then cut short by an ear piercing scream, and that's when I saw only one colour in the room.

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