Who am I? (A Jacksepticeye fanfiction)

Lucy Devon is a normal college student until she meets Jack. As the two get to know each other, Jack begins to change. Lucy starts to see the dark side of him, and when hundreds of lives hang in the balance, it's up to Lucy to end it all.

*FYI Jacksepticeye is not a YouTuber in this story. Also he has green hair even though he is only 21.*

Cover art by Lightning


1. Chapter 1


~~Lucy's POV

They say your life flashes before your eyes when you die, right? Well, here's my life story...

Monday, ugh. I hate Monday's. Fatigue consumes me as I attempt to sit up in my warm bed. I had another nightmare last night, the fifth one in a row to be exact. It was the same scenario.

I awake in a forest surrounded by wildlife. I feel calm and peaceful. But then a strange figure wearing all black comes up to me, and the feeling of tranquillity leaves. He stares at me with black pits for eyes, he grabs me by my hair, yanking it back and I cry out in pain. He pulls a long silver knife from his pocket and with a haunting laugh, he slits my throat.

It's the same thing over and over, like a broken record. I finally escape my thoughts and get ready for collage, when I check the time. "Crap! I'm late!" I quickly shove on a jumper and leggings, brush my hair at lightning speed, grab my books and bag and run out of my apartment. What a great way to start the week!

I arrive at collage 30 minutes late, and brace myself as I walk through the door to my history class. No doubt Mrs Howard will try to lecture me. I enter the room while our teacher was saying something about Henry the eighth, and immediately all eyes are on me. I keep my head down as I walk to my seat, hating the attention. Mrs Howard started saying how I was a bad example to the school, but to be honest, I don't really care. "Sorry miss" I mutter under my breath. I sit down in my seat, and pay as much attention as possible for the rest of the lesson (which isn't much).

What felt like an eternity later, the bell rang and the lesson was finally over. I put my books in my bag as everyone filed out of the classroom. I then left to the confined space known as the hallway. People were rushing to their classrooms like their life depended on it. While I was walking, being the clumsy person that I am, I bumped into someone. Why am I so awkward? I turned round to apologise but they were already gone. I sighed to myself and made my way to my next lesson. Maths. I swear I have the worst lessons. I arrived just as the bell went and set foot inside the classroom, when I saw the person I bumped into earlier. He was a tall, lean man with bright green hair. Well, that's one way to stand out from the crowd! I took my seat, which just so happened to be next to him. I began taking out my maths equipment, when he turned to face me and said "Hi!" He sounded so cheerful, much different then how I thought he would be. Also, Irish! That's interesting! "Hi" I replied timidly. I've never been good at making friends.
"So, I'm new here, the names Sean by the way, but you can call me Jack." He had such a bright smile on his face, like it could light up an entire room.
"Lucy" I said.
"Lucy..." He pondered "that's a nice name."
I felt my cheeks go warm as I looked down at the wooden desk below me. I grinned to myself. I hadn't been complemented by anyone in so long, and it felt, good. Maybe today won't be so bad after all!

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