Pokemon: Chaotic World

It's a whole new world. A world were Pokemon and their trainers are something to be feared. This is the story of a new trainer who must survive his new life as a Pokemon trainer and leave the life that he has known behind. Watch as he struggles through a Pokemon world unlike any that you know. AU Pokemon World.



8. Chapter 8: D-Rank

Notes: I've decided to change the attack types of Bite and Crunch attack. I never understood why those two attacks were labeled Dark type. In my story, both attacks are considered Normal type attacks.


The next morning Hugo and I woke up early to continue working with our Pokemon. Instead of eating in the cafeteria today, I grabbed my food and left the Center. I took Shade to different training grounds to work on him some more. He continued to obey my commands without resistance. The only brief setback we had was when we came across another trainer at one of the larger training grounds working with his Pokemon. As soon as Shade spotted them, he dashed forward intending to take down the trainer. I yelled at him to stop before he reached his target. After apologizing to the trainer I took Shade to an empty training ground to deal with this issue.

I lectured him firmly for some time. I kept stressing how he could not attack other humans or even other Pokemon unless I gave him the command to attack. Once I was done with the lecture I decided to see if he would obey my rules. We wandered around the training grounds for the next couple of hours. Whenever we came across another trainer, I would stop to introduce myself and chat for a bit. I kept a close eye on Shade to make sure he would not attack. Although he did tense up whenever we were near other trainers or Pokemon, he did not try to attack any of them. Afterwards, we went to a large forest training ground to work on my attack commands. Another trainer was there with his Pokemon. After watching me for a bit he walked over and started giving me some advice on how to teach him new attacks.

By the time the sun began to set, we made some real progress on mastering Shades first Dark type attack, Assurance. I decided to end our training at this point. I sat on a large rock and took out my food. Shade came over and stared at me until I gave him half of my sandwich. "I'll need to start earning some money soon," I thought. "Or else I have to start taking Shade out into the wilds to hunt for food. One free meal a day is barely enough for me to live on."

Once we finished all the food I recalled Shade and made my way back to the Center. I tried to find Hugo to ask him how his day went. I found him in the cafeteria, sitting at a table with Ginnette. She was picking at the food in front of her. He was laying his head on the table with another bag of ice on it.

"Hey," I greeted them.

"Hey," he mumbled.

"Hi," she said quietly.

I sat down next to Hugo. "So," I said, "any luck today?"

"None," he replied. "It went pretty much the same as yesterday. The problem is the damn Supersonic. As soon as I release him, the little bastard hits me with it then tries to take a bite out of me."

"You haven't fed him at all since you captured him right? That might be part of the problem. He hasn't eaten in at least two days so he tries to feed off you whenever you release him," I told him. "The Pokedex app said that Zubat eat fruit and small Bug Pokemon. They can also use Leech Life to drain nutrients from larger prey. Try feeding him and you might have better luck."

"I still have to get passed the Supersonic problem before I can try feeding him," he said.

"Have you tried asking some other trainers for advice?" I asked.

"I did," he said. "A couple of them mentioned that the Pokemart sold special earplugs that allow you to hear while blocking the effects of any sound based Pokemon attack. They are supposed to be pretty cheap. Problem is, I can't afford to buy any until I can complete a mission."

"And you can't take on any missions until you tame the Zubat and get promoted to D-rank," I finished.

"Right," he said.

"Well," I said after a moment of silence. "Keep at it. I'm sure you'll get through to him soon."

"Thanks," he mumbled.

I finally turned to Ginnette. "I haven't seen you since the day of our Ordeals," I told her. "Congratulations on passing yesterday."

"Thank you," she replied.

"Did you begin trying to tame your Hoppip today?" I asked.

"Yes, I did," she said.

"How did it go?"

She shrugged. "Not bad I guess. I finally got to the point were he stopped trying to attack me or run away as soon as I released him. He still wont obey my commands though. He just flies around me and ignores anything I say. Still," she said, "I made a little progress with him today."

Hugo turned to glare at her for a moment. "Not surprising," I thought. "He kept saying she did not have what it takes to be a trainer and she made more progress in one day than he did in two. That must sting."

"The next time you try just remember to be firm with him," I advised her. "If he sees that you're timid or senses any fear from you then he will refuse to obey. You have to prove that you are the dominant one."

"Speaking from experience?" she asked.

"I'm pretty sure that I have Shade well trained at this point," I told her. "I'm going to the Gym tomorrow to request to take the D-rank promotion exam."

They both turned to look at me. "Already?" she asked, sounding surprised. "It's been only two days since you caught your Pokemon."

"I'm ready," I said. "The D-rank exam is supposed to be easy. I just have to prove that Shade will obey anything I tell him. I shouldn't have a problem with that."

They both continued to look at me. I could see both of them becoming determined to tame their Pokemon and catch up with me. I stood up after a moment. "Well," I said. "Good luck to both of you tomorrow. I'm sure you will be ready to take your own exams soon. I'm heading to bed. I want to get up early to head to the Gym as soon as it opens."

"Good luck," Ginnette said.

Hugo just grunted at me. I told them both goodnight then headed to the barracks. As I lied in bed I thought about how much I've changed since my Selection Day. Before that day I lived in fear about possibly getting chosen to be a trainer. Now, I was excited about taking my exam the next day and being able to take on missions.

"Imagine that," I thought as I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

The next morning I was up before Hugo. I got dressed quickly and left the barracks. It was so early that neither the Pokemart nor the cafeteria were open. I left the Center and walked quickly over to the Gym. It was still closed so I decided to wait out in front until it opened. I waited for about 30 minutes before Gym Leader Muliere opened the door from inside.

"Morning," he said. "You're up early. I don't usually see anyone in the Gym until after breakfast. I'm guessing that you're here because you think you are ready for D-rank."

"Yes sir," I said. "I'm here to formally request to take the D-rank promotion exam."

"No need for all the formalities rookie," he said.

"Sorry sir," I said.

He sighed and looked at the watch on his wrist. "I was about to head out to get some breakfast but I guess I can test you first. This exam doesn't take long anyway. Come on in."

I followed him and got my first look at the inside the Gym. The entrance opened to a large room. In center of the room was a large battlefield. On each side of the battlefield was four smaller training grounds. Each training ground had two practice dummies. Along the walls were racks filled with different items meant to be used for training.

We stepped onto one of the training grounds and Muliere pulled out a Great Ball from his pocket. "Bruiser," he called out. The pokeball opened and released a large gray Pokemon. The Pokemon had four arms and rippling muscles all over its body. He stood at attention in front of Muliere. "This is Bruiser, my Machamp."

Muliere noticed how my eyes were filled with apprehension. "Don't worry," he told me. "You won't have to battle him for your exam." Muliere turned to Bruiser and pointed to me. "This trainer is here to take the D-rank exam," he told the Pokemon.

"Machamp," was all Bruiser said. He walked over to the side of the training ground. When he reached the edge, he turned and stood with his arms crossed, staring at us.

"Right," Muliere said. "Time to begin. Call out your Pokemon."

I pulled out Shade's pokeball. "Shade," I called out as I released him. Shade materialized and immediately stood at attention. I turned to Muliere and waited.

"Alright," he said. "The first part of the exam is very simple. Just have Shade attack one of the practice dummies. Go through all the attacks he currently knows."

"Shade," I said and pointed to one dummy. "Tackle."

Shade took off running towards the dummy. As he reached his target, he leaped and gave it a strong Tackle.

"Good boy Shade," I praised. Shade barked happily and moved back to stand in front of me.

"Next attack," Muliere said.

"Shade, Bite," I said as I pointed to the dummy again.

Shade moved quickly back to the dummy and bit it. The Bite attack was strong enough to crack the wooden dummy.

"Good Shade," I said as he made his way back to me.

"Next attack," Muliere said.

I turned to the Gym Leader. "Shade also knows Sand-Attack," I told him. "But there is no sand or dirt for him to use in here."

"Very well," he said. "Let's move on. Does he know any other attacks?"

I hesitated for a moment. "He knows one more," I said.

"Let's see it then."

I turned back to Shade. "Shade," I said to him as I pointed to the dummy. "Assurance."

Shade stood still for a second. He then ran towards the dummy as if he was going to Tackle it again. As he was running, his body began to glow with a dark light. Once he reached the dummy he gave it a tackle and the dark light flared dimly before disappearing. The dummy barely shook.

"That Assurance needs some work," Muliere told me. "It should have cracked the dummy at the least. Keep working on that."

"Yes sir," I told him, slightly embarrassed.

"Let's move on to the next part of the exam," he said. He moved over to the racks on the wall and came back with a box in his hands. He opened the box. Inside the box there was about a dozen little rubber balls. I could see that all the balls were either colored yellow, blue or red. He tipped the box over and scattered the balls all over the floor. He then placed the box in the center of the training ground.

"Right then," he said. "For this next part you will have to have Shade collect all the balls and put them back into the box. He has to put the balls away in a specific order of colors. Start with a blue ball, then a yellow ball and finally a red ball. Keep repeating the order until all the balls are in the box. You then have to close the box and hold it in your hands. Understand?"

"Yes sir," I said.


"Shade," I said. I pointed to one of the blue balls. "Get the ball."

He looked at me then looked around at the scattered balls. He moved towards the ball closest to him. It was one of the red balls.

"No Shade," I corrected. He stopped. I pointed to the blue ball closest to him. "The blue ball. Get the blue ball Shade."

He understood what I wanted this time. He walked up to the ball and picked it up in his mouth. He then turned to look at me.

I pointed to the box. "Put the ball in the box Shade."

He moved over to the box and dropped the ball inside.

"Good boy," I said. "Now a yellow ball."

Shade quickly moved to the yellow ball I was pointing at and picked it up. Without prompting he moved over to the box and dropped it inside. I quickly pointed to one red ball and had him put it into to box as well. After repeating the process two more times, Shade understood the point of this part of the exam. He put away the rest of the balls in the correct order without any orders from me. Once the last ball was in the box, I closed it and held it in my hands.

"Very good," Muliere said. He just stood there staring at me.

"Did I pass?" I asked after a moment of silence.

"Not yet," he said. "There's still one more part you have to pass. Let's begin now."

He began walking towards me. I assumed that he was going to retrieve the box and put it back on the racks. I held the box out to him. Once he was a couple of feet in front of me, he suddenly leapt at me. He brought up his right fist, as if getting ready to punch me.

Shade began to bark wildly and moved towards Muliere to attack him. I stood frozen in shock for a second before my mind caught up with me.

"Stop!" I yelled at Shade.

Shade obeyed me instantly. He stopped a few feet in front of us. He stood staring at Muliere, growling the entire time.

"Congratulations," Muliere said to me. "You pass."

"What?" I asked dumbly.

"You pass," he repeated.

"I don't understand," I said. "What about the last part?"

"That was the last part," he said.

"What?" I repeated.

"This exam was broken down into three parts," he began. "You had to pass all three parts to be promoted into D-rank. In the first part you had to prove to me that Shade would obey your commands. You did this by ordering Shade to use the attacks that you taught him on the practice dummy. In the second part you had to prove that Shade could follow simple directions. You did this by having him collect the rubber balls and return them to the box in the correct order. Only after passing those two parts would you be allowed to attempt the third part.

He turned to look at Shade. Shade continued to stare and growl at the Gym Leader. Muliere turned back to me and continued. "In the third and final part of the exam you had to prove that you could control Shade even in a stressful situation. If Shade had ignored your order to stop, I would have instantly failed you. You would have had to train him some more and come back another day to retake the entire exam."

"What if he hadn't stopped?" I asked him. "He could have seriously hurt you or even killed you before I could have recalled him back to his pokeball."

"That is why Bruiser was here," he said. "He would have stepped in between me and Shade in an instant just before he would have reached me. He would have brought Shade down hard."

I had forgotten about the Leader's Pokemon. I turned to look at Bruiser. The Machamp no longer had his arms crossed. Instead, they were hanging out at his sides and he stood tense as he stared at Shade.

Muliere gave me a few seconds to let that sink in. "Congratulations," he said again. He then recalled Bruiser back into his pokeball. "Follow me."

I recalled Shade back into his pokeball and followed Muliere. He led me to a door at the back end of the Gym. We walked into what was clearly his office. He sat behind the desk and motioned me to sit in front of him. As I sat down, he logged into the computer in front of him.

"Give me your trainer card," he said.

I pulled out my card and handed it to him. He swiped the card on the side of the computer and pressed some keys. Once he was done, he pulled another card out of his desk and swiped it. After staring at the screen for a few moments, he gave me the new card. The card was similar to my old one. The only differences were the trainer number and the fact that this one had D-Rank stamped on it instead of E-Rank.

"That is your new trainer card," he said. "I just updated your account so it matches your new trainer ID number and rank. You are now officially a D-rank trainer."

I stared at the card in my hand in silence.

"Now that you are D-rank," he continued, "you may begin taking missions. You are eligible to take on D-rank missions solo or as a team. You may take a C-rank mission only if you team up with a C-rank or B-rank trainer. To do this, the higher ranking trainer must accept the mission request then add you on to the mission acceptance . If you do team up on a mission, whether D-rank or C-rank, the pay you receive for completing the mission will be split between the team according to rank. So if you team up with another D-rank trainer, the pay will be split evenly between you. However, If you team up with a higher ranking trainer, you will only get 40% of the pay if he is one rank higher or 30% if he is two ranks higher. Understand?"

I nodded.

"Keep in mind that no D-rank mission will take you outside the walls," he said. "All D-rank missions take place within the city state although not all missions that take place within the city state are D-rank. Most of the D-rank missions are guard duty missions that have little risk. You may accept any mission request from the computer room in the Center or directly from the mission office in central district but to receive your pay you must actually go to the mission office and inform them of your mission completion."

He paused. "Do you have any questions?"

I shook my head. "No sir."

"In that case," he said. "Let's go to the cafeteria. I'm sure you must be as hungry as I am at this point."

I agreed with him. I followed him out of the Gym. As we headed to the Center, I couldn't help walking with a slight spring in my step.

"D-rank," I thought to myself. "Time to start earning a living."

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