Pokemon: Chaotic World

It's a whole new world. A world were Pokemon and their trainers are something to be feared. This is the story of a new trainer who must survive his new life as a Pokemon trainer and leave the life that he has known behind. Watch as he struggles through a Pokemon world unlike any that you know. AU Pokemon World.



5. Chapter 5: The Ordeal

The remaining days leading up to our Ordeals passed by quickly. The four of us could mostly be found in the Center computer room reading every bit of information we could find about the Pokemon around Asidia. Maxwell came to the Center every day to give us more lectures and advice. When we were not in the Center we could be found talking to some of the older trainers in the district. Some of the trainers readily answered any questions we asked of them. Others did not bother to hide their annoyance at us for interrupting them.

One of the middle ranked trainers advised us to study a trainer map of Asidia and the wilds surrounding the city state. We all followed that advice and acquired a map from the Center's front office. On studying the map we found that the city state had four gates leading out at roughly all four major cardinal points. The eastern and southern gates both opened to grasslands. The western gate leads to a dense forest. Finally, the northern gate leads the way to the mountain range where Asidia mines for ore and precious stones. The map also showed what Pokemon a trainer is most likely to encounter in all four directions. Based on the map, the forest would be the most dangerous area to enter, followed by the mountains then the grasslands. This left us wondering which gate we would be forced to leave on our Ordeals from. Given the choice, I assumed we would all choose to take our Ordeals in the grasslands.

The day of the Ordeal finally came. We were woken up early and taken to the cafeteria. We were told to eat quickly then head out to the station when we were ready. Hugo and I dug into our food right away. Phillip and Ginnette just stared at their food for a while. Eventually Ginnette stood up without having touched her food and informed the rest of us that she would be heading to the station. Phillip followed her moments later. Hugo wasted no time and took Ginnette's tray and proceeded to eat her food. He offered Phillip's tray to me. I took it after a moment. An idea had occurred to me over the past four days. There was a way that I might be able to catch a Pokemon today with minimal risk. I needed some food to implement my idea. Phillip's sandwich would be just what I needed. I stuffed the sandwich in my pocket and finished off the rest of the food.

Once Hugo and I were done we both dropped the trays off and headed for the station. There we found Phillip, Ginnette, Gym Leader Muliere, and some other trainers waiting for us. One trainer held a small box in her hands. Behind the Leader was a small table with four backpacks on top. Muliere began speaking as soon as we reached them.

"Now that you're all here we can begin your Ordeals," he said. He gestured to the table behind him. "These backpacks behind me each possess several items that you can use on your Ordeals. The backpacks all possess the same items so there is no reason to fight over any of them. I will give you 30 minutes to go through the packs and familiarize yourselves with what they contain. Begin now."

We each grabbed one pack and began going through them. The bags contained some travel rations and water. There was a hunting knife and some rope. There was a small bottle of Repel spray. There was also a small case that held ten small bottles. Five of the bottles contained basic Potion. The other five bottles contained different liquids. There was one each of Antidote, Paralyze Heal, Awakening, Burn Heal, and Ice Heal. Each bottle held about three doses of the liquids. While these medicines are meant to be used on Pokemon, they can be used on humans as well.

After 30 minutes, Muliere began speaking again. "It's time to head to the gates that you will be leaving the city state from. Since there are four of you this year, I've decided that you each will leave from a separate gate. I will let you decide which gate you will leave from yourselves. You may decided based on the order that you were chosen on Selection Day." He turned to look at Hugo. "Choose your gate."

Hugo hesitated for only a moment. "I pick the north gate," he said, surprising us all. We all looked at him as if he was crazy.

"Why the north gate?" I asked myself. "The grasslands are less dangerous than the mountains." I studied him for a moment and noticed a determined glint in his eyes. "Unless, this has something to do with his father."

Muliere nodded to Hugo. "Very well. North gate it is." He turned to Philip. "Your turn. Choose your gate."

"Eastern gate," Phillip said quickly. Not surprising at all. That left the southern gate which led to more grasslands and the western gate which led to the dense forest.

Muliere turned to Ginnette next. She spoke up without prompting. "I'll take the southern gate," she said quickly.

Muliere nodded to her. "Very well," he said. He then turned to me. "That leaves you to take the western gate."

Fear began to fill me before I squashed it down. "Keep it together," I thought. "Just stick to the plan and you'll be fine."

Muliere continued. "In a moment you will all board the magnet train where you will be escorted to your respective gates by one of these trainers. Once you reach the gates, you will head out on your own to attempt to catch your first Pokemon." He motioned for the trainer holding the box to move forward. "Inside this box are 12 pokeballs. You will each take three of the pokeballs from inside." The trainer moved to each of us and allowed us to take our allotted pokeballs.

"You will use these three pokeballs to attempt to catch your first Pokemon. Keep in mind that these pokeballs are unregistered to any trainers. If you successfully catch a Pokemon you will be unable to release that Pokemon until it is registered to you. Once you capture a Pokemon you must return to the city state. At that point you will have completed your Ordeal."

"Why did you give us three pokeballs if we're only supposed to capture one Pokemon?" Phillip asked the Gym Leader.

"Two reasons," Muliere responded. "One, Pokemon are much more intelligent then you may believe. If you attempt and fail to catch a Pokemon it will immediately understand that the pokeball is the bigger threat at the moment. It will act quickly to destroy the pokeball before it launches its attack on you. You will have only seconds to throw another pokeball and attempt to catch it again or make a quick retreat and try a different Pokemon."

"The second reason has to do with how many Pokemon a E-rank trainer is allowed to own," he said. "As you know, once you pass your Ordeal and reach E-rank, you will be able to own a maximum to two Pokemon. If you do catch a Pokemon and still have one or two pokeballs left over, you may make an attempt to catch a second Pokemon to fill the maximum allowed. If, by some miracle, you manage to catch three Pokemon, you may select which two Pokemon you can keep. We will deal with the third Pokemon after that." He paused. "Take my advice. Once you catch a Pokemon, forget about catching any more. Quit while you're ahead. Remember, if you run into something you cannot handle, you don't have any trainers or usable Pokemon to defend you."

"Any other questions?" he asked. We all shook our heads. "Then lets get this show on the road."

After Muliere dismissed us we boarded the magnet train along with our trainer escorts. We waited quietly as one by one we reached each of the stations near the different gates and waited for one of the other prospective trainers to disembark. I was the last one to reach my destination. By this point I was filled with nerves. We finally reached my station and my escort and I disembarked. We had to walk a short distance to reach the western gate. Once we reached the gate the trainer turned to me.

"From this point on you're on your own," he said. He motioned to one trainer guarding the gate. The other trainer nodded and opened the gate. The gate opened onto a short dirt road which led directly to the forest. "Be vigilant out there and keep a pokeball ready. Try not to get lost in there. Once you catch a Pokemon you should immediately try to make it back here. I'll be waiting for you here at the gate." He paused and looked at me. "If you haven't made it back by sundown I'll assume that you've been eaten by a Pokemon and return to the trainer district without you. Good luck."

"Gee, thanks for the peptalk asshole," I thought sourly. I took a moment to stare out towards the forest before taking a deep breath and moving forward. The gate closed behind me as I cleared the archway. I kept moving forward while keeping an eye out for any Pokemon that may be out here. It did not take me long to reach the tree line. I hesitated for a moment before entering the forest.

The dirt road kept going on through the forest. It was very dense. Very little sunlight was making it through the trees. I moved forward slowly and silently while trying to keep an eye all around me. There were many times when I thought I saw some movement at the corner of my eye but saw nothing there when I turned to look. I reached into my backpack and took out the can of Repel. The silence was beginning to get to me.

"Keep it together," I thought. "If you panic in here you are as good as dead. Think for a moment. This forest is filled with Bug and Grass type Pokemon. Watch out for any plants that move or any silk webs. There are known to be a few Beedrill hives in this forest so try to listen for the sound of buzzing. If you see any Weedle don't even attempt to catch it, just turn around and leave the area quickly. Weedle never stray far from their hives. If any Pokemon surprises you and attacks just stay calm. Point the can of repel at it quickly and spray it in the face. The bad smell should chase it off."

Suddenly I heard a crashing noise from my left. I spun to look towards the noise and spotted a large cat running straight for me. "Persian," I thought quickly, fighting down the instinctive desire to turn around and run. Instead, I held my ground and readied the can of Repel. Time seemed to move in slow motion. Just before the Persian reached me, I raised the can of Repel and aimed at its face. As it was crouching down to pounce at me, I released a spray at it. The spray hit its face as it leaped and it veered off, just missing me by inches. The Persian let out a painful yowl as it landed and immediately began scratching at its face. When that didn't help it began rubbing its face in the dirt. I decided to take no chances. I approached it quickly and released another spray towards its face. At that point the Persian broke, taking off quickly in the direction from which it came.

Once I could no longer see the Persian I fell to my knees and began taking in deep breaths. I took out the water ration from my backpack and began taking careful sips. After a moment my hands finally stopped shaking. "Too close," I thought. "That was way too close. I need to catch a Pokemon quickly and get out of this place. Once night comes I wont be able to see a thing. I'll have to head back to the city state before sundown whether I've caught a Pokemon or not. I can always try again tomorrow."

I got up and continued on my way. I had another close call as I was moving through the forest. At one point a Joltik I didn't see sprayed some String Shot at me as I walked by its nest. Fortunately it just missed me. I barely managed to dodge the second String Shot and the Thunder Wave that followed. Once I got close enough I sprayed it with the Repel. It immediately dropped to the ground and started twitching. I looked at it for a moment and considered attempting to catch it. Just as I was making up my mind the Joltik jumped back onto its tree and ran up into its nest. I looked up and contemplated the nest for a moment before deciding not to try for it. I continued walking.

After the Joltik incident I began paying more attention to the trees. As I was walking I spotted a Noctowl sleeping in one tree. I stopped and stared at it for a moment before moving on. "Even if it is sleeping," I thought, "it's still an evolved Pokemon. I doubt the basic pokeballs I have would be strong enough to catch it without it being weakened."

I walked on for about another hour before I started to think about turning around and heading back to Asidia. Just before I made up my mind I saw the road up ahead opening to a small clearing. I became more and more excited as I entered the clearing. "This could work," I thought excitedly. "I can try my plan here. I'll give it one more hour before I start heading back. If they make me retake my Ordeal in this forest again I'll just come to this clearing to try my plan again."

I quickly began implement my plan. I made my way to one side of the clearing. I took out a pokeball, the sandwich from this morning and the knife from the backpack. I quickly used the knife to dig up a small hole in the ground. Carefully, I place the pokeball in the hole with part of the sandwich right next to it. I covered them both up with dirt, making sure to leave part of the piece of sandwich sticking out of the dirt. This way, if a Pokemon caught the scent of the sandwich and came to get it, it would have to dig up the rest of the sandwich and hopefully touch the pokeball.

Once I had my trap set I moved to the other side of the clearing. I examined the trees at the edge for a moment before picking one. As I walked up to the tree I carefully looked up at the tree, making sure to check every branch I could see. I did the same to the trees closest to it. When I didn't spot any Pokemon I began to carefully climb the branches. I kept climbing until I reached a branch I could sit on that would give me a clear view at my trap. I sat down and pulled the Repel out of the pack again. Now it was time to wait.

I did not have to wait for long. After about 15 minutes of waiting I saw movement on one tree near my trap. A white monkey-like Pokemon with a pig snout jumped from the tree. "Mankey," I quickly identified. "Fighting type. Very quick to anger."

I watched as the Mankey moved towards the trap while sniffing the air. It sniffed at the sandwich once it reached it. I tensed up as I saw it reaching for the sandwich.


As soon as I heard the sound I saw dirt fly up as the pokeball in the hole opened. The startled Mankey transformed into red light and was sucked up into the ball. Once the ball closed it began shaking vigorously. I held my breath as I watched the ball shake. After a few seconds I heard a crack and the pokeball opened, releasing the Mankey from inside.

"Oh shit," I thought as the Mankey became enraged as soon as it was released. It grabbed the nearest big rock it could see and brought the rock down on the pokeball. It kept this up until the pokeball was nothing more that a few scraps of metal. It then threw the rock and began looking around the clearing. "Double shit," I thought as it spotted me in the tree.

The Mankey gave an enraged cry and ran towards my tree. I did not have time to get down from the tree to face it on solid ground. I carefully stood crouched on the branch and readied the Repel as the Mankey reached the tree. It jumped to the lowest branch and quickly made its way towards me. Just as it reached the branch under mine I released a spray down at its face. The Mankey squealed and immediately fell from the tree. It hit the ground hard and began to roll around. Just as I was about to quickly climb down to spray it again, it jumped and ran, it's highly sensitive nose causing it to break from its rage and forcing it to run from the source to the bad smell.

I stood still for a moment to calm my fast beating heart. Then I raised the Repel can and shook it. "Almost empty," I thought, "and that Mankey destroyed one of my pokeballs. Only two more left." I thought about my situation for a moment before climbing back down. "One more shot," I thought. "I'll give it just one more shot before calling it. I've come too far to just give up now."

I quickly reset my trap then climbed back up into my tree to wait again. I waited patiently in the tree for the next Pokemon to fall for my trap. After about 20 minutes I saw movement in the bushes on the other side of the clearing. Two small grey and black canine Pokemon jumped out of the bushes, sniffing the air. It took me a moment to identify them.

"Poochyena," I thought. I began to panic a little inside. "Poochyena are Dark type Pokemon that always live in large packs. All Poochyena packs are led by one or more Myghtyena. There's no way I'll be able to fight off a whole pack without a Pokemon of my own!" After a few moments of panic I forced myself to calm down and assess the situation. "There are only two of them. Both look to be a bit smaller that what the Pokedex app said their average height was. I haven't seen any more in the tree line and they haven't howled to bring the rest of the pack to their location. This is not a hunting group!" I thought. "It's a scouting group! These must be omegas that were sent out to find where their prey may be settling. Once they've spotted the prey's territory, they are supposed to return to the pack and lead a hunting group back."

All these thoughts flashed through my head as I saw both Pokemon following their noses to the sandwich in my trap. One of the Poochyena stopped suddenly and went on alert. "Damn," I thought. "It must have caught my scent." The other one kept going towards the sandwich, not paying attention when the first one barked at it to stop. It reached my trap and began digging up the sandwich.


Just like with the Mankey, the Poochyena was sucked up into the hidden pokeball. Once it closed it immediately began shaking as the Pokemon tried to fight its way out. The other Poochyena began barking wildly and pawing at the pokeball. After a few seconds I heard a click and saw that the pokeball had stopped shaking.

"I did it," I thought in disbelief. "I did it. I caught a Pokemon."

The wild Poochyena continued barking and pawing at the pokeball. I quickly climbed down from the tree and moved carefully forwards before it decided to try to destroy the pokeball. The Poochyena quickly spotted me and let off a vicious growl. It started running at me.

"Well," I thought. "This worked with the Persian and the Mankey." I readied the can of Repel before it reached me. Just as it started to leap to Bite me, I sprayed the last of the Repel towards its face. The Poochyena yelped and fell to the ground. It rolled around for a moment before getting up and running off.

Once I could no longer see the Poochyena I turned and walked to the pokeball. I picked up the ball and stared at it for a few moments. "I can't believe it," I thought. "I actually did it." Eventually I put the ball away in my pocket before I began to gather my things. "I haven't passed my Ordeal yet," I thought. "I still have to make it safely back to the city state. I have to move fast. That Poochyena might come back here with a hunting party to finish me off."

I got back on the road and began to make my way quickly but carefully back to Asidia. The journey back felt much longer. The sky was begging to darken. I began jumping at any moving shadow that I saw. All I could think about was some wild Pokemon getting the jump on me as I made my way back. I also worried that the Poochyena pack would follow my scent and take me down before I reached the gate.

Despite all my thoughts, there was no further incident going back. I kept walking for what felt like many hours until suddenly I exited the forest tree line. I stared at the walls of Asidia for a moment before I began running the rest of the way to the gate. I reached the gate and banged on it with my fist. "Open the gate!" I yelled.

I spotted someone looking down at me from the top of the gate before he signaled to someone on the other side. The gate began to open. As soon as the opening was big enough I slipped through and fell to my knees on the other side. The gate closed up behind me. I looked up as I saw someone walking up to me. It was the trainer that escorted me here this morning.

"Welcome back," he said sourly. "I lost 40 Asidia dollars because of you. I had my money on you not making it back at all."

I just starred at him.

He grunted at me. "Well?" he asked.

It took me a moment to realize what he wanted. Once I got it I took out the warm pokeball from my pocket and handed it to him. He examined the pokeball, studying the button which was blue instead of white or red, showing that while the ball contained a Pokemon, it was currently unusable since it was not registered to a trainer. He grunted again.

"Congratulation," he said. "You pass. You're the third one to make it back to the city state."

I finally spoke up. "Who else made it back?" I asked.

"Your scrawny friend and that annoying girl both made it back alive. The girl was bloodied up a bit but otherwise fine. Your friend had a broken arm and plenty of bruises but will make a speedy recovery thanks to the wonders of modern medicine."

"What about Phillip?" I asked him.

He shrugged. "Last I checked the trainers guarding the eastern gate haven't seen him yet." He looked up at the darkened sky. "I think its safe to say that we wont be seeing him again. He's probably currently digesting in the stomach of a Victreebel."

I could only stare at him for a moment before asking. "Did Hugo and Ginnette pass? Did they catch any Pokemon?"

He finally looked annoyed at me. "I guess you'll just have to wait and see. Let's go. The sooner I drop you off at the Center, the sooner I can go to district eight and have a beer."

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