Pokemon: Chaotic World

It's a whole new world. A world were Pokemon and their trainers are something to be feared. This is the story of a new trainer who must survive his new life as a Pokemon trainer and leave the life that he has known behind. Watch as he struggles through a Pokemon world unlike any that you know. AU Pokemon World.



3. Chapter 3: The Trainer District

After Governor Brecker dismissed the crowds of civilians, Muliere and the other trainers took us to the nearest magnet train. Our destination was district 10. After disembarking the train I stopped to look around my new home district. District 10, more commonly know as the trainer district, was the largest district in Asidia. Roughly 20 percent of the city state was reserved for Pokemon trainers. Despite this, this district possessed less buildings than any other district in Asidia. There was the small magnet train station which we were currently occupying. Near the station I could see the Pokemon Center. Scattered around the Center there were a few buildings which I assumed were residential buildings for trainers. Farthest from the station I could see the Asidia Pokemon gym, home of the Gym Leader and special training ground for elite trainers. The rest of this large district was filled with outdoor training grounds. I could see split sections of many different kinds of environments of various sizes. Some of the training grounds were currently occupied by single trainers or groups of trainers and their Pokemon.

Muliere led us forward until we reached the front of the Pokemon Center. He turned to us saying, "this here is our Pokemon Center. This is where you four will reside in for the foreseeable future. Over the next week, we will help you prepare for your Ordeals. For now though, you should all head inside and make yourselves at home. Tomorrow you have the day to yourselves. In two days you will begin your training week." He finished speaking before turning to walk away. The trainers with us gestured for us to enter the Center before they left in different directions.

As we entered the building we found ourselves in a small room with a large desk at the end. Around the room we could see six doors leading to other rooms. Behind the desk sat a middle aged woman wearing a trainer badge. "Welcome prospective trainers, to the Pokemon Center. My name is Annabelle. I am the night manager of this Pokemon Center," she said. "This Center will be your new home as you begin your new lives as Pokemon trainers. Follow me and I will show you around."

She approached us and led the way into the room to the right of the Center entrance. The room was filled with computers. Next to each computer was a small machine, each machine having six round slots in it. There was a handful of trainers in the room. Some of the small machines in front of the trainers held one or more pokeballs in the slots. "This here is the computer room," Annabelle said. "These computers have several different uses for trainers. Aside from being able to use the Net like any other computer, they possess a direct link to the mission office in central district. You can use that link to view available missions that you may be eligible for and accept any missions that you desire. Some of the missions are available for several trainers, others can only be chosen by one trainer or a small team of trainers."

She pointed to one of the small slotted machines. "Next to each computer is a device that has three primary uses. First, the device works with the Pokedex app in the computer. This app allows you to view all that stats of the Pokemon within the pokeballs you place in the slots. Second, the device has a transport feature. This feature breaks down pokeballs into computer code and sends the code to your trainer account storage on the Net. You may keep Pokemon stored for future use or you can trade or sell any of your captured Pokemon to trainers here or any other city state in the region. Finally, the device acts as a healing marchine which can fully recover any of your injured Pokemon back to fighting condition."

She led us out of the computer room and walked us over to the room across from it. The door to this room was locked. She took out some keys and unlocked the door, allowing us in. This room looked like a small convenience store. There were aisles with shelves filled with various item. Next to the entrance was a table that had a register on it. Behind the register was a locked glass case that had shelves filled with pokeballs.

"This is the Pokemart," Annabelle said. "This is where trainers buy the basic supplies that they need to train Pokemon and go on missions. The Pokemart is open each day from 8AM to 5PM. After that, if you absolutely need to buy any items that you may need for a mission, you must speak to me at the front desk so I can let you into the Mart to purchase items. Keep in mind that I will only open Mart after hours if there is a valid reason."

She led us out of the Pokemart and locked the door behind us. We then entered the room next to the Mart. The room was filled with chairs and couches. There were some television sets on the walls and two pool tables at the end. There were only two trainers in the room at one of the pool tables. "This is the Lounge. Trainers may come here to relax in between missions. This room is open at all hours. No food or drinks are allowed in here. No fighting or Pokemon battles are permitted in the Lounge. If you start any trouble in here or break any of the rules, you will be banned from the Lounge for a set amount of time. You have been warned."

We entered the room across from the Lounge. "This is the cafeteria. Like the Pokemart, this room is open from 8AM to 5PM. All trainers are entitled to one free meal a day. After that, any further meals must be paid using your funds from your trainer accounts. If you miss the open hours due to being on a mission, I will be able to open the room for you to receive a meal. For any other reason you are on your own for meals. Food may be taken out of the cafeteria but remember, no food or drink in the Lounge. That goes for the computer room as well."

She led us back to the front office and pointed out the last two doors on either side of the front desk. "Those last two doors lead to the Center barracks. On the right is the male barracks and the left is for females. Each barrack has over a dozen bunk beds for trainers to sleep in. These is a storage area filled with lockers and well as a large bathroom for public use. At the end of the barracks are small laundry rooms which you may use freely to clean your clothes. All trainers may use the barracks at no charge. However, we have a limited supply of beds and storage room for each trainer. Luckily, there are only a small number of trainers staying here so we did not have to boot anyone out to make room for you four."

Annabelle turned to look at us. "This will be your home for the foreseeable future. Tomorrow you all have the day to yourselves to become acclimated to the district. The next five days are for you to prepare yourselves for your Ordeals to become official trainers. Work hard to pass your Ordeals. Once you become official trainers you will be eligible to take missions to earn some income for yourselves." She paused. "Take this advice from someone who has been in your shoes. Start taking missions as soon as possible and find a room to rent in one of the residential buildings. The Center barracks are well kept but there is absolutely no privacy here. Most of the rooms for rent are cheap enough for you to afford with the pay of a single low level mission. It's a small price to pay for some privacy."

She moved behind the desk and picked up four small packs. There were three blue packs and one pink pack. "These have some basic supplies for you. A few clothes and some toiletries to get you started. You may contact your families and have them send over some items from your old homes if you wish." She handed us each a pack and said, "today has been a long day for you. I know you must all be tired or hungry by now. I'll let you go get settled in. If any of you want to eat then stay here. The rest of you may enter the barracks and get some rest."

Ginnette and Phillip immediately left the group and entered their respective barracks. Hugo and I chose to remain with Annabelle. "Well," she said. "Let's get some food in you boys." She led us back into the cafeteria and motioned us to sit at a table. "I will be right back," she said as she entered the kitchen. Moments later, she returned with two trays and set them down in front of us. "Once you finish eating, drop the trays off in the kitchen and leave the cafeteria. I'll lock up afterwards." Annabelle then left Hugo and I to our meals and returned to the front desk.

Hugo immediately dug into the meal once we were alone. I looked at the food on the tray. There was a sandwich, fruit cup, and carton of milk.

"Not a very filling meal," I thought. "We're supposed to live on just one of these meals a day until we can afford more food?"

I began slowly eating the food on my tray. After a moment I finally broke the silence between us. "Hugo right?" I asked.

"Yep," he replied without looking up.

"My name is Jacob," I said.

"I know," he said as he finished his meal.

I just looked at him for a moment before speaking again. "If you don't mind me asking, why did volunteer for this? Not many people actually want to become Pokemon trainers."

He finally turned to look at me. "It's better then the alternative."

"What do you mean?'"

He slouched down in his chair and stared at the table for a moment before looking at me again. He gestured to himself. "Look at me. What did you think of me when you saw me today in the courtyard? Lower class right? Most likely from District Nine? Am I right?"

"You're right," I admitted.

"Well, anyone who thought that after seeing me today would be correct. I do live in District Nine. Or I did until today anyway," he corrected himself. "My mom, two sisters and I lived in a small one bedroom apartment in the cheapest residential building in the district. It was all we could afford on her income."

He gestured to me. "Based on your clothes and how you carry yourself I would guess you were middle class. You old home was in District Six right?"

"Right," I said.

He nodded. "You probably looked down at your tray and your first thought was about how unappetizing or unfilling it looked. You're used to three square meals a day and snacks throughout the day if you get hungry."

I said nothing. There was nothing to say, he had me pegged dead to rights

He gestured to our trays. "This meal was on par with or even better that anything my mom could put together each day. We normally ate only once a day. Twice a day if my mom came into a little extra income. There were some days that we didn't eat at all. For my family, life is a constant struggle for survival."

He sat back and contemplated the ceiling. "It wasn't always like that for my family. I was actually born in District Four. My father was a team leader for one Asidia's mining companies. Three times a week a team of Pokemon trainers would escort my father and his crew to one of the northern mines to mine the ores and gems that cannot be produced within the city state. The trainers took care of any wild Pokemon they came across and watched over the miners while they worked. My father supervised all the work done. Because the work was outside the walls, the mining company paid very well due to the high risk. As a team leader, my father brought in enough income to maintain our position in the upper middle class, even with my mom not working."

He looked down at the table again. "All of that changed when I was nine years old. One day my father and his crew set out to the caves they were currently mining from, not realizing that a large group of wild Pokemon had settled in the caves since the last time the crew had been out there. They were attacked soon after entering the caves."

"I remember that," I said. "A large group of Aron and Lairon led by a mated pair of Aggron attacked some miners that entered their territory six years ago. The hired trainers did their best to drive off the wild Pokemon but their trained Pokemon were greatly outnumbered. In the end, the best they could do was try to hold back the wild Pokemon and give the miners a chance to escape and retreat to the city state. Most of the crew and trainers didn't make it."

"My father was one of the casualties," he said. "He always took his responsibility as team leader seriously. One survivor told my mother that my father was brought down by an Aggron as he was trying to help an injured miner get back to the city. He died a hero."

He looked at me with anger in his eyes. "He may have died a so called hero, but that did nothing for my family. Because my mother did not work, we did not have too much savings as my father supported us on just his income. Those savings quickly ran out and we began to fall into debt. The only job my mom was able to find was as a street cleaner, working every night to keep the streets that I grew up in clean. She had no choice but to sell off almost everything we owned to pay off the debts and took what little was left and moved us to district nine."

He paused for a moment. "Even after all that happened, do you know what upset me the most at the time was? Even more than actually losing my father?"

"What?" I asked.

"A week after the massacre in the mines, the company my father worked for hired elite Pokemon trainers to clear out the mines of the wild Pokemon. The day after that, they sent another crew to begin mining where my father's crew left off. Never mind the fact that a week ago my father and most of his crew was killed because the company sent them to that mine without sending some trainers to inspect it first and, if necessary, clear out any wild Pokemon. They only cared about restarting the mining operations."

"I'm sorry," I said.

He turned to glare at me. "Why are you apologizing to me. None of what happened was your fault. My father and his crew knew the risks that came with going outside the walls. If anyone should apologize it should be the mining company. If they had just done their job right, my father might still be alive today. It was not your fault!"

We both stayed silent for several minutes after that last outburst. Finally I asked him, "after everything you just told me, why would you choose to become a Pokemon trainer? Given how your father died, I would have imagined that you would want to stay far away from any Pokemon as possible."

"You're right," he said after a few seconds. "My first four Selection Days, all I could thing about was my father and what happened to him six years ago. I was terrified of being chosen and being forced to work with those monsters."

"What changed today?" I asked.

"At first, I was as terrified today as I was the other times. All I could think about was that I just had to make it through the day and then I could get on with my life. But as I listened to the governor's speech a thought occurred to me."

"What thought?"

"I thought to myself, 'could being a Pokemon trainer be any worse that the life I have now?' I'm just a low class teen with little prospects. It's easy drop to a lower class but much harder to rise up to a higher one. I didn't have much to look forward to. At least as a trainer I could earn a decent income. Hell, if I can make it to one of the higher ranks, the pay for just one mission at that rank could equal or exceed what my mother makes in a week. I would only have to complete two or three missions a week to live comfortably. I could even send money to my mother to help support my sisters."

He sat up in his chair. "All of these thoughts ran through my head as the governor finished her speech. When the Gym Leader asked for volunteers, I only hesitated for a moment. You know what happened next."

I nodded to myself. "That's some story. After everything you just told me, I think that I would have done the same think if I had been in your shoes."

"I'm sure you would have," he said. "If for no other reason that to try to help support your family. I saw what you did today. Volunteering in your brother's place, that just shows how much your family means to you. That took some guts."

"I couldn't let Bobby go through this," I said. "He wouldn't survive his Ordeal."

"Maybe, maybe not." he responded. "We'll probably never know now."

He stood up. "Well, I'm beat. Been a long day for both of us. I'm going to go find an empty bed and get some sleep. You should do the same."

"I will," I said. "I just want to sit by myself for a bit."

"Alright," he said. "I'll leave you alone. See you tomorrow. Night."

"Goodnight," I responded.

He left me alone in the cafeteria. I just sat there for a while thinking about everything Hugo said and everything that happened today. This is my new life. I can no longer dwell on the past. Time to carve myself a new future.

Eventually I got up and took my tray to the kitchen. I left the cafeteria, turning off the lights on my way out. I decided to follow Hugo's advice and get some sleep. Tomorrow was a new day.

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