Pokemon: Chaotic World

It's a whole new world. A world were Pokemon and their trainers are something to be feared. This is the story of a new trainer who must survive his new life as a Pokemon trainer and leave the life that he has known behind. Watch as he struggles through a Pokemon world unlike any that you know. AU Pokemon World.



26. Chapter 26

The next morning Bobby and I woke up early to head out into the Wilds. Once we were ready we left our apartment to meet up with Ginnette. She was already ready and waiting by the time we reached her apartment. We all agreed to go to the Center for a quick meal before heading to the train station. We boarded the magnet train that would take us to the Western Gate. After sitting in silence for a few minutes Ginnette spoke up.

"Bobby," she began, "did you have a plan for today? Are you looking for any specific Pokemon or are you just going to walk through the Forest until you see something you like?"

He thought about it for a moment before responding.

"I didn't have any specific Pokemon in mind," he finally admitted.

"Most of the Pokemon found in Forests are either Bug or Grass types," I said. "There are other types as well but they're not as common."

"Not a Bug type," he said. "Unless the Bug type has a useful secondary type then I want to have different types in my team. That means that Poison types are out too since Sting is both."

"There are plenty of Grass types," Ginnette said.

"There are a decent amount Normal types as well," I said. "If you're lucky you might even come across a Pokemon not commonly found in Forests like I did with Blaze."

"Bug and Grass types share a lot of the same weaknesses," Bobby said. "I probably wont catch one today unless it has a secondary type that changes its weaknesses. Maybe another time I'll catch one but for now I want a team that can cover each other's weaknesses."

"That's smart thinking," Ginnette said. "Unfortunately that limits your options in the Forest."

"No Bug, Poison or Grass types," I mused.

"Unless it has a good secondary typing," Bobby reminded me.

"Right," I said. "That does limit your options in the Forest but there are still some Pokemon there that you might be interested in. Some Normal types and Flying types. Although Sting will have a hard time weakening a Flying type unless we help you."

"I'll lose the respect of the other trainers if they find out you helped me capture a Pokemon," he said. "It's one thing to travel together for safety but actually weakening and capturing a Pokemon is something that each trainer has to do by themselves."

"He's right," Ginnette said. "He has to do the real work himself."

"Right," I said. "So you're going to want to avoid Flying types as well then. That leaves some Normal types and a handful of Pokemon from other types that live or travel through the Forest."

"Maybe Bobby and I should go into the Wilds from one of the other gates," Ginnette said. "He'll have better luck in one of the other areas. You can continue with your mission in the Forest and then meet up with us back in the trainer district later."

A part of me, the trainer part, felt that this was a good idea since Bobby would have an easier time finding a different type of Pokemon in the Mountains or one of the Grassland areas. The Eastern Grassland has a river flowing through it at one point which means he could even find a Water type. The other part of me, the big brother part, still wanted to protect Bobby even though I know that as a trainer Bobby would have to get used to relying on himself. The trainer part won out. I kept silent waiting for Bobby to decide what he wanted to do.

"We're almost to the Western Gate," Bobby said after thinking about it. "Let's just stick to the plan. Besides, even if I don't capture another Pokemon today I can try again tomorrow in a different area."

"Alright then," I said trying not to sound too relieved.

We made it to the Western Gate not too long after that. After registering with the Gate guards the trainer in charge signaled the trainer at the controls to open the Gate. He wished us luck and waved us through. Once outside the city-state we all immediately released our Pokemon. Shade, Blaze and Azure all stretched as soon as they materialized before sitting at attention. Sting just looked around for a bit before he climbed up Bobby's body to reach his usual spot on his shoulder. Tumbleweed began flying lazy circles around Ginnette as usual. As for Ginnette's other Pokemon...

"You brought Scruffy with you," I said, watching the Lillipup wandering around sniffing the ground. "I was honestly expecting Verde. She knows the Forest and the dangers better."

"Which is exactly why I brough Scruffy instead," Ginnette said. "I want him to get some experience in the Forest. Also, I want him to have experience tracking down specific Pokemon like the Foongus that you're after. I figured this would be good training for when I have a capture mission myself when I make C-rank. Don't worry, I don't expect a share in the reward for any Foongus I help you find. I'm not officially on your mission anyway. This is strictly training while keeping an eye on Bobby."

"Okay," I said.

"Let's get started," Bobby said impatiently.

"Alright," I said. "Let's go."

I led the way down the path to the Forest. We quickly made it to the edge and stepped through. After walking for a few minutes we reached a small clearing and I stopped the group.

"Listen up," I said taking charge. "We're going to spread out a bit so we're not all on top of each other and in each other's way. Don't go too far though. Stay within sight of the person or Pokemon near you. With this many of us we're definitely going to draw a lot of attention from wild Pokemon. Stay alert. If anyone is attacked by something they can't handle give a shout to alert the rest of the group. Understand?"

I received confirmation from Ginnette and Bobby and even some the Pokemon. I nodded and turned to Ginnette.

"It's probably best if you're near the center of the group between me and Bobby," I told her. "Try to keep both of us in sight. I'll be on one side looking for Foongus while Bobby is on the other side trying to find a Pokemon to capture. Keep Tumbleweed close to you but have Scruffy stick with me since you want him to get experience with missions like mine. I'll have Azure stay close to you and Bobby and order him to listen to your commands."

We both ordered our respective Pokemon to obey the other's commands and had them stick close. I turned to Bobby.

"Just try not to get in over your head," I told him. "Yell for Ginnette if you need help."

"I'll be fine," he said. "Just worry about your mission."

I nodded and we began moving again, spreading out like I suggested. I was right about our large group drawing attention. Not long after we spread out a Pokemon attacked. Based on the noise I could tell that Bobby was the one being attacked.

"Bobby?" I called.

"I'm fine!" He shouted. "It was just a Rattata!"

"He's fine Jacob," I heard Ginnette say.

I couldn't respond to either one as a Pinsir jumped out of a tree and came straight at me. I managed to just dodge away from the attack. Before it could turn around to attack me again I counter attacked.

"Blaze!" I said. "Flame Wheel!"

Blaze charged at the Pinsir. As she was running she became enveloped in flames. Just as the Pincer turned to target me again she landed a direct hit. The Pinsir was knocked back a few feet. It's body was badly burned but it was still alive and struggling to stand back up.

"Hit it with Ember until its finished!" I ordered.

Blaze released dozens of tiny fireballs at the Pinsir. She kept up the attack until there was nothing left but a pile of burning flesh.

"Good job," I told blaze.

She barked in happiness at the praise. The group kept moving after that. I began to look for Foongus to complete my mission. Shade and Blaze already knew what to do and began sniffing around to catch the scent of any Foongus. I ordered Scruffy to stay close to Shade and follow his lead. After we found the first Foongus of the day I had him memorize the scent to try and find one on his own. Shade and Blaze had better luck but eventually Scruffy found one himself. After I caught the Foongus both Ginnette and I praised him which made him wag his tail in happiness.

We were in the Forest for about three hours but we hadn't gone very far. We had to stop many times to deal with Pokemon that attacked us. Fortunately we were able to deal with most of them without having to call for help. Unfortunately we eventually ran into one that Bobby could not deal with on his own.

"I could use some help here!" he yelled.

I ran over to where his voice came from and found him struggling with a Murkrow. Sting was trying his best to hit the Murkrow with String Shot while he was being dive bombed with no luck. Ginnette must have made it over here a few seconds ahead of me as Azure and Tumbleweed were already beginning their attacks. I stood back with all three canines and let them handle the Flying type.

"Back off Azure!" Ginnette ordered. "Tumbleweed! Fly above the Murkrow and drop Stun Spore!"

Azure flew away from the fight and landed on a tree near me. Tumbleweed flew up high and began flying in circles. He began releasing Stun Spore as he was flying. The Murkrow did its best to avoid the powder but some of it landed on it. The attack took partial effect and managed to paralyze one of its wings. It did its best to stay in the air but inevitably came crashing down. It landed hard but struggled back to its feet. It kept trying to get back in the air but the paralysis was still affecting the wing.

I almost told Bobby to capture it as it should be weakened enough but changed my mind. Ginnette was the one who actually weakened it and if that got around then Bobby would lose face with the rest of the trainers.

"Finish it off Bobby," I told him.

He ordered Sting to cover the Murkrow with String Shot. Once the Pokemon was tangled up in the sticky substance he ordered Sting to keep hitting it with Poison Sting until the Murkrow stopped moving. We all waited for a moment to make sure it was finished.

"Well," Ginnette said. "That was fun."

"Yeah," I said.

"I wish I could have captured it," Bobby said.

"It wouldn't have really been your capture if you had," I told him.

"I know," He said. "It's just that other than a bunch of Rattata and a Bidoof that was the only Pokemon that I came across that wasn't a Bug, Poison or Grass type. We've been in here for hours."

Ginnette turned to me.

"Are you almost done with your mission?" she asked me.

"Yeah," I said. "I only have one more of the mission Pokeballs left that's empty. I was going to try to help Bobby find a Pokemon when I finished with the mission."

"I suggest that you finish the mission quickly then we should head back," Ginnette said. "It's early enough that we can still head over to one of the other areas to find a Pokemon for Bobby. He'll have a much easier time elsewhere."

I quickly agreed. Bobby agreed reluctantly. I could tell he wanted this trip to the Forest to not have been a waste of time for him. We moved on again so that I could find one more Foongus. Blaze was the one that found it before long. She weakened it quickly and I caught it. After I congratulated her I gathered up Shade and Scruffy so we could rejoin the others and head back. As we were heading back to Ginnette and Bobby I heard a commotion. We ran the rest to the way to see what was going on.

When we reached the rest of the group we spotted Ginnette, Tumbleweed and Azure on the side watching as Bobby was ordering Sting to attack a wild Pokemon that kept jumping from tree to tree. As I was moving to stand next to Ginnette I got a good look at the Pokemon. It was a small purple monkey Pokemon with a hand-like appendage at the end of its tail.

"That's an Aipom," I stated.

"That it is," Ginnette said. "Bobby already said he was going to catch it."

We both stood there with our Pokemon watching Bobby's attempt to capture the Aipom. The Aipom was fast and agile as well as an excellent climber. It certainly knew how to use the trees to its advantage. Sting was trying to do his best to hit it with String Shot to keep him in place with little success. The only good thing I could see was that the Aipom didn't seem to have any long-range attacks as it was only avoiding Sting's attacks. After watching this for a few minutes I felt the need to speak up.

"Bobby," I started.

"I got this," he interrupted.

"I was just going to give you some advice not offer to help," I said. "Whether you listen to my advice or not is up to you."

"Fine," he said after a moment. "What were you going to say?"

"The Aipom doesn't seem to have a long-range attack but it's much faster and agile and can use the trees to avoid Sting's attack," I said. "It most likely has much more stamina than Sting does as well. All it needs to do is wait for Sting to tire himself off with his attacks then move in to attack."

"I figured that part out on my own," he said. "Unless you have some real advice that I could use..."

"You need to even the playing field," I said. "Get rid of its tree advantage and Sting will have a better chance of landing a hit."

"How do I do that?" he asked. "The Aipom is much faster and more agile than Sting."

"Normally yes," I admitted. "However, you know better that I do that when Sting uses Poison Sting he launches himself forward like a dart. He can also cling to almost any surface while the Aipom needs rough bark and branches to climb trees. Use Poison Sting to have Sting move from tree to tree to try to catch up to the Aipom."

I wanted to say more but figured that I said enough to turn the tables in Bobby's favor. I felt Ginnette put her hand on my shoulder and turned to look at her. She gave me a nod of approval at the way I handled the situation. I smiled at her then turned back to Bobby.

"Sting!" Bobby said. "Use Poison Sting to move from tree to tree like the Aipom is. Try to get close enough to it to hit it with a String Shot."

Sting immediately went along with the plan. He launched himself to the nearest tree. A second after he landed he launched himself again to a tree closer to the tree the Aipom was on. When the Aipom saw what Sting was doing it began to panic. It started jumping from tree to tree faster to get away from Sting again. Sting continued launching himself after it. This went on for several more minutes before we saw a difference.

In its panic the Aipom began using up more of its stamina trying to keep Sting away by moving faster and more erratically on the trees. Sting just kept calmly going from tree to tree staying close to the Aipom. We could see the gap between them beginning to close as the Aipom was tiring himself out. Finally, the Aipom stumbled a bit as it landed on a tree. This was the opportunity that Bobby was waiting for.

"Now!" he said.

Sting launched himself again from the tree he was on. He landed on the tree near the Aipom and released a String Shot attack at it. It tried to dodge away but was not fast enough. The String Shot hit the Aipom as well as the tree it was on. When it tried to jump to another tree the sticky silk yanked it back causing it to hit the tree. The hit left it temporarily stunned.

"Now's the time Sting!" Bobby said. "Keep hitting it with Poison Sting!"

Sting began launching continuous Poison Sting attacks on the Aipom. Once it realized that it was truly stuck it began trying to attack Sting. It managed to land a couple of Scratch attacks but Sting was able to avoid most of the attacks. At one point it became obvious to us that the Aipom was under the effect of Poison. I was about to intervene but Ginnette beat me to it.

"That's enough Bobby," she said. "You don't want to kill it by accident. Try a Pokeball now."

Bobby obeyed Ginnette and held off Sting's next attack. He then took one of his empty Pokeballs from his pocket and threw it at the Aipom. The ball hit and sucked the Pokemon in. It landed on the Forest floor and began to shake weakly. After a few seconds the ball stopped shaking and the button on the Pokeball changed color to show a successful capture.

Bobby stared at the Pokeball for a few seconds before turning to look at us. He had a surprised look on his face. Ginnette and I just grinned at him.

"I did it," he said. "I did it!"

"Yes," I said. "You did."

Bobby let out a laugh before running to the Pokeball and picking it up. He quickly moved to pick up Sting who had just crawled down from tree.

"Sting!" he said. "We did it! We did it! We caught the Aipom!"

I stood next to Ginnette watching Bobby celebrate with Sting. As I stood there I felt a weight I didn't realize I was carrying leave me. Bobby will always be my little brother and I would worry about him. He was a little hotheaded and liked to jump in a situation to try to prove himself. However, he showed me today that he had a lot of untapped talent for catching and training Pokemon. As long as he used his head in whatever situation he was in he would most likely come out on top.

"He's going to make it," Ginnette said as if reading my mind.

"Yes," I said. "I think he will."

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