Pokemon: Chaotic World

It's a whole new world. A world were Pokemon and their trainers are something to be feared. This is the story of a new trainer who must survive his new life as a Pokemon trainer and leave the life that he has known behind. Watch as he struggles through a Pokemon world unlike any that you know. AU Pokemon World.



24. Chapter 24

"Come on!" Bobby said. "Just tell me!"

"Nope," I said. "I'm not supposed to tell anyone, not even Ginnette and Hugo."

"Yeah, but I'm your brother," he said. "You can tell me."

"Leave your brother alone Bobby," my mother said.

Bobby sat back in his seat and started to sulk. The three of us along with Ginnette and Hugo were in a restaurant in the commercial district. After I passed my C-rank exam a couple of hours ago I went straight to Ginnette and Hugo's apartment to tell them and Bobby the good news. After they congratulated me they suggested that we go out to eat to celebrate my promotion. We stopped by District Six to meet with my mother before we headed to one of District Five's better restaurants. The restaurant was hesitant to serve four trainers at first but after my mother went to speak to the manager they sat us down and served us like any other customer.

"Why do you want to know about the C-rank exam anyway?" Hugo said. "You're still E-rank. Worry about the D-rank exam first."

"I'm not worried about the D-rank exam," he said. "I already know what that exam is like. I'm going to the Gym tomorrow to take the exam."

"Muliere changes the D-rank exam slightly for each trainer," Ginnette pointed out. "Just because you know what our exams were like doesn't mean you should not worry about it. You can still fail it the first time."

"I wont fail," he said. "The D-rank exam should be a snap."

"Don't get cocky," Hugo warned. "You make stupid mistakes when you're cocky. I told you what happened to my first Pokemon. It was my fault that Bitey was killed. Some humility could save your life as well as your Pokemon's life."

Bobby looked ready to start an argument. Fortunately my mother changed the subject.

"So, Jacob," she began, "Now that you're C-rank are you going to accept only C-rank missions or will you still accept D-rank missions."

"I'm going to try to accept two C-rank missions each week," I said. "There are a lot of C-rank missions available but between the other C-rank trainers and the B-rank trainers that take on C-rank missions I might not be able to accept two each week. As long as I complete at least one each week and two or three D-ranks I should be fine. I'm going to be looking into getting a bigger apartment for me and Bobby soon. Once Bobby starts completing missions he'll be able to help me with the apartment."

"Yeah," Bobby said. "I can't wait to have my own room again."

"It's a shame that trainers are not allowed to live with their families," my mother said. "It would be so much easier if you two could just move back with me."

"You're neighbors already have a problem with us coming to visit you," I pointed out. "They would probably form an angry mob if we moved back in."

My mother muttered something about people being stupid before the server came to our table and asked us if we wanted dessert. We placed our orders and continued with our conversation while we waited. After we finished our meal we went our separate ways. Ginnette led Hugo to the nearest shopping center. My mother, Bobby and I went to the train station. My mother took a train back to District Six while Bobby and I headed back to the trainer district. Once we reached our destination I led Bobby over to the Center. We went to the computer room were I logged on to the mission page to look at C-rank missions.

"Check that one out," Bobby said, pointing at a mission.

I clicked on the mission and brought up the details.

Mission Rank: C

Reward: $150

Location: The Wilds

Summary: Five Diamond Restaurant in the commercial district needs trainer to capture Foongus. A minimum of 12 Foongus required for mission completion. Any more Foongus will earn $20 bonus pay each. Trainer has 48 hours to complete mission on accepting. Acquire non-registered mission pokeballs from the Pokemart. Trainer must hand over captured Foongus and unused pokeballs to the mission office to receive payment.

"What does a restaurant want with a bunch of Foongus?" Bobby wondered.

"It's a five diamond restaurant," I said. "That means that only the upper class can afford to eat there. Most likely the Foongus is part of some kind of exotic dish. The upper class loves exotic foods."

"The upper class is so weird," Bobby remarked. "I wonder if Ginnette has ever had Foongus. How would they be able to eat them anyway. Aren't Foongus Poison types?"

"They are," I said. "There must be a way to prepare them that makes them safe to eat. It doesn't really matter. This mission pays well and it gives me two days to complete it. Not that I'll need two days."

I quickly entered my information and accepted the mission. I received confirmation of acceptance within minutes. Before I logged off I removed Blaze from storage. It will be nice being able to take all of my Pokemon with me on a mission finally.

"Can I come with you on the mission?" Bobby asked.

"What?" I asked. "No. You're not even D-rank yet. You can't sign up on the mission with me."

"I can't sign up," he agreed. "But that doesn't mean that I can't go with you. I'm a trainer even if I'm just E-rank. I can leave the city state anytime I want now. I can go along with you. I just can't sign up to get part of the reward."

"No," I said. "You need to get some experience with D-rank missions first. I'll tell you what, take the D-rank exam tomorrow. Once you pass, complete a few D-rank missions. After that I'll take you on a C-rank mission with me."

Bobby agreed reluctantly. Once I was done in the computer room Bobby and I went our separate ways. He went to the training grounds to work with Sting to prepare for the exam tomorrow. I went to the Pokemart for the mission pokeballs. The trainer working the register game me a satchel with 24 unregistered pokeballs. I thanked the trainer then left the Center. I went back home to relax for the rest of the day with Shade and Blaze. The three of us were lounging around the apartment until I decided we should go to sleep. I wanted an early start for my mission. By the time I fell asleep Bobby still hadn't come home from training.

The next morning I got up early to get ready for my mission. Bobby was passed out on his side of the futon with Sting curled up next to his neck. I shuddered a bit at the thought of having a Weedle sleeping next to me. We would have to get a bigger apartment soon. I was missing having my own room to sleep in. After getting ready I recalled Shade and Blaze and left the apartment without waking Bobby. I stopped by the Center for some food and ate outside with my Pokemon. Shade quickly got used to Azure's new size and just gave him a lick before he began to eat his own food. Blaze and Azure sized each other up. This was their first time outside of the storage together. Blaze approached him cautiously and sniffed Azure. Azure puffed up his feathers to make himself look bigger but otherwise did not move. After a moment Blaze licked him then turned to her food. Azure's feathers flattened back down and he turned to his food.

While this was going on I just sat back and watched while eating my food. I figured that it was better for my Pokemon to figure out their own place in our little pack for themselves. Shade was clearly my second but I was unsure about Blaze and Azure. Based on the fact that Azure began eating last I figured that Blaze ranked herself under Shade but above Azure. I found the group dynamics between Pokemon of different species to be fascinating.

"Alright guys," I said once all the food had been eaten. "Today we will be going on C-rank mission. This is the first time that all of us will be going on a mission together. I expect all of you to work well together. The mission objective is to capture Foongus. We need to capture at least 12 Foongus but any that we capture after our goal will earn us bonus pay. I want us to capture as many as we can. We need the money to get a bigger apartment. Understand?"

They all made affirmative noises before becoming silent again.

"Our best bet of finding Foongus will be the Forest," I continued. "They're very small Pokemon that like to root under large trees. They look like white mushrooms with red caps. We'll be relying on Azure to spot the first one with his Keen Eye. Once we have the species scent of the Foongus, Shade and Blaze should be able to find more using Odor Sleuth."

I turned to Azure.

"You're at least three times as big as you where as a Pidgey," I said. "You wont be able to maneuver around the forest as easily as you could before. You're going to have to fly carefully and hop from tree to tree to get around. Try to stay close to me and keep an eye out for any other wild Pokemon that could attack us. Also, watch out for webs. A lot of Bug Pokemon live in the forest. Try not to get caught by them. I would hate to have Blaze use fire to try to get you free."

He made another affirmative sound. Once I was sure that they all understood the plan I recalled them into their pokeballs and gathered my things. I went to the station and took a magnet train to the western gate. The trainer supervising the guard shift stopped me for a moment to log my exit. We spoke for a few minutes before he wished me luck and signaled to open the gate. Once the gate was open I thanked him and left the city state. I quickly released my Pokemon once I cleared the gate. They all appeared looking ready for the mission.

"Let's get started," I said. "I want to get this mission over with today."

We set out towards the forest. Before long we reached the edge of the forest. Shade entered the forest first and signaled that it was safe after a few seconds. The rest of us soon followed. Because of Azure's inability to maneuver well we tried to stick to the worn path as much as we could. However, it was clear that the Foongus knew better than to stay close to the path as we didn't spot any. After traveling for more than an hour with no luck we finally decided to leave the path and travel through the dense areas. Azure and I moved slowly with Shade and Blaze leading the way. After traveling for several more minutes Shade and Blaze froze and began growling at a bush a few feet in front of them. Azure and I stopped and stared at the same bush. It began to shake and I quickly took out my hunting knife and readied myself for an attack. A green mushroom-like Pokemon jumped out of the bush and began growling at us.

"A Shroomish," I thought. "Not exactly the mushroom I was looking for."

The angry Shroomish began shaking and released a cloud of orange powder at us.

"Stun Store!" I warned. "Move!"

Shade, Blaze and I all moved out the way. Azure began flapping his wings from the tree he was in and created a Gust that blew the powder back at the Shroomish. The Shroomish was knocked back by the Gust and then was hit by his own Stun Spore. He struggled to get up but was clearly suffering from paralysis.

"Good job Azure!" I said. "Blaze, Ember! Roast that thing!"

Blaze kept hitting the Shroomish with Ember until there was nothing left but ashes. I finally called her off and Shade moved up to the ashes and sniffed them for a second.

"That's not the Pokemon we're looking for," I told him. "Let's keep going."

Shade turned away from the remains of the Shroomish and began kicking dirt on them with his hind legs. We continued on with our mission. As we were searching for Foongus we encountered some more wild Pokemon. Most of them were low level Bug and Grass types that we were easily able to deal with. At one point we came across a Carnivine that managed to snag Azure in its vines as he was hopping through the trees. Azure put up a struggle as he was being slowly pulled up to the Carnivine's mouth. I ordered Shade to use Shadow Ball and Blaze to use Ember on the Carnivine but they had a hard time hitting it while it was up in the tree. I began to panic a little. Just as I made up my mind to try to climb the tree to attack the Carnivine with my hunting knife Blaze managed a lucky hit. The attack didn't seem to do a lot of damage but it managed to burn the Carnivine. It let Azure go and dropped to the ground. It began rolling around for a bit before standing to face us. The look in its eyes sent a chill up my spine. My Pokemon looked hesitant to attack it as well.

"Calm down guys," I tried to reassure them. "We outnumber it and have type advantage against it. We can do this."

The Carnivine didn't give us a chance to attack first. Green light burst from its body and formed into hundreds of leaves. The leaves began circling around it.

"Leaf Tornado!" I yelled. "Take cover!"

We all tried to dive out the way as the attack was launched at us. Unfortunately the attack was too widespread and managed to hit all of us. I did my best to protect my face. I felt the leaves slice up my arms and my legs and cried out in pain. Shade also yelped in pain. I ignored the pain and glanced at my Pokemon. Shade was standing but he was bleeding out from several cuts. Azure and Blaze had cuts as well but appeared to have evaded most of the leaves. I stood up and began making my way to Shade when I noticed the Carnivine shambling up to me. I backed up quickly and pulled out my hunting knife again. Before it could reach me it was hit with a Whirlwind attack from Azure. The attack knocked it back several feet.

"Good job Azure!" I said. "Hang back and be ready to counter any more Leaf Tornadoes with Whirlwind! Shade, use Shadow Ball! Blaze, use Ember! Keep hitting it from a distance!"

They all obeyed my orders. The Carnivine must have been very old and very strong. It kept getting hit from two sides by Shade and Blaze's attacks but it just kept getting back up. It repeated Leaf Tornado two more times but Azure managed to blow away most of the leaves both times. Finally, I could see the fight taking its toll on the Carnivine. Its body was covered with burns and bruises and it could barely stand up. It eventually gave up the fight and tried to run away.

"Don't let it go!" I yelled. "Finish it off!"

This time Azure joined in the attack. The Carnivine was hit with all three attacks and let out a shriek. It finally collapsed on the ground and stopped moving. My Pokemon kept up the attack for a bit longer until I called them off. This time Blaze was the one who made her way cautiously to check the remains. After a few seconds she turned away and kicked dirt on the remains. I took a deep breath in relief and sat on the ground.

"Good job guys," I said. "Let's deal with our injuries then-"

I stopped suddenly as a bright light filled the area. I stood up quickly and readied myself, expecting an attack. I scanned the area then froze when I realized the light was coming from where Shade was standing. Shade was standing still while surrounded by white light. After a few seconds the light grew so bright I could barely see him anymore. I shaded my eyes and did my best to look as Shade's outline began to grow. After several seconds the light vanished. I stared at Shade. Where a small Poochyena once stood there was a larger Myghtyena. Shade shook himself before turning to stare at Azure, then Blaze, then me.

"Shade," I began.

He didn't give me a chance to continue. He began walking up to me slowly while growling loudly. My eyes were glued to his much larger fangs as he got closer. I glanced over at my other Pokemon quickly before turning back to Shade. Blaze and Azure were standing still watching the events unfold. My heart began beating faster and my mind was screaming at me to do something. I was torn between running and trying to recall Shade back into his pokeball. I was about to reach for his pokeball when I stopped to think for a second. I recalled the day that I first caught Shade. One of the trainers in the Center mentioned that Shade might try to challenge me for dominance when he finally evolved. This wasn't a case of Shade turning on me. He was trying to reestablish the pack hierarchy now that he was bigger and stronger. The reason that Blaze and Azure were not interfering was because they wanted to see if Shade would break my dominance.

With those thoughts in mind I stood up straight and stared into Shade's eyes. I moved my hand away from his pokeball and forced my heart to beat normally. Shade stopped when he was standing a foot in front of me. He continued to growl at me as we stared at each other. It felt like we were standing there for hours. My focus was completely on Shade. I could not even hear the sounds of the forest around us. All I could see were Shade's eyes as I stared him down. Finally, Shade stopped growling at me. He slowly laid down on the ground and turned over to present me with his belly. Before I could make a move Blaze moved next to Shade and repeated the gesture. Azure flew down behind them and sat on the ground with his eyes closed.

I took a deep relieved breath. I kneeled down and petted Shade's belly. Then I did the same to Blaze. Finally, I ran my hands through Azure's chest feathers. Once I was done I stood back up. They all stood up a moment later and waited for my next move. I smiled at them.

"We still have a mission to complete guys," I told them. "Let's deal with our injuries then move on. We've been out here almost three hours and haven't caught a single Foongus. Let's get our heads in the game."

Shade's evolution took care of most of his injuries. All I had to do for him was use a little bit of Potion. Azure and Blaze were not injured badly and only needed a little Potion as well. I had cuts covering my arms and legs. Luckily my backpack protected my back. I would have to replace the backpack and my clothes but most of my equipment was fine. I sprayed myself with Potion then drank a little bit. I did my best to wrap most of the cuts before I decided we had wasted enough time.

We continued through the forest in search for Foongus. We encountered several more Pokemon but most ran away when they saw Shade walking next to me. Blaze walked ahead of us by herself this time and Azure did the best he could flying through the forest. We continued in this manner until Azure gave a cry and flew to a tree a few feet away from us. He landed on a branch and stared down at the base of the tree. The rest of us moved to the tree cautiously. There was a group of mushrooms at the base of the tree. The mushrooms were all brown except for one. That mushroom was white with a red cap. As we approached it began to shake. Blue powder was released and hovered around the mushrooms.

"Bingo," I said. "Azure, Gust the Sleep Powder away!"

Azure quickly obeyed and blew away the powder. The red-caped mushroom jumped out of the clump of mushrooms and revealed itself to be a Foongus. It was a tiny Pokemon. If Azure hadn't noticed the different in its cap we would have walked right by it thinking it was an ordinary mushroom.

"No wonder we've had a hard time finding them," I thought. "We must have passed dozens of them without realizing it."

I noticed Shade and Blaze were ready to attack it.

"Guys," I said. "We need to capture it not kill it. This should be an easy capture. We don't have to do any real damage to it."

I ordered shade to hit the Foongus with his Hidden Power. Since it is a Grass type Hidden Power it should not hit it hard enough to actually kill the Foongus. Unfortunaly I misjudged Shade's new strength. The Hidden Power hit the Foongus and blasted it against the tree. I winced at the impact. The Foongus fell back to the ground and stopped moving.

"Damn," I thought. "Wont be doing that again."

I threw a pokeball at the Foongus in the hope that it was still alive. The Pokemon was sucked into the pokeball and was captured without any struggle. I breathed in relief. One down and eleven more to go.

"Shade," I said. "You and Blaze get the sent of the Foongus. We're counting on you to sniff out more for us. They're better at blending in with the forest than I thought."

Both canines moved to the spot the Foongus was in and spent a few seconds sniffing the ground. When they were done they led us away while sniffing the ground for more Foongus scents. We continued on with our mission. Now that we had the scent, we were able to find more Foongus quickly. The forest was teaming with them. The tricky part was actually finding them. Now that we could find them we had an easier time. We ran into more wild Pokemon but dealt with them quickly. After a couple of more hours I finally called a stop. I looked at the pokeballs that held the captured Foongus. We managed to capture a total of 19 Foongus.

"Oh yeah," I said. "This will get us a nice reward. Let's call it a day. It will be dark soon and I'm getting hungry. I'm sure you guys are hungry too."

They all made sounds of agreement and we turned back towards the city state. I relied on my Pokemon to guide us all back.

"Not bad for my first mission as a C-rank trainer," I thought. "I can't wait to see how everyone reacts to Shade."

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