Pokemon: Chaotic World

It's a whole new world. A world were Pokemon and their trainers are something to be feared. This is the story of a new trainer who must survive his new life as a Pokemon trainer and leave the life that he has known behind. Watch as he struggles through a Pokemon world unlike any that you know. AU Pokemon World.



23. Chapter 23

Notes: I've changed two Flying type attacks for my story. Fly is not an actual attack in this story. Instead, it is an evasive move where a Flying Pokemon flies up high out of an opponent's reach. Sky Attack is basically a dive bomb attack that can be used after Fly. Other Flying type attacks such as Acrobatics and Air Slash can also be used after Fly.



Bobby and I both woke up early the next morning. I was eager to take my exam and Bobby wanted to show his support. When both of us were ready we went to Ginnette and Hugo's apartment for breakfast.

"So today is the day," Hugo said.

"Yeah," I said.

"Nervous?" he asked.

"No," I said.

"Liar," he teased.

"Leave him alone Hugo," Ginnette said. "Ignore him," she told me. "I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. It's the C-rank exam, it can't be that hard. I would worry more about the middle and higher rank exams."

"You're right," I said with a sigh. "There's nothing to worry about. I can always retake the exam."

"That's the spirit," Hugo said.

"Did you guys hear about the betting pool?" Bobby asked.

"Of course," Hugo said. "My money is on him failing the first time."

"Hugo!" Ginnette snapped.

"I'm kidding," he said with a laugh. "You know I support you. I'm sure you'll be fine."

"Thanks," I said.

We stayed in their apartment until it was almost time for my exam. They wished me luck and I left our residential building. I made my way quickly over to the Gym. Once I reached it I stood in front of the building to steady my nerves. Once I felt steady enough I opened the door and entered the gym.

It was still early in the morning but there was a handful of high rank trainers training their Pokemon in the Gym. I recognized most of them even if I didn't know them personally. I was also surprised to see a female trainer that I recognized as a B-rank trainer. Normally, unless they were here for a promotional exam, low and middle rank trainers did not go to the Gym. She seemed out of place here just standing in a corner watching the other trainers.

I didn't have long to ponder the B-rank trainer as I noticed the Gym Leader leaving his office with two other trainers. I vaguely remember the other trainers but did not know their names or ranks. However, I did notice the elite trainers in the Gym move out of their way as they made their way to me. Most of them also nodded respectfully to them.

"You're a little early Jacob," Muliere said when they reached me. "I guess you're pretty eager to get started."

"Yes sir," I said, trying to keep my nerves under control.

"Again with the formalities," he said with a sigh.

"Sorry sir," I said.

He sighed again then motioned to the two trainers next to him.

"This is Carl," he said indicating the trainer on his right. "And this is Sharron. They're the only S-rank trainers from our city state besides myself."

"Hello," Sharron said with a smile.

Carl only nodded to me.

"Hello," I said nervously.

"They're going to help me evaluate your exam," Muliere said. "Traditionally, three S-rank trainers test trainers who wish to be promoted to C-rank or higher. If three S-rank trainers are not available then the League allows A-rank trainers to fill in the spots. Luckily we have three and wont have to get one of the elites involved."

"Why are three examiners necessary?" I asked. "If you don't mind me asking."

"It's to make sure the you are tested fairly," he said. "Since all three of us are masters, I don't outrank them. Even though I'm the Gym leader of Asidia, we are equals in the eyes of the League. They have the power to overrule my decision if they think that I'm being too hard on you or to soft on you during your exam."

"Oh," I said contemplating what he said.

"Since everyone taking part in your exam is here we can get started," he said. "Come with us."

I followed them through the Gym until we reached a double door on the other side close to his office. We passed through the doors which led to a stairwell. I followed them down through several flights of stairs.

"I had no idea there was anything under the gym," I thought. "I wonder what's down here."

We finally made it to the bottom and passed through another set of double doors. The doors led us to a dark room. I could not see anything other then the three masters with me. Muliere reached over to the wall on the right of the doors and flipped some switches. Several ceiling lights began to turn on and illuminated the room.

"Whoa," I said.

The room was huge, more than twice the size of the Gym upstairs. I could see that it was divided into two sections. Both sections looked like obstacle courses. There were walls, tubes, poles and other structures spread out in both sections. One section had several small red flags placed in different locations. I also noticed that there were many holes spread out on the walls and on the ceiling.

"What is this place?" I asked.

"It's were trainers come for special training," Sharron spoke up.

"It's also were we conduct the C-rank exam," Muliere said. "Which is what we're here for. Are you ready to begin?"

"Yes sir," I said.

"Good," he said. "Then release both of the Pokemon you brought."

I pulled out my two pokeballs and activated the release. Shade and Azure both materialized in front of me. The both glanced around the room and looked at me. I motioned for them to wait.

"I would have thought that you would bring your Growlithe," Muliere commented.

"I thought that I should have a more diverse team for the exam sir," I said. "I have no idea what you'll have us do and want to be prepared for anything."

"Good call," he said. "But don't think that having a Flying type will give you and edge in this exam. He'll have to participate with some restrictions."

"What kind of restrictions?" I asked.

He nodded to Carl, who walked over to a panel on the wall. He pressed some buttons and some of the obstacles began to move. Some of them moved in simple patterns while others moved at random. From the holes in the walls and ceiling I saw what looked like tiny cannons pop out.

"The C-rank exam is in three part just like the D-rank exam," Muliere began.

He motioned to the obstacle course that had the flags.

"For the first part, one of your Pokemon will have to go through that obstacle course and retrieve all the flags. While your Pokemon is going through the course he'll be fired on by those," he said while pointing at the tiny cannons. "Don't worry, they only fire rubber balls. However, should your Pokemon be hit by the balls six times you will fail the exam. Understand?"

"Yes sir," I said.

"There are two obstacle courses," he continued. "You can't use the same Pokemon to complete both parts. Choose which Pokemon will take part in retrieving the flags."

I looked at Shade and Azure and debated on which one should try the first part. After a moment I made up my mind.

"Azure," I said, pointing to my Pidgey.

"I thought you would," he said. "Here comes the restrictions. Your Pidgey is not allowed to fly higher than the highest obstacle. He is also not allowed to leave the boundary of the course until he either retrieves the flags or is hit six times. Violating either one of these restriction will result in immediate disqualification."

"Understood," I said.

"You have five minutes to prepare your Pokemon," he said.

I picked up Azure and moved away from the masters. I explained to him what I wanted him to do. I made sure to stress that he would be under fire and would have to do his best to dodge the attacks. Once five minutes passed Muliere told me to get ready. I moved over to where he indicated we would need to start from and placed Azure on the ground. I moved back and waited for Muliere's signal.

"Begin," he said.

"Go," I told Azure.

Azure took off from the ground and entered the course. As soon as he entered the boundary the tiny cannons began firing rubber balls at him. He flew quickly towards the closest flag while dodging the balls and avoiding flying into obstacles. Within moments he retrieved the first flag and moved on to the next flag. He retrieved the second one without taking any hits then moved on to the third one.

"This isn't that hard," I thought.

Azure retrieved the third flag and that's when things got hard. As soon as he had the third flag Muliere signaled to Carl who pressed more buttons. The obstacles began moving faster and the tiny cannons began to move as well. They began targeting Azure and followed his movements. Before I could register what was going on Azure was hit with a rubber ball. The ball didn't hit hard enough to hurt but it knocked him slightly off course. He almost hit one of the moving obstacles before righting himself. Unfortunately, he was hit with another ball.

"Dodge!" I yelled.

Azure did his best to dodge the oncoming rubber balls while moving towards the next flag. Slowly but surely he made his way until he was close enough to grab it. Only two flags remained. Once again he managed to dodge the balls and slowly move towards the next flag. Eventually he reached his target and grabbed the fifth flag. Only one flag remained.

Azure made his way slowly towards the final flag. Finally, he flew close until he was only a couple of feet away. Due to the way this flag was positioned he couldn't just swoop down and grab the last flag. Fast moving obstacles kept him at bay. He flew around the flag a few times looking for an opening while dodging the balls. Eventually he made a move to grab the flag but pulled back before he hit an obstacle. Another rubber ball hit him before he began dodging again. He let out a frustrated cry.

"Calm down!" I said. "Wait for an opening!"

He continued dodging the balls while flying around the flag. Finally he gave another try for the flag. This time he managed to dodge the balls as well as the obstacles. He grabbed the last flag and Muliere immediately called a halt. Carl hit some buttons on the panel and the obstacles stopped moving while the cannons on that course retreated into their holes.

"You can call him back now," Muliere told me.

I called Azure back to me. He flew over to me and dropped the flags in my hands before landing on my shoulder. I could feel him breathing hard. I thanked him for his hard work and petted him for a moment.

"Congratulations," Muliere said. "You passed the first part. Do you want to take a break or move on to the next part?"

"Let's do the next part," I said.

I felt a little more confident now that I passed the first part.

"Very well," he said.

He led me over to the side with the second obstacle course.

"Your Poochyena will run the second obstacle course," he said. "This time, instead of retrieving flags, your Pokemon will be hitting targets."

He pointed to the course where some targets began to pop up from the ground and from some of the obstacles. Some of the targets were colored red while others where blue.

"There are 20 red targets and 20 blue targets that will pop up and then retreat at random intervals," he continued. "The objective it to hit all the red targets with an attack, any attack. You will have two minutes to hit all 20 red targets. You may not hit any of the blue targets. If you hit three of the blue targets you will fail. Again, your Pokemon will have to dodge attacks in the form of rubber balls. Your Pidgey was hit three times in the first part so you only have three hits left before you fail."

I was a bit upset that the hits Azure took carried over to the second part but happy that Shade had three hits left.

"You have five minutes to prepare," he said.

I spent the five minutes encouraging Shade and coming up with strategy. After the five minutes were up Muliere told us the get in place. Shade moved to the starting point and waited for the signal.

"Begin," Muliere said.

Shade did not wait for me to tell him to start. He moved forward quickly while dodging the rubber balls. He launched his Hidden Power at a red target that had just popped up. The attack hit the target and we heard a bell sound. He moved on to the next target. Shade moved from target to target, hitting the red ones while dodging the balls and trying not to hit the blue targets.

"One minute," Sharron called.

One minute into this part of the exam and Shade had hit more than half the targets. At this point Carl increased the difficulty of the test just like the first part. Targets began popping up and dropping faster. The balls also starting coming faster. Shade was forced to dodge more while trying to hit the targets. At one point he launched an attack at a red target and it popped back down while a blue target came up in it's place. The attack hit the target and we heard a buzzer.

"Keep going!" I said.

He launched another Hidden Power and got the target that he missed before moving on. As he was heading to the next target a ball hit him from behind.

"Shade!" I called. "Watch your back!"

"Thirty seconds!" Sharron called.

Six red targets remained. Shade made his way to each of them as fast as he could while dodging the balls. Each time he tried to attack them he had to take a couple of seconds to get the timing right. I was standing on edge as he hit the targets one by one until finally he hit the last red target.

"Time!" Muliere called.

"Seven seconds left!" Sharron said.

I sagged in relief. Carl deactivated the course and Shade moved over to my spot and collapsed on my feet. I reached down to pet him.

"Good job," I told him.

"Congratulations," Muliere said. "You passed the second part. Let's go back to my office. I have a pokeball device there. We can use it to give them both back their energy. They'll need it for the next part."

I recalled Shade and Azure into their pokeballs. The masters ushered me out of the room and turned off the lights on the way out. I followed them back upstairs were we entered Muliere's office. I handed him my pokeballs and he placed them on the device next to his computer. He then activated the device. The healing program activated and we all sat down while we waited.

"You did well on the first two parts," Muliere told me.

"Shade and Azure were the ones who did well," I said.

"They were only able to pass because of your training," he said.

"Maybe," I said. "Do you mind if I ask what the point of the first two parts were?"

"The first part was about survival," he said. "Each of the rubber balls represented a Pokemon attack. Your Pokemon had to complete a goal while trying to survive the attacks. Had he been hit with six attacks we would have considered him dead. That's being generous as there are Pokemon strong enough to kill with a single attack. Azure did well, he was only hit three times."

"And the second part?" I asked.

"In the second part, the red targets represented wild Pokemon while the blue targets represented civilians," he said. "The objective was to take out the wild Pokemon without endangering the civilians. If wild Pokemon were to attack Asidia, civilian safety would be top priority. Shade hit one blue target. That would be one civilian casualty caused by you. Accidents do happen but we're supposed to cause minimal damage to the city state and the civilians. If that were a real wild Pokemon attack, the blood of that civilian would have been on your hands and your Pokemon that caused the casualty would most likely be put down as a consequence."

I shivered as I thought about my Pokemon being put down due to an accident. We sat there in silence until the pokeball device indicated that the healing program was finished. Muliere handed me back my pokeballs.

"Ready for the last part?" he asked.

"Yes," I said.

We left his office and entered the main part of the Gym. Some of the elite trainers from earlier were still there as well as the B-rank trainer I noticed earlier. All the trainers stopped what they were doing at a signal from Muliere. They recalled their Pokemon then moved out of the battlefield in the center of the room. Muliere signaled to the B-rank trainer and she moved up to us.

"This is Erica," he said. "She's going to help with the final part of the exam."

We both nodded to each other then waited for further instructions.

"For the last part the exam both of your Pokemon have to battle two of Erica's Pokemon at the same time," he said.

"A double battle?" I asked, surprised.

"That's right," he said. "Don't worry, she wont be using her strongest Pokemon. Still, she is B-rank so be prepared for a tough battle."

Muliere indicated for us to stand at opposite ends of the battlefield. I nervously took my spot. This would be my first time battling another trainer. The fact that the trainer I would be battling was two ranks higher then me only increased my nervousness. The elite trainers stood on one side of the field while the masters stood on the other side. Sharron moved forward a step.

"I will be refereeing this match," she said. "This will be an official examination double battle to determine if Trainer Jacob Singleton is ready for the next rank. The objective is for one trainer to knock out both of the opposing trainer's Pokemon. Should any Pokemon suffer accidental death this battle will be halted immediately. Do you both understand?"

We nodded.

"Both trainers will now send out their Pokemon." she said.

I released Shade and Azure from their pokeballs. Erica released her Pokemon at the same time. On the other side of the field a Deerling and a Herdier appeared.

"Azure has a type advantage against the Deerling," I thought. "The Herdier will be a problem. It's an evolved Pokemon and I have no type advantage against it."

"Are both trainers ready?" Sharron asked us.

We nodded again.

"Begin!" she said.

"Take Down!" Erica ordered.

Both of her Pokemon ran at increasing speeds towards Shade and Azure. White energy surrounded them as they ran.

"Shade, Double Team!" I ordered. "Azure, Fly!"

Shade began to run around while creating afterimages. Azure flew up high to avoid the attacks. Both of Erica's Pokemon stopped in their tracks. I was going to order my Pokemon to attack but Erica recovered quickly.

"Roar!" she called.

Her Herdier let out a loud roar that made most of the trainers cover their ears. The attack was worse for Shade. He stopped in place and tried to cover his ears with his paws. Azure flew up higher to try to escape the sound waves caused by Roar.

"Leech Seed!" Erica called.

Her Deerling swung it's head at Shade and released a seed at him. It landed on the ground next to him and sprouted quickly. The plant began to wrap itself around Shade and started draining his energy.

"Take Down!" she called again.

Both of her Pokemon charged at Shade. Shade was unable to dodge thanks to the Leech Seed holding him in place.

"Azure!" I called desperately. "Use Gust on them to cover Shade! Shade! Bite through the Leech Seed to free yourself!"

Azure began flapping his wings and releasing a strong gust of wind down on his opponents while Shade did his best to free himself. The Gust slowed down Erica's Pokemon but not enough to stop their attacks. They still made their way to Shade surrounded by energy.

"Shade! Faster!" I cried. "Azure! Try to increase the power of the Gust!"

Shade began tearing through the Leech Seed faster as Azure flapped his wings harder. Erica's Pokemon slowed down a bit more but kept moving forwards. They were more than halfway to Shade and he still had ways to go before he freed himself.

"He wont be able to free himself in time," I thought desperately. "If either of those attacks hit he will most likely be knocked out leaving Azure to battle them on his own."

I was trying to think of a way to turn this around when suddenly a bright light filled the room. We all looked up in surprise to see Azure glowing. The light flared bright enough that we all had to shade our eyes. Erica's Pokemon also stopped due to not being able to see. When the light finally vanished we turned back to see that Azure was no longer a small Pidgey. Instead, a larger Pidgeotto let out a loud cry and stared down at his opponents.

"He evolved in the middle of a battle!" I thought in disbelief. "I can't let this opportunity slip through my fingers."

"Azure!" I called. "Whirlwind!"

My command caught Erica unprepared. Azure flapped his wings and created a small tornado with his Whirlwind. He launched his attack toward his opponents. Erica's Herdier managed to dodge out of the way but the Deerling got caught up in the tornado. It was lifted and tossed back a several feet. It landed hard and struggled to stand up. By this time Shade had finally managed to free himself.

"Use Snarl!" I called.

Shade let out a strong Snarl that the Deerling was unable to evade. It was knocked over by the attack and was unable to stand again.

"Erica's Deerling is unable to battle!" Sharron called.

I let out a cheer. One opponent down and one more to go. Erica scowled angrily at me. I was feeling confident that I could win this battle until I heard Erica's next command.

"Thunder Wave!" she called.

Her Herdier released a wave of electricity at Azure. He was hit with the attack and froze up in midair. He dropped straight down and hit the ground hard. His body twitched as electricity coursed throughout his body.

"Take Down!" she called.

The Herdier rushed at Azure. He built up power as he ran.

"Shade! Intercept it!" I yelled.

Shade moved forward to intercept the Herdier. Unfortunately, right before he hit the other canine, it jumped over Shade and kept moving towards Azure. Before Shade could turn to try to intercept again, the Herdier hit Azure. Azure was knocked back a few feet and stopped moving.

"Jacob's Pidgeotto is unable to battle!" Sharron called.

I desperately pulled out Azure's pokeball. I let out a sigh of relief as he was sucked back into the ball. Had he been dead his body would not have been recalled back into the ball. I turned back to Erica and her Herdier. Shade and the Herdier were both growling at each other. Erica and I gave each other hard looks for a moment.

"Double Team!" I ordered.

Shade ran around creating afterimages again.

"Assurance!" I ordered.

"Odor Sleuth!" Erica ordered.

Shade and his afterimages ran towards the Herdier while gathering Dark energy. The Herdier raised its head and sniffed the air before turning to face one of the Shades.

"Take Down!" she ordered.

The Herdier rushed forward while gathering white energy. Both Pokemon collided head on. For a few second they struggled until the Herdier's greater strength won out. Shade was knocked back and landed on his back.

"Bite!" Erica ordered.

Her Pokemon did not give Shade a chance to stand. It jumped on Shade and bit down on his throat. Shade yelped and struggled to free himself but the Herdier held on.

"Master Sharron!" Erica called.

Sharron nodded.

"This battle is over!" she said. "Trainer Erica is the winner!"

Erica recalled her Herdier into its pokeball. I stood in disbelief for a moment before recalling Shade back into his pokeball. After a moment I moved towards Erica. I felt the other trainers watching me as I made my way to her. When I reached her I stopped and stared at her for a second.

"Thank you for the battle," I said finally. "I learned a lot from you."

She eyed me for a moment.

"You're welcome," she said. "You didn't do too bad. Don't feel bad that you lost. I'm more experienced than you and you managed to take out my Deerling. Congratulations for that."

"Thanks," I said.

I turned back to look at the masters. It appeared as if they were just finishing discussing something. Muliere moved to me when they finished talking.

"So," I said awkwardly. "I guess I'll have to retake the exam. When will I be able to take it again?"

"You don't have to take it again Jacob," he said. "You pass."

I looked at him in disbelief.

"What?" I asked dumbly.

"You pass," he said again.

"How?" I asked. "I lost the battle."

"Yes you did," he said. "But you weren't supposed to win that battle. The point of the battle was to measure how you handle yourself against another trainer. You had to show us that you can keep your head even against a much stronger opponent. That's why you battled a B-rank trainer instead of a C-rank trainer. Frankly, if you had beaten Erica, I probably would have skipped over C-rank and promoted you straight to B-rank."

"Oh," was all I said.

"You did surprisingly well," he said. "There are some things you can work on but overall you proved your worth as a trainer. The fact that you were able to command your Pidgeotto just after it evolved without him trying to revolt just proves what kind of trainer you are."

I couldn't think of anything to say.

"Anyway," he continued. "Let me be the first to congratulated on passing the exam. You're earned a promotion into the next rank."

At this the rest of the trainers in the Gym moved forward to congratulate me. After a few minutes of them patting me on the back and shaking my hand Muliere led us back into his office. He took my trainer card and gave me a new one which had C-rank stamped on it. After congratulating me again he dismissed me. I left the Gym and went to look for Bobby, Ginnette, and Hugo to give them the good news.

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