Pokemon: Chaotic World

It's a whole new world. A world were Pokemon and their trainers are something to be feared. This is the story of a new trainer who must survive his new life as a Pokemon trainer and leave the life that he has known behind. Watch as he struggles through a Pokemon world unlike any that you know. AU Pokemon World.



2. Chapter 2: Selection Day

My name is Jacob Singleton. I am a 15 year old middle class teenager from the city state of Asidia. Today is the day that I stand for the fifth and final time for Asidia's Selection Day. Today is the day I have been looking forward to since I turned 11. After today I will no longer be required to put myself through this nightmarish day. Today is a bright day for me but it is also a dark day for my family. While today is the final Selection Day for myself, it is the first for my younger brother Bobby.

My family and I are riding one of the magnet trains from our home district to the central district where our city state is governed from. We are just one of many families on this journey. On this day, parents from every district in Asidia are escorting their eligible children to the City Hall where the selection takes place. Although the magnet train cart is nearly full, almost no sound was heard from within. None of us want to be here. Our parents do not want to lose any of their children to what they view as a hellish future. Most of the children are either frozen in terror or quietly crying. All are probably hoping to be going anywhere but central district. Unfortunately they are given little choice in this matter. Those who fail to show up will suffer severe penalties.

My family sits on a bench in one of the last train carts. My younger brother Bobby huddles in between my parents while my mom clutches him. My father and I sit stoically next to one another. Both of us have been staring at the floor since we sat down.

"So...today is the day," my father says, finally looking up from the floor. I can tell that the silence is getting to him. He has never been one to sit quietly for long periods of time.

"Yes, it is," I reply, not knowing what else to say.

"It's the last time you have to go through this nightmare," he says. "After today, you are a free man. You will be able to start getting your life in order and prepare for civilian life."

"The day is not over yet. I still have to make it through the selection. Who knows what will happen," I say.

"The odds are in your favor. There will be thousands of kids at the selection and only one of you. You will get through this," he says.

"I'm scared," a voice whispers. It is so soft that I almost missed it. Bobby was looking at us from my mother's arms.

"There's nothing to be scared about," my mother says. "It's just like your father said. There will be many children there and only one of you. The odds of being selected are small. Just look at your brother. He has stood on Selection day four times already and walked away without being chosen. The same will happen to you."

"But what if I do get chosen? I don't want to be a Pokemon trainer." Bobby starts crying softly and holding on to my mother as if his life depended on it.

"Stop that," my father says. "Crying wont solve anything. Just keep your head together and stay strong. You will make it through this."

"But what if I don't?" Bobby asks, still crying.

"Look at me," I finally say to him.

Bobby turns to look at me.

"If, by chance, you are chosen today then you have to remain strong. Dad is right, crying doesn't solve anything. You will just have to tough it out and accept the hand that has been dealt to you." I stare straight into Bobby's eyes as I say this to him.

"Jacob!" my mother admonishes, "don't say that to him. He wont be chosen. Neither of you will be chosen. Let's just make it though today and tonight we will all go home together."

"All I'm saying is that we have to be prepared for anything today. After all, someone will have to be chosen. He needs to be ready." I can see my mother getting ready to scold me. Luckily my father interrupts us.

"That's enough," he says firmly. "Whatever happens today happens. Let's not spend the day arguing amongst ourselves. Besides, we are bothering the other families in the cart."

I look around and sure enough, I see several of the other parents glaring our way. Some of the children that were quiet before were now crying as well. I look away from them and don't say a word. We all spend the rest of journey in silence.

Our train finally arrives in the central district. All the families slowly disembark from the train and start walking towards City Hall. Bobby continues to hold on to my mother while we all walk in silence. We finally make it to the outer courtyard of the Hall. The place is absolutely packed with people. There are long slow moving lines leading up to many booths were city officials sit. One by one the officials call forth each family in line and check them off against their computer. After waiting for what feels like hours, it is finally my family's turn.

"State your name, age and district," the official says to me without looking up.

"Jacob Singleton. Age 15. District 6," I say to him.

The official finally looks up to me. "You're last time on the chopping block huh?" he asks. He then types some keys on the computer. "I hope the odds are in your favor today. Head in to the inner courtyard and wait for the selection to begin. Next!"

I move to the side as my parents and Bobby move forward.

"State your name, age and district."

Bobby stands frozen in front of the official. After a moment my father finally speaks up.

"Robert Singleton. Age 11. District 6."

"First timer huh? I hope the odds are in your favor kid. Just head in to the inner courtyard and wait for the Selection to begin. Next!" he says, dismissing my family.

My family moves towards the gate which marks the boundary between the outer courtyard to the inner courtyard. We all stop at the gate.

"This is as far as your mother and I are allowed to go," my father says, more to Bobby then me. "Remember, keep your heads together and stay strong. We will be waiting for you here in the outer courtyard until the selection is done."

"We love you both," my mother says giving us both a hug.

My parents move back to give other parents some room to give their children some last minute encouragement. I turn to move into the inner courtyard then turn back when Bobby stays where he is.

"Come on. The sooner we get this over with, the sooner we can go home."

After a few seconds Bobby reluctantly joins me as we both head through the gate to wait for the selection to start.

The inner courtyard is packed with children. It's hard to imagine that all the eligible children in the city state can fit here. I'm surrounded by other possible chosen. Some of the faces around me I recognize from my home district but I keep to myself. I've always been a loner by nature. Even on a day like today where most would seek a familiar face for comfort I chose to stand alone. Not Bobby though. He quickly spotted some kids that he goes to school with and now they are all huddled together a few feet behind me. I just stand quietly waiting for the selection to begin.

"It can't be much longer," I think to myself. "No more kids have stepped through the gate in almost 30 minutes."

I am staring at City Hall. In front of the entrance is a wooden stage that was erected for today's event. On the stage is a computer with a very large monitor attached. That computer is the device that will decided the future of some of the kids standing in the courtyard with me. The doors to the Hall remain closed. Soon those doors will open and our city state's governor and Pokemon Gym Leader will walk through and begin the selection process. It's been hours since my family set out for the Hall. Hunger has already started to set in. I can tell that most of the people around me would be hungry as well if they were not so terrified.

Finally, the doors of the Hall open. From inside come the two most recognized figures in Asidia. On the left walks Governor Jonis Brecher, the grey-haired ruler of our city state. On the right walks Alix Muliere, the scarred Gym Leader and most feared man in Asidia. Behind them walk six others, all wearing the arm badges which signify them being Pokemon Trainers. They all step onto the stage and arrange themselves with Governor Brecher and Leader Muliere on the front and the trainers spread out behind them.

The governor raises her hands and immediately both courtyards outside City Hall descend to silence. "Welcome children to this year's Selection Day," she says. "For those of you who are here for the first time let me introduce myself. I am Jonis Brecher, governor of our fair city state of Asidia. I would also like to introduce Alix Muliere, Gym Leader of the Asidia Gym and official representative of our region's Pokemon League."

There were some scattered applause from the crowd. The governor looks around at they assembled faces while the gym leader just stands with crossed arms. "You all know why you are here today. Today is the day that this year's batch of potential Pokemon trainers are selected from our population. Those chosen few will then be taken to the trainer district where they will be given a week to prepare for the Ordeal which determines if they become official Pokemon trainers. Those who pass their Ordeal will then move on to accepts the missions which are the lifeblood of our society."

The governor looks down for a moment then looks back out to the crowd. "I know that none of you have any desire to be here today. Most, if not all of you have heard terrifying stories about the lives of Pokemon trainers. Well, let me just tell all of you right now. Everything you have heard about Pokemon and trainers is true."

She stood quietly for a moment while that statement set in. "There is a reason that almost no child wishes to become a trainer. Pokemon are vicious monsters that would tear apart and devour each one of you if given the chance. If not for the wall that surrounds our city state, we would live in constant fear of Pokemon and the chaos the could unleash upon us." She pauses for a moment.

"However, the wall itself is not the solution to the Pokemon threat. Outside the wall exists Pokemon powerful enough to tear through the wall without breaking stride. There are Pokemon capable of flight who can simply go over the wall. There are even Pokemon that can simply dig underground and go under the wall to enter Asidia. Pokemon trainers have always been the first and last line of defense that stand between us and the monsters outside these walls. That is why we are here today. Selection Day is a needed measure to ensure that we have enough firepower to deal with any Pokemon threat." She stops and stares at the silent crowd for a moment.

"Without Pokemon trainers civilization as we know it would end. Know that those of you who are chosen today will be sacrificing your futures to ensure the continuing survival of the human race. I thank each one of you for coming hear today. To those of you who are chosen today I would like to say this. Our hearts go out to you and your families. Do not let your sacrifice be in vain. Be the best trainers that you can be and help us keep the great city state of Asidia safe for your families and all our citizens. Thank you." This time there is no applause as the governor steps back behind the gym leader.

After a moment of silence, Gym Leader Muliere finally speaks to the crowd. "I would like to thank the governor for her words and hope that all those who are chosen today and in the future take heart to everything she said. Pokemon training is not a game. It is not a hobby or a sport we play for glory. We perform a necessary function for this and all city states in our region. Survival of the human race depends on us. Think on that when you hear you name being called today."

He turns and nods to one of the trainers behind him. The trainer moves to sit in front of the computer. "I'm not one to mince words. I am sure all of you are anxious get on with the selection, so let's get this show on the road."

"As most of you know, every year a different number of potential trainers are chosen from each city state. This number is agreed upon by the Pokemon League and the governors according to perceived need. It has been decided that this year Asidia will choose four among you to become potential Pokemon trainers," he said.

The crowd of civilians began muttering to themselves after this announcement. Some of the prospective trainers became more worried while others became less so. Four would be chosen this year. Four names will be chosen at random to by the computer. Not a bad number, some years over a dozen names were called out on Selection Day.

Leader Muliere raised a hand to silence the crowd. "As all of you know, each year before the random names are chosen, we ask if there are any you who volunteer to be counted among today's chosen few. Any volunteers will be counted towards the four determined chosen and will mean less will be chosen by the computer." He stopped speaking and stared out into the crowd. "So, if any of you wish to volunteer to serve your city state and region by becoming a Pokemon trainer, now would be the time to speak up."

Utter silence. Not surprising really. It's a rare occurrence for anyone to volunteer on this day. Just as the Leader was about to move on a voice called out.

"I volunteer!"

Many in the crowd gasped and looked for the source of the voice. A figure moved towards the stage. "I volunteer!" he said again.

I took a good look at him. About my age. Scruffy torn clothes. Thin almost to the point of being emaciated. Clearly someone who has had a hard life.

"Lower class," I thought. "Probably from district nine."

Muliere motioned to the boy. He climbed up on the stage. They spoke silently for a few moments before the Leader turned back to the crowd. "This year we are honored to have a volunteer. Allow me to introduce Hugo Rawls." There was some applause directed at Hugo. Some of the other prospects looked happy that he volunteered.

"Well, with that we now have only three more chosen to select this year unless anyone else would like to volunteer." He looked around the crowd but there were no more volunteers. "Alright then, it's time to let chance select the other three chosen. " He turned to the trainer at the computer. "Begin."

The trainer hit a few keys and the monitor lit up. Names began appearing on the screen, disappearing almost as fast as they appeared. Everyone in the crowd became tense, myself included.

"This year's second chosen is," Muliere said while staring at the screen. The screen finally froze on a name. "Phillip Zacker!" He turned back to the crowd. "Phillip Zacker! Come forward!"

Everyone looked around until they spotted a boy walking slowly to the stage. A nerdy looking boy maybe 13 years old. He looked ready to pass out any second.

Muliere turned back to the monitor. "This year's third chosen is" The screen froze on another name. "Ginnette Beckwitt!"

A girl close to the stage fell to her knees and broke down crying. She was dressed in expensive clothing. She looked to be a little younger then me, possibly 14 years old.

"Upper class," I thought. "Clearly from district 3."

"Ginnette Beckwitt! Come forward!"

Ginnette gave no indication of hearing the Gym Leader. She simply remained on her knees and continued to cry. Muliere motioned to two of the trainers on stage and they moved towards Ginnette. They both picked her up and moved her to the stage as she struggled in their hands.

Once again every eye moved to the monitor. Muliere spoke up again, "this year's final chosen is." The screen stopped on the last name and I froze inside and out. "Robert Singleton!"

For a moment I could not think, I could barely breathe. This had to be a mistake."Not him," I thought. "He's too young, too innocent. He'll never survive as a trainer."

"Robert Singleton!" Muliere repeated. "Come forward!".

I turned around to look at my brother. Bobby stood alone, his friends having moved away from him after his name was called. More and more people in the crowd were turning to look at him as it became obvious that he was the final chosen.

"Robert Singleton!" Muliere repeated "Come forward!"

When Bobby stood frozen in the crowd Muliere motioned two of the trainer to go get him. The moved through the crowd towards Bobby as he began to look around at the crowd. Finally, his eyes met mine. We stared at one another for a moment, his eyes begging me for help. Just before the trainers reached him I spoke up.

"I volunteer!" I yelled. "I volunteer in my brother's place!"

The trainers both stopped. Everyone turned to stare at me. I turned back to the stage and found both the governor and Gym Leader's eyes locked on me. After a moment of silence, Muliere motioned me forward. I turned to look at my brother for a moment and then made my way to the stage. I walked forward slowly, almost in a trance. I finally walked up to the stage.

"This is your one and only chance to back out son," Muliere said to me quietly. "Be sure that this is what you want because there's no going back."

I looked him straight in his eyes. "I volunteer to take my brother's place," I said firmly.

He stared at me for a moment. "What's your name?" he asks

"My name is Jacob. Jacob Singleton," I reply.

He turns to the crowd. "This year we are honored to have a second volunteer! I present you Jacob Singleton!" No applause from the crowd. Everyone is still trying to process what just happened.

The governor moves forward to stand next to the Gym Leader. "We present to you this year's chosen. Hugo Rawls, Phillip Zacker, Ginnette Beckwitt, and Jacob Singleton!" she says before turning to the four of us. "From this day forward your civilian lives are over. Become strong trainers and make our city state proud." She moved away from us and began to clap. Slowly, the crowd in front of us started to clap as well. Judging from the looks and most the faces, they were not clapping for us being chosen. They were clapping in relief of them not being chosen.

The four of us stood on the stage letting our new reality sink in. I caught my brother's regret filled eyes and tried to convey a message with my own.

"Be strong," I thought while staring at my brother. "This is the hand that I've been dealt with. There is no going back."

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