Pokemon: Chaotic World

It's a whole new world. A world were Pokemon and their trainers are something to be feared. This is the story of a new trainer who must survive his new life as a Pokemon trainer and leave the life that he has known behind. Watch as he struggles through a Pokemon world unlike any that you know. AU Pokemon World.



18. Chapter 18

Its been a few weeks since the three of us went into the mountains to help Hugo find a new Pokemon. Since that time, the three of us had settled into a routine. Each of us also went through some changes.

I continued to take missions every other day while using the days in between to train or rest with my Pokemon. Both Shade and Lilith grew stronger and learned new attack commands. Shade had managed to learn Double Team, Shadow Ball and Payback. Lilith now knew Confuse Ray, Razor Leaf, and Leech Seed. Shade was still my most loyal Pokemon. Lilith would obey me, usually sullenly, but never showed me the affection that Shade did.

On a personal note, I kept in contact with my mother and brother. At least twice a week I would call them when I was sure they would both be home. My mother continued to be supportive despite the fear I could still hear in her voice whenever I spoke to her on the Center's videophone. Bobby never once expressed fear of my being a trainer. On the contrary, whenever I spoke to him he would ask me about my Pokemon and the missions I had completed. Every time I spoke to them I would have excuses ready for when my mother would ask me when I would visit them again. Not once since my visit did I speak to my father since our last conversation. It was probably for the best.

Ginnette became more confident as a trainer. She would normally accept three or four missions each week, though sometimes she took on missions back-to-back without breaks between missions. She would rarely ask me for help with her Pokemon anymore. Tumbleweed and her Wooper, who she named Kai, never gave her any problems. They would always obey her without hesitation whether it was on a mission or in a training session.

Hugo went through the biggest changes as a result of the loss of Bitey. He was no longer reckless and eager for action. On missions, he kept a cool and level head. He never tried to take on wild Pokemon that had clear type advantages anymore.

Hugo's Cubone was a female he named Cora. Cora turned out to have a honorable streak. She honored the agreement she made with Hugo and obeyed him without question. It was obvious that she was not happy having to obey a human but never once let her unhappiness interfere with training or missions.

Hugo continued to accept five missions each week. Half of his pay went to his mother to help her with his sisters. He kept enough money to pay for food and trainer supplies for himself. After a couple of weeks he was able to buy another pokeball so he could capture a second Pokemon for himself. The day that he bought the pokeball he went to the Power Plant in the industrial district. He came back a couple of hours later with a newly captured Magnemite. The Magnemite, who he named Boron, was an emotionless Pokemon. It understood that since it was captured it could either obey Hugo or be killed so Hugo could try again with a different Pokemon. It gave him no problems during training or missions.

There was also a change in the relationship between Hugo and Ginnette. The day after he captured Cora, Ginnette went to Hugo in private and apologized for her actions on the day that he lost Bitey. He accepted her apology but there was a new tension between them that wasn't there before. A week after her apology both of them came to me and informed me that they were in a relationship. I was happy for both of them but also a little worried about how this would affect our dynamic. I tried to avoid them as much as I could at first until Hugo cornered me and told me to stop being an idiot. After that, things went back to normal between the three of us despite their relationship.

We all continued accepting missions and training our Pokemon. For the most part we took our own missions and trained by ourselves. Occasionally, we would train as a group and help each other out.

Eventually the time came where both Hugo and Ginnette felt it was time to move out of the barracks. They surprised me one day when they told me that they found a one bedroom apartment in one of the residential buildings and that they were going to move in together. I tried to be happy and supportive but secretly thought that they were moving too fast in their relationship. However, since they both seemed very happy and excited I did not voice my concerns and only congratulated them.

Having my friends moving out of the barracks and getting their own place was the push I needed to find my own.

"What do you think?"

I was currently examining a studio apartment in the residential building that Hugo and Ginnette lived in. After speaking to the trainer in charge of the building, I asked him to show me a studio on the first floor. The studio was small, only a little bit bigger that my old bedroom in my parents house. Most of the studio was a bedroom/living room that came already furnished with a futon. There was an old television set on a small table in front of the futon. There was a small closet next to the futon for storage. In a corner of the studio was a very small kitchen area that had a two burner stove, a small refrigerator, a small sink and some cabinets. Next to the kitchen area was a small table with two chairs. Finally, there was a door which led to a tiny bathroom that had a small shower stall.

"How much is it?" I asked the apartment manager.

"Monthly rent is $350," he said. "You don't pay for utilities obviously."

I thought about that for a moment. It wasn't a bad deal. The apartment itself was very small but it would only be for myself. If I kept completing three or four missions each week I would have plenty of money to pay for the apartment and still be able to afford food and trainer supplies.

"What's the policy on having Pokemon outside their pokeballs in here?" I asked.

"You can have your Pokemon outside their pokeballs as long as you understand that any damage to the apartment or the furniture will cost you for repairs or replacements," he answered. "Obviously you shouldn't have very big or heavy Pokemon out in the apartment. Also, be careful with Pokemon that are naturally inclined towards certain actions, like how Rattatta have to chew on things to keep their fangs sharp. Just use your common sense and you should be fine."

I nodded at that. "I'll take it," I said.

I signed all the necessary paperwork and paid my first month's rent. Since it was early in the afternoon and I had no missions today I decided to go to the Center and move all my things right away. It only took me two trips as I didn't have many things to move. Once I had everything moved I quickly unpacked and organized everything to my liking and sat down on the futon. After a moment I pulled out Shade and Lilith's pokeballs and released them. They both appeared in front of me and looked around curiously.

"Well guys," I said. "What do you think of our new home?"

They both began to explore the studio. I had to order Lilith not to phase through the wall before she went into the next apartment. Shade sniffed every corner of the studio before he jumped on the futon and sat next to me.

"Excited?" I asked. "You wont have to stay inside your pokeball while we're home. You can sleep out here if you want from now own."

Shade waged his tail happily and barked. A few seconds later he turned to face the front door. I was up and moving to the door when I heard a knock. I opened the door to see Hugo and Ginnette standing in the hallway.

"Hello neighbor," Hugo said cheerfully.

"Hey," I said. "How did you guys know I was here?"

"We went to the Center to look for you and they told us that you moved out into your own apartment," Ginnette said. "It wasn't hard to find your apartment. I figured you would pick one in our building. The manager knew we were friends so he told us which studio you picked."

"Come on in," I said. "Make yourselves at home."

They both entered the studio. I motioned Shade to get of the futon and offered it to them. I then grabbed a seat from the dining table and moved it next to the futon for me to sit. We all took our seats with Shade laying down on the floor between us. Lilith was floating around in the kitchen area ignoring us.

"This is nice," Ginnette said after looking around.

"It's tiny," Hugo said.

"Hugo!" Ginnette said and slapped him on his arm.

"It's fine," I said. "It is small but that's fine with me. I don't need a lot of space right now. Maybe when I get promoted to C-rank I'll look into upgrading."

"I think this suits you," Ginnette said.

"Thanks," I said. "So, why were you guys looking for me?"

"Originally we wanted to know if you wanted to have lunch with us," she said. "We found this nice little restaurant in the commercial district that is trainer friendly. When we found out you moved into your own place we decided to take you to the commercial district to get you some of the basics you need for the apartment."

"I already have everything I need," I protested.

"I bet you don't even have sheets for your futon," she retorted. "And what about dishes for the kitchen?"

"Not to mention some food," Hugo added.

"I was planning on getting those things," I said. "Just not right away."

"Let's just go now," Ginnette said. "We want to help you buy some things. Think of it as a housewarming present."

"Just agree with her man," Hugo said. "It's not worth arguing about it."

I agreed reluctantly. I recalled Shade and Lilith and we left the building to go to the train station. We went to the commercial district where Ginnette immediately took charge. She led us to several stores that sold what we were looking for low prices. They both pitched in to help me get started. After we were done we went to the restaurant that they spoke of where I insisted on paying for all three of us to thank them for their help. They could both tell I was going to be stubborn about it and didn't argue.

We enjoyed our time in the restaurant and went to a food market from there. I didn't have a lot of room in my fridge so I could only buy two bags of groceries. After buying the food we took a magnet train back to the trainer district with all my new things. As we were walking to our building I was stopped as we passed the Center.

"Jacob!" a voice called out.

We all stopped to turn to the sound of the voice. Fred, the B-rank trainer who supervised my shift at the southern gate, was walking towards us.

"Fred," I said. "It's been a while."

"Sure has," he agreed. "I went to the Center to look for you and was told that you had moved out today. Congratulations on getting your own place."

"Thanks," I said absently. "Why were you looking for me?"

"I'm signed up for a C-rank mission for tomorrow and was wondering if you wanted to team up with me to complete it," he said.

"A C-rank mission?" I asked.

He nodded. "Normally I handle any C-ranks I accept by myself," he said. "However, I'll have to go into the western forest for tomorrow's mission. Even though I'm B-rank, it's never a good idea to enter the forest without backup."

"What's the mission?" I asked.

"Let's go to the Center and I'll bring up the mission so you can read it," he suggested. "If you're interested, we can add you on to the mission right then and there."

This would be my first C-rank mission. I thought about it for a moment before turning to Hugo and Ginnette.

"You guys mind taking my things to my apartment for me?" I asked. "I shouldn't be long. Just make yourselves at home until I get back."

"Okay," Hugo said.

"That's fine," Ginnette said.

I handed over the bags I was carrying as well as my apartment key. The went on to our residential building while I followed Fred to the Center. We went to the computer room where he quickly brought up the mission.

Mission Rank: C

Reward: $150

Location: The Wilds

Summary: Textile Factory in the industrial district requires String Shot producing caterpillar Pokemon. A minimum of six Pokemon required for mission completion. Any additional Pokemon will earn $40 bonus pay each. Trainer has 24 hours to complete mission on accepting. Acquire non-registered mission pokeballs from the Pokemart. Trainer must hand over captured Pokemon and unused pokeballs to the mission office to receive payment.

"String Shot producing caterpillar Pokemon?" I asked Fred.

He nodded. "Those are Pokemon such as Caterpie and Wurmple," he said. "Several different Bug types are capable of producing String Shot but the caterpillar Bug types tend to be pretty weak and easy to hold in captivity, even for civilians. The textile factory in the industrial district keeps these Pokemon locked up in a glass room. There is a forest habitat in there with plenty of food. The habitat is also filled with Everstones to keep them from evolving. Problem is, caterpillar Pokemon that aren't allowed to evolve don't live for very long. The captive caterpillar Pokemon only live for about three months max so the factory requests a capture mission at least once a month."

"What do they need the Sting Shot for exactly?" I asked.

"The factory uses the Sting Shot to manufacture silk that is very popular with the upper class," he answered. "It is very durable and very soft. Since the amount of silk they produce depends on how many Pokemon they have and how fast they produce it, they sell the silk at a high price."

"Typical," I said. "We do all the hard work for standard mission pay and the clients make a fortune."

"Yeah," he agreed. "If we do team up we'll have to split the reward according to rank but I figure between the two of us we can capture enough to more than make up for it. Whatever bonus pay we earn we can split evenly between us. How does that sound?"

I thought about it. On the one hand, I would only earn $45 for completing a C-rank mission if we only captured the minimum number of Pokemon. On the other hand, this would be good experience for when I started taking C-rank missions and I could possibly earn more than standard pay if we managed to capture more than six Pokemon.

I nodded finally. "Sounds good," I said.

Fred quickly hit some keys on the computer and selected the option to add another trainer to his mission. I entered my information when the computer prompted us and received confirmation within a minute.

"That's that," Fred said. "Let's go to the Pokemart to get the mission pokeballs before they close. I want to head over to the forest early tomorrow."

I agreed and we went to the Pokemart together. When we told the trainer behind the register that we needed mission pokeballs he quickly verified our mission. Once he received verification he handed each of us six pokeballs. These pokeballs were colored different that standard pokeballs although they had the same functions. Instead of the top being colored red they were a dark green color. As we were starting to leave the Pokemart I stopped at the entrance to think for a moment. I turned back to the trainer behind the register.

"I'd like to buy a standard pokeball please," I said.

He opened the case behind the register and took out one of the standard red and white pokeballs.

"That will be $200," he said.

Fortunately I still had some money saved up, even after paying my first month's rent and buying some supplies today. I swiped my card and paid for the pokeball. The trainer completed the registration process and handed me the pokeball.

"Good luck on the mission," he said. "And good luck with whatever Pokemon you end up catching."

"Thanks," I said.

I followed Fred out of the Pokemart and then out of the Center.

"Decided to get a new Pokemon?" he asked me.

I nodded. "I think its time I got a new one. Don't really have an idea of what I want though. I'll just play it by ear and see if I come across something interesting."

"Good idea," he said. He checked the time. "I have some errands to run. Let's plan on meeting tomorrow at the western gate by 9AM. Alright?"

I nodded again. "I'll be there," I said.

We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. I went back to my apartment to find Hugo sitting on my futon while Ginnette prepared some food.

"I hope you don't mind," she said. "We put away everything we bought and I figured that we would all be hungry soon."

"You did say to make ourselves at home," Hugo added.

"So I did," I said.

I released Shade and Lilith from their pokeballs. Shade immediately laid down on the floor in front of Hugo while Lilith just floated around the apartment ignoring us. I sat down beside Hugo and told them that I agreed to team up with Fred for his mission. I could tell that both were a bit envious that I would be going on a C-rank mission tomorrow. To get their minds off that I mentioned that I had also bought a pokeball at the Pokemart.

Ginnette stopped preparing food and looked at me in surprise. "You're going to capture another Pokemon?" she asked.

"Maybe," I said. "If I find a Pokemon that I might be interested in tomorrow I would rather have a pokeball handy just in case."

"Good idea," Hugo said. "That way if you come across an uncommon or rare Pokemon you wont be kicking yourself later for not being able to catch it."

"Yeah," I said.

Ginnette finished with the food and served us all. I let the two of them eat at the dining table while I ate sitting on the futon. When Ginnette wasn't looking I snuck pieces of food to Shade who was sitting in front of me staring at my plate. We talked as we ate and then continued talking once the food was done and we finished cleaning up. Once it started getting late Ginnette excused herself and Hugo and dragged him out of the apartment. They both wished me luck on my mission as they were leaving. I decided to try to get some sleep early to be rested for tomorrow's mission.

I pulled out the futon and placed sheets on the mattress. Once my bed was set up I quickly changed into my pajamas. Before I got into bed I turned to Shade and Lilith.

"Do you two want to stay outside your pokeballs from now on while I sleep?" I asked them. " I wont mind if you two stay out as long as you don't wreck the place. And no phasing through the walls to enter any other apartments," I said to Lilith.

Lilith gave me a disgruntled look before floating over to her pokeball. I took that to mean she would rather stay in her ball and recalled her. I then turned to Shade. He barked once then jumped on the bed and curled up on one end.

"That's fine," I said. "Just try not to take up too much space."

He gave a yawn and closed his eyes. I followed his example and got into bed after turning off the lights. I made myself comfortable and closed my eyes. I fell asleep to the sounds of Shade's light snoring.

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