Pokemon: Chaotic World

It's a whole new world. A world were Pokemon and their trainers are something to be feared. This is the story of a new trainer who must survive his new life as a Pokemon trainer and leave the life that he has known behind. Watch as he struggles through a Pokemon world unlike any that you know. AU Pokemon World.



16. Chapter 16

Hugo and I slept in a bit the next day. I woke up two hours before my mission was scheduled to start and got ready for my day. When I was done I left the barracks and asked the trainer at the front desk about Ginnette. He told me that she had gotten up early and left for the training grounds. With nothing better to do and having a little time to spare I grabbed some food from the cafeteria and took it outside to eat with my Pokemon.

I went to the closest training ground to the Center that didn't have a trainer occupying it. Once I found a good spot I placed my backpack on the ground and released Shade from his pokeball. He appeared in front of me and gave a long yawn. I began taking out the food from my backpack and he gave me his full attention.

"We're going to eat as a pack today," I told him. "We'll see how Lilith behaves. Keep an eye on her in case she decides to cause trouble."

Shade barked confirmation. I took out Lilith's pokeball and released her after a moment of hesitation. She appeared floating in front of me and looked around. After staring at Shade for a moment she looked at me.

"Morning," I said cheerfully. "I've decided we're going to have breakfast as a pack today. I trust there will not be a repeat of last time?"

She mumbled in response.

"Good," I said.

I took out a handful of each of their food and placed it in front of them. Shade dug into his pile while keeping an eye on Lilith. She floated down to stare at her food before staring at me again. There was a distasteful look on her face.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

She gave her food another distasteful look.

"You're part Grass type," I told her. "You can eat solid food to sustain yourself instead of feeding on emotions. Get used to eating this type of food and photosynthesizing it. I doubt you'll get many chances to feed on fear or other dark emotions."

She stared at her food for a moment before she began to eat slowly. I took out my food and began to eat mine. Shade was finished with his food and sat in front of me while staring at my sandwich.

"Greedy," I told him.

I broke of a piece of the sandwich and gave it to him.

"That's all you're getting," I said.

He whined before moving over to Lilith to stare at her food. She glared at him and began to eat faster.

"Leave her alone Shade," I said. "Besides, that's Grass type food made from fertilizer. I doubt you'll like it anyway."

He huffed before moving back to me. He laid down next to me and I started petting him. I quickly finished up my food and took out some water. I poured some in my hand to let Shade drink. Lilith finished up her food and I called her over to me. I poured out more water and offered it to her. She drank some before floating back a few feet.

"Alright," I said. "I guess now you just stay in the sun for a little while and photosynthesize the food and water."

She said nothing, just continued to float in the sunlight. Shade and I just sat watching her for several minutes before I began speaking to him. We stayed there until I had a hour before my shift started. I stood up and turned to Lilith.

"We're going on our mission now," I said. "You'll both have to stay in your pokeballs unless I need you. I'll let you guys out in the training grounds later and tomorrow we'll go back there to train."

Shade barked and Lilith just mumbled again. I recalled both of them into their pokeballs and picked up my backpack. I headed over to the train station and took a magnet train over to District Six. After disembarking at the station nearest to my destination I began walking to Park B. I got there with time to spare so I decided to head to the guard station to talk to the trainers there before heading to the fountain.

There was one trainer in the station manning the radio. He was a C-rank trainer who was in charge of the morning shift. He was very friendly to me after I introduced myself. He let me sit in the station with him until it was time for my mission to start. We talked about different things when he wasn't talking on the radio. He mentioned how one of his subordinates was a serious D-rank trainer and the other was also a C-rank who hasn't been in the rank long. When I got up to leave for the fountain he promised that he would have one of them check me and my clients every so often to make sure there were no problems.

"I guess word of Maxwell's approval got around," I thought as I was walking to the park's fountain.

I made it to the fountain and found a small group of young adults and one middle aged woman. Except for the woman they were all carrying easels and canvas panels and other supplies. When the woman saw me walking over to them she stalked over to meet me halfway.

"You're late!" she snapped.

I stopped and stared at her for a moment.

"The mission doesn't start until 11AM," I finally said. "There's still ten minutes left. I'm early."

"Don't talk back to me trainer!" she yelled. "You should have been here long before us to inspect the area first! I should file a complaint with the mission office and dock your pay!"

"Ma'am," I said calmly. "My mission summary was very specific. I'm being paid to be at this location by 11AM and watch over your class while you paint. You can file a complaint if you want but know that if you do I will file a counter-complaint on you. If my complaint goes through you will be blacklisted and the mission office will never accept a request from you again."

She gave me a nasty look.

"Just do your job and don't bother me or my students!" she snapped.

"No problem ma'am," I retorted.

She stalked back to her students. I moved over to a park bench that was close enough that I could watch over them but not close enough to bother them. As I watched them get set up I couldn't help but notice how most of them threw me cautious looks and set up their easels away form me. Only one student set himself up near me. He stood his easel a couple of feet in front of me while facing the fountain. Once he had the angle right he placed a canvas panel on the easel and began unpacking his supplies.

"Sorry about her," he said without looking at me. "She doesn't really like Pokemon trainers."

"I noticed," I said sarcastically.

He gave a short laugh and began using a pencil to sketch the fountain on the panel.

"I noticed that you're the only student that set up your panel near me," I remarked. "Aren't you afraid of me too?"

"Not really," he said. "If you did anything to us you would be declared a rogue trainer. I doubt you want to have other trainers come after you to put you down."

"True," I said.

I sat there watching over my clients. The teacher kept walking among her students examining their panels and giving advice. Once in a while she would glance in our direction and throw me and the student in front of me a glare.

"She doesn't seem too happy that you're so close to me," I told him. "Maybe I should move away from you. I don't want you to have any problems with her."

He shrugged. "She doesn't really like me anyway," he said. "She hasn't since day one. On my first day of class she started badmouthing trainers and I defended you. She's been trying to fail me since. Good thing I'm the best artist in the class."

"You defended us?" I asked.

He shrugged again. "I never wanted to be a trainer myself but I really respect what it is you do," he said. "You risk your lives on a daily basis to protect us civilians and our way of life. How can I not respect that?"

"Not many civilians think like you do," I said.

"That's because most civilians are ignorant," he said.

I agreed with him but didn't say anything. For the next couple of hours I sat there watching over the clients. Occasionally the student in front of me would strike up a conversation and ask me questions. I always responded to him but tried not to distract him too much. Every time we spoke to each other I could see the teacher fuming and looking like she wanted to come over and separate us.

Several times while I was sitting there one of the trainers guarding the park would walk by and stop to speak to me for a few minutes. Apparently it was a slow morning and no wild Pokemon had been spotted in the morning shift yet. It wasn't until the patrolling trainers were heading back to the station for shift change that we had any wild Pokemon sightings.

One female student was painting a sketch of a flowering bush that was in front of her when the bush started shaking. She didn't notice at first but I spotted it right away. I stood up and began making my way to her. Before I was even halfway there a Pokemon jumped out of the bush and moved quickly towards the student. I started running once I saw the Pokemon.

"Move!" I yelled.

The students all turned to look in the direction I was running and began to panic. The student that was near the Pokemon tried to run but tripped over her supplies. The Pokemon was almost on her. I did not have enough time to reach her. I pulled out Shade's pokeball and stopped to throw it as hard as I could. The ball sailed over the student and opened in midair. Shade appeared between the Pokemon and the student.

"Shade!" I yelled as I continued to run towards them. "Snarl!"

Shade scored a direct hit and knocked the Pokemon back a couple of feet. It landed on it's back and tried to right itself. Now that I was close I was able to identify the wild Pokemon.

"Nincada," I thought. "A Bug/Ground type. I don't have any real advantage against it. I'll just have to rely on Shade's training."

"Shade, Howl!" I ordered.

He gave a deep Howl which increased his attack power. I vaguely heard the alarm begin to sound and the trainer in the guard station telling civilians to evacuate. I had reached the fallen student by this time and helped her stand up before pushing her behind me.

"Now use Assurance!" I said.

He began running at the Nincada which had finally righted itself. As he was running he began building Dark energy. When he finally hit the Nincada the energy flared brightly and the Pokemon was sent flying back until it hit a tree and fell to the ground. I could see that the Assurance hit hard enough to crack it's shell. There was green liquid seeping out from the cracks. The Nincada was still moving so I ordered Shade to finish it off.

"Keep hitting it with Hidden Power," I said.

Shade sent orb after orb of Grass energy at the Nincada until it stopped moving. I ordered him to stop and cautiously walked up to the body. Once I was close enough I kicked it to make sure it was dead. It didn't make any more movements.

I turned back to my clients and saw that most of them were huddled up together behind their teacher. The student I was talking to earlier hadn't moved from his spot. He just stood behind his easel watching me as I made my way to the other students.

"Are you alright?" I asked the female student when I reached the group.

She nodded shakily. "Yes," she stammered. "Thank you."

I heard the sound of people running and turned to see four trainers quickly making their way to us. The first thing they noticed was Shade and I saw them getting their pokeballs ready.

"Stop!" I yelled. "He's my Pokemon!"

"We received an alert about a wild Pokemon near the fountain," one trainer said. "Where is it?"

I pointed to the Nincada's corpse. "Over there," I told them.

Two of the trainers walked over to the body while the other two made their way to us. I recognized one as one of the morning shift guards. The other trainer was unfamiliar to me.

"Is everyone alright?" the familiar trainer asked.

"Everyone's fine," I said. "The Nincada didn't get a chance to hurt anyone. The student who was the target might have some bruises from the fall she took though."

The other two trainers were done examining the body and joined us.

"Good job rookie," one congratulated me.

"Thanks," I said. "But Shade did all the hard work."

"Why is that creature still outside it's ball!" a shrill voice screeched.

We all turned to the teacher. Her face was red as she pointed to Shade angrily.

"That 'creature' just protected you and your students ma'am," the trainer that congratulated me told her. "You should be thanking him and his trainer."

"What took you so long!" she continued. "We could have all been killed by the time you made it here!"

"We were in the middle of our shift change ma'am," another said. "We headed over here as soon as we received the alert."

"You didn't get here fast enough!" she yelled. "Is that the level of protection we can expect from you monster lovers!?"

That was the last straw. All the trainers present were now openly glaring at the teacher. Shade was quietly growling at her. Even some of her own students were now frowning at her.

"You all just went through a traumatic experience," the first trainer told her coldly. "So we're going to ignore that monster lover remark. But if I hear anything like that coming out of your mouth again I'll make sure that you and your college are blacklisted from making any mission requests in the future. Understand?"

She fumed silently for a moment as the rest of us waited for her to respond. Finally she turned to her students.

"We're leaving!" she snapped at them. "Pack your things now!"

He students quickly moved to obey her. Once they had gathered all their supplies they all followed her as she stalked away from us. The student I was speaking to earlier moved at a more leisurely pace. As he passed by the group of trainers he stopped in front of me for a moment.

"Thank's for saving her," he said. "And sorry for the banshee. I'll contact the mission office and tell them how you kept us safe from harm just in case she tries to file a compliant against you."

"Thanks," I said with relief. "I appreciate it."

"I'm Derek," he said and offered me his hand.

"Jacob," I responded as I shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you," he said. "I'll remember you if I ever need to hire a trainer for anything. I should go before they leave me behind. See you later."

We watched him leave the area as he lagged behind his group.

"Good job rookie," the same trainer said again. "I'll also inform the mission office about this incident in case she does decided to file a complaint. Don't worry about it. We take care of our own."

"Thanks," I said.

"Since your clients have left the park safely that means your mission is complete," he said. "No sense sticking around any longer unless you want to. Why don't you head over to the mission office and collect your pay then take the rest of the day to relax. We'll clean up here before finishing with our shift change."

I thanked them again. I recalled Shade then left the park. I took a magnet train to the central district and walked to the mission office. I waited in line until one teller called me forward. When he asked how the mission went I reported it complete and told him about the incident with the Nincada and the teacher. When I was done he told me not to worry about it since the mission office receives many complaints from civilians every week. He also mentioned that unless I truly did something to break the guidelines of a mission that the mission office would back me up against angry civilians.

I left the mission office relieved that I would not be punished if the teacher did file a complaint against me. As I took the magnet train back to the trainer district I thought about how nice it was to have the support of my fellow trainers as well as some civilians.

"It's nice to know that not all civilians think badly of us," I thought as the train pulled into the station.

I disembarked from the train and stretched as I stood in front of the station. I slowly made my way towards the Center. I decided to wait in the Lounge for Hugo and Ginnette to finish their missions.

"Here's hoping that they had an easy time in District Eleven," I thought as I stepped through the door. "Time to relax."

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