Pokemon: Chaotic World

It's a whole new world. A world were Pokemon and their trainers are something to be feared. This is the story of a new trainer who must survive his new life as a Pokemon trainer and leave the life that he has known behind. Watch as he struggles through a Pokemon world unlike any that you know. AU Pokemon World.



13. Chapter 13: Second Mission

My second mission was scheduled for 2PM so I decided to sleep in. I also thought that Shade needed a break from training. I finally got up about two hours before my shift started and got ready to leave. Hugo was already gone. He was probably in the middle of taking his exam. When I asked around the Center for Ginnette, some other trainers told me that she left earlier.

I ate breakfast in the cafeteria then went outside to feed Shade. I just stood against the wall as he ate his food. I could not stop thinking about my visit with to family yesterday.

"Let it go," I told myself. "Being upset about it wont change the situation. At least mom and Bobby can accept me. Be happy with that."

Shade finished his meal and I recalled him. With nothing better to do, I decided to head over to the southern gate. I took a magnet train to the station closest to the gate. I had 40 minutes to spare so I made my way slowly. There were two trainers standing near the gate talking. I could also see two other trainers. One was sitting in a station next to the gate manning the gate controls and radio. The other one was sitting in a much smaller station on top of the wall. The one in the lookout station was facing out into the wilds and periodically using binoculars to check the area near the gate.

I walked up to the two trainers that were standing near the gate. They turned to look at me when they spotted me.

"Hello," I said. "I'm Trainer Jacob Singleton. I'm here for the afternoon guard shift."

"You're early rookie," one of them said. "We have about 20 minutes before the shift change. I'm Fred. I'm a B-rank trainer and in charge of our shift. This is Jack," he said as he pointed to the other trainer. "He is in charge of this shift."

"Hey," was all Jack said.

"Hi," I said.

"So rookie," Fred began. "How are you liking being a Pokemon trainer so far. You completed your first mission already right? How was it?"

"It went well," I said. "It was a guard patrol mission at the Public park in District Five. We only had one small issue to deal with."

"So you've done a guard mission already," he said. "Good. Guarding a gate is not much different from patrolling a park. There is a minimum of three trainers just like in a park patrol, one supervisor and at least two lower rank trainers. I'll be in the control station with one of you while you and the other trainer switch off manning the lookout every hour. Our mission is simple. We mainly keep track of whom is coming or going through the gate. Trainers can come and go whenever they want. Civilians can't go out into the wilds unless they have a trainer escort. Sometimes we get trade caravans, diplomats or visitors from other city states. I'm in charge of checking their papers and allowing them entry."

Jack finally spoke up when Fred paused. "We also have to be on the lookout for any wild Pokemon that might try to enter the city state. The trainer on lookout has to keep a constant watch on the area directly in front to the gate. If any wild Pokemon comes too close to the gate or the wall we have to go out to deal with them."

"Lastly," Fred continued. "We have to periodically check in on the lookout stations that are spread throughout the southern part of the wall. There are lookout stations spread out at roughly one mile intervals throughout the wall surrounding the city state. Each one is manned by a trainer keeping watch on the area outside that part of the wall."

"I haven't seen any mission requests for the lookout stations yet," I remarked.

"Not surprising," Jack said. "Those missions are usually all snatched up days in advance. They're a favorite mission for the washout trainers."

"Washout trainers?" I asked.

"That's what those of us in the middle and higher ranks call the trainers that remain D-rank for their entire career," Fred said. "Most of us did not choose to be trainers and many have no desire to go up in rank. The washouts are the ones that try to live off D-rank missions until they can retire from active duty and apply for a job at the trainer district or the mission office. Very few of us actually try to make the best of the situation and work on taking better paying missions. The higher you go up in rank the less trainers are in that rank. Less that half of the trainers who are chosen on Selection Day and pass their Ordeals actually reach C-rank or higher."

"It's probably a good thing that there are so many washout trainers," Jack said. "Each gate, public park, guard station and lookout station has four shifts. The morning, afternoon, evening and night shifts. Each lookout station and guard station is manned by one trainer and each gate and park guard shift requires three trainers minimum. There aren't enough serious D-rank trainers and C-rank trainers who can handle all those requests."

I thought about Mark, the other D-rank trainer on my first mission. He had made it clear that he had no desire to go beyond D-rank.

"He must be one of the washouts that they're talking about," I thought. "I'm not going to let that happen to me. I won't be a washout."

"The washout trainers always try to take the least dangerous missions that are available," Fred continued. "That's why you haven't seen any lookout missions requests. They consider them safe, easy missions. They don't have to actually deal with Pokemon. They just have to keep watch and report any wild Pokemon that enter or try to enter the city state. I mean, they can deal with them if they believe that their Pokemon can handle the situation but most don't. Most let the mission office send an emergency mission request to the Center for an available trainer to go deal with the wild Pokemon."

"Cowards," Jack spat. "While they are relatively safe in the lookout waiting for a trainer to answer the emergency request the wild Pokemon could be causing property damage or even attacking civilians. I hate having to deal with washouts."

"Me too," Fred agreed. "They tend to be too morose for my taste."

Jack checked the time. "You may have to deal with one today," he said. "It's almost time for shift change and your other subordinate isn't here yet. I'm betting its a washout that will come at the last minute."

Fred frowned but didn't disagree. Jack went into the control station to finish up his shift. Fred and I spoke a bit more as we were waiting for the shift change. A minute before 2PM the other trainer finally walked up to us. He introduced himself but didn't say anything else. Fred checked his watch pointedly. The other trainer just shrugged.

It was finally time for our shift to start and Jack wished us luck before leaving with his subordinates. Fred had the other trainer take the first hour on the lookout and led me into the control station.

"Definitely a washout," Fred told me when we sat down in the station.

He gave me a quick tutorial on how to use the gate controls and the radio. After that we just sat talking as we waited for something to happen. Half an hour into the shift Fred used the radio to contact the lookout stations that reported to this gate station. So far they all reported no problems. We had to open the gate two times before the first hour was up. Once was to let out a trainer who wanted to go hunting with his Pokemon. The other time was to let a civilian and his trainer escort go out into the wilds. Fred spoke to them and took note of both instances.

"I guess it's time for you to switch places with the washout," he sighed after an hour.

The other trainer and I switched off for the second hour. I climbed up the ladder to the lookout station and sat down. There was a small radio in the lookout and a pair of binoculars. I spent the second hour staring out into the wilds south of Asidia. Several times I spotted wild Pokemon near the gate and reported it to Fred. He opened the gate and went out to deal with it himself. I had a fealing he was just using it as an excuse to get away from the other trainer for a bit.

The trainer who had gone out hunting earlier came back before my hour was up. When he reached the front of the gate, I signaled down and Fred opened the gate and let him back into the city after verifying his identity. The civilian who had left earlier with an escort did not return during my hour in the lookout. Fred said that if they didn't return before our shift was up we would have to report it to the mission office.

The rest of the shift passed by in the same manner. I kept switching off with the other D-rank trainer every hour. We each took 30 minute breaks halfway through the shift. I stayed in the gate control station during my break talking to Fred.

Occasionally we had to open the gate to let some trainer leave the city state as well as let them back in. I also went out a couple of times myself to deal with some of the wild Pokemon that we spotted near the gate. I took the oportunity to see how effective Shade's new Hidden Power attack was against the wild Pokemon.

The first Pokemon I went out to deal with was a Buneary. Shade hit it with Hidden Power twice before it did not get back up. I walked up to check it and saw that it was still breathing. I ordered Shade to finish it off with Bite and he quickly bit down on its throat, killing it instantly. I allowed him to eat the remains quickly before I went back inside.

The second time I went out was when we spotted a Sandshrew. It must have been either very young or very weak as a single Hidden Power from Shade killed it.

The were only two other noteworthy incidents that occurred in our shift. The first was when the civilian and his escort eventually returned an hour before shift change. They both looked a little roughed up but otherwise okay. The second incident was when one of the other lookout stations reported seeing a flock of Spearow fly over the gate towards District Eleven. Fred radioed the guard stations in that part of the city state to have them on alert if the Spearow landed. He also informed the mission office to be ready incase any civilians called emergency services because of a Spearow attack.

The time finally came for us the switch off with the next guard shift. The other D-rank trainer took off as soon as it was 7PM. Fred and I hung around for a few minutes to chat with the next shift and tell them how our shift went. After that we wished them luck and left for the mission office to report our mission completions.

We took a magnet train to the central district together. Throughout the ride we spoke about different missions that he completed and the requirements that had to be met to take the C-rank exam.

"It will take some time before you're eligible for your next promotion exam," he told me. "There are three minimum requirements you have to meet before the Gym Leader will even consider you. First, you need to have at least one year of experience as a D-rank trainer. Second, you need to have at least 128 mission completions. They don't all have to be D-rank missions either. If you team up with a C-rank trainer to help him on his mission then that will count. Last, you need to have a minimum of two tamed Pokemon. You can have the maximum you are allowed to own for your rank but only two of them will be tested."

I thought about it for a minute. "Earlier Jack said that there were some serious trainers that were still in my rank," I stated. "Why haven't they been promoted yet if they actually try to succeed as a trainer? Most of them should have met the requirements to take the C-rank exam if they became trainers years before I did."

"Many of the serious D-rank trainers wait until they feel they are ready for the next rank," he answered. "They choose to wait for more than the required year to gain extra experience. Most would also rather have the maximum number of trained Pokemon they are allowed before they enter C-rank. After all, one or both of your Pokemon could be killed on a mission and that would leave you with no Pokemon to take missions with or to help you capture more. You would have to go out into the wilds alone like you did on your Ordeal to try to catch one to replace the ones you lost."

We continued talking until we reached the central district and went to the mission office. We waited in line for the tellers to call us forward. Eventually we were both called and we reported our missions completed. The tellers noted the completions and had our pay deposited into our accounts. Once we were done we went outside where Fred told he was meeting some friends in the commercial district. He wished me luck and said that he hoped we would work together again in the future. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. I went to the train station and headed back to the trainer district.

When I arrived back to the trainer district the first thing I did was try to find Hugo and Ginnette. Ginnette hadn't returned yet from her first mission but I found Hugo in the computer room. He was sitting at a computer station staring intently at the screen.

"Hey," I greeted him.

He swiveled in his chair to look at me. "Hey," he responded cheerfully.

I stared at him for a second. "Do I even have to ask?"

He grinned and pulled out his trainer card. It had D-rank stamped on the front.

"Congratulations," I said. "How did it go?"

"Other than me being a bit nervous it went well," he said. "Muliere was busy this morning so I had to wait until he was ready. By the time he was ready to test me there were some higher rank trainers in the gym training. Most of them stopped to watch me take my exam."

"Ouch," I winced. "I'm glad I didn't have an audience. I probably would have been so nervous that I wouldn't have stopped Shade from attacking Muliere in time."

"I actually almost failed the third part," he admitted. "The audience made Bitey nervous and he almost didn't listen to me when Muliere tested me on that part."

"You passed," I told him. "That's what matters."

I sat down at the computer station next to his and logged on. I started looking at the available D-rank missions for the next few days.

"Are you looking up mission requests for tomorrow?" I asked him.

"Yes," he answered. "There aren't a lot to choose from but I definitely want to start taking missions tomorrow."

"It is kind of last minute to accept missions for tomorrow," I said. "The only ones left are probably the least desirable ones."

"You're probably right," he admitted. "I'm debating on accepting a mission manning a guard station in a public area. It's a pretty simple mission. I just have to remain in the station by myself and keep and eye out for wild Pokemon. I'm supposed to report in to the mission office every 30 minutes even if there is nothing to report. If a wild Pokemon does enter the area I'm watching then I either deal with it or have the mission office send another trainer to deal with it."

"It sounds like a very simple mission," I said. "What's the problem?"

"The guard station is in District Nine," he said. "It's actually not to far from the residential building where my family lives."

"Ah," I said.

"Yeah," he responded.

I thought about it for a moment. "You should take it anyway," I told him. "Maybe being in your old stomping grounds will give you the courage to go face your mother."

"Maybe," he said.

"You told me before that she would accept you after she had time to get used to the idea of you being a trainer," I reminded him.

"You told me that both of your parents accepted you," he reminded me. "It didn't quite work out for you. I'm worried that the same will happen to me."

"You won't know until you speak to her," I said.

"I guess," he said. "Fine, I'll take the mission. Once I'm done with my shift tomorrow I'll go straight to her home to visit her and my sisters."

"I hope thing work out for you," I told him.

"Me too," he said.

I watched him accept the mission and receive confirmation. Once he was done I brought up a new subject. "Have you heard from Ginnette today?"

"Not yet," he responded. "I'm sure she'll make an appearance soon. I want to know how her first mission went."

"Me too," I said. "Hope she didn't have any problems."

"Yeah," he said. "Are you going to try to accept a mission for tomorrow?"

I shook my head. "No," I said. "I'm looking up missions for the day after tomorrow. I've decided to take the days between each mission to either rest or train. Three or four missions each week should be good for me to be able to rent my own place when I decide its time to move out of the and one bedroom apartments in the trainer district cant be that expensive."

"In District Nine the studios cost between $300 to $600 hundred a month," he told me. "If it's the same here then you should have just enough for rent and food. There wont be much left for over for anything else if you only take three of four mission each week."

"True," I said. "But remember, trainers don't pay for utilities. I'll be able to save some money for clothes and trainer supplies. I just have to budget until I make C-rank and can take higher paying missions."

"Your choice," he said. "I'm going to try to take on at least five missions each week myself. That should give me plenty to be able to afford my own place, food, trainer supplies, and even send some money to my mother."

"Missions five days a week with only two for rest or training might be a bit much," I remarked. "You'll burn yourself out."

"I'll manage," he said.

"If you're sure," I said. "You know, we could get a place together and split the cost."

"No," he said instantly. "I've had to share a small place for years since my mother moved us to District Nine. I want my own space."

"Alright," I said.

We were both quiet for a bit after that. I kept going through the available missions that were still available for the day after tomorrow until I stopped at one that caught my interest.

Mission Rank: D

Reward: $50

Location: District Eleven, Section A

Summary: Trainer needed for the morning shift to patrol Section A in District Eleven. Must be ready to deal any wild Pokemon that enter the district and protect the farmers and crops. Farmer safety is top priority. Keeping wild Pokemon away from the crops is secondary priority. Shift begins at 8AM and ends at 2PM.

"Check this out," I told Hugo.

He moved his chair to read over my shoulder.

"District Eleven?" he asked. "Isn't that the agricultural district?"

I nodded. "It's were the city state produces most of the food that we eat," I told him. "All of that food must draw a lot of wild Pokemon to that district. It's the second largest district in the city state. They must have a lot of trainers patrolling the farms every day. I'll bet at least half of the mission requests for that district are C or B-rank missions. There must be a good chance of the food drawing stronger wild Pokemon. Any D-rank requests are probably just to make sure that there are enough trainers to patrol all the farms."

"That makes sense," he said.

"There you are," a voice called out from the door.

We both turned and to see Ginnette enter the room. She was carrying a paper bag in her hands. Based on the smell I could tell that there was food in the bag.

"We were wondering were you where," I told her. "Your mission couldn't have taken that long."

"It didn't," she said.

"How did it go?" I asked.

"Let's go outside," she said. "I brought us all food. We can talk while we eat."

"You shouldn't have bought us anything," I told her. "You just got paid for your first mission today and you said you wanted to save up to rent your own place."

"It's only some fast food burgers and fries," she said. "I didn't spend a lot and I actually received a little extra money for my mission. Besides, I'm sure I'm not the only one that is sick of pre-packaged cold sandwiches and milk every day. You can get me lunch another day if it makes you feel better."

"Thanks," Hugo said. "I was getting hungry and already had my free meal hours ago."

I agreed reluctantly. "Fine," I said. "But I will pay you back."

"That's fine," she said.

I quickly accepted the mission and received confirmation. Then we went outside and dug into the food Ginnette bought us. I had to admit it was a nice change from the cafeteria food. After a few minutes of eating in silence Hugo spoke up.

"So how did it go today?" he asked. "And what did you mean when you said you received extra money?"

"I got to the park as they were setting up for the party," she began. "I reported in to the father of the birthday boy and he told me that my mission was to stay close enough to the party that I could step in if a wild Pokemon attacked but not close enough that I would bother any of the party goers."

"Pretty much what I told you yesterday," Hugo interjected.

"Hush," I told him. "Let her tell the story."

"Thanks," she told me before continuing. "I just sat at a nearby park bench watching as the party went on. Once in a while the trainers on patrol would stop by to check on me and talk for a bit. It was pretty boring until the time came to open the presents."

"What happened?" I asked.

"They were all so distracted by the present opening that none of them saw a Zigzagoon climb down from a tree and dart towards the table where the leftover food was," she said. "I spotted it and quickly sent out Tumbleweed. I had him fly over the Zigzagoon and drop Stun Spore on him. It had an immediate effect and the Zigzagoon was paralyzed. By this point the party goers saw it and began to panic."

"I had to yell at them that I had the situation under control," she continued. "They were just starting to calm down when I saw the Zigzagoon beginning to move slowly away from the table. I couldn't let it escape so I told Tumbleweed to fly over it again and drop Poison Powder on it. By the time the trainers patrolling the park ran up to the scene the Zigzagoon had already succumbed to the poison. It was dead within minutes."

"Wow," Hugo said.

"Well done," I said.

"Thanks," she said. "The trainers that were patrolling took care of the body so I didn't have to pick it up. The mother of the birthday boy was so grateful to me for stopping the Zigzagoon from ruining her son's party that she gave me $50 on top of what I received for completing the mission."

"Lucky," Hugo said enviously.

She smirked at him before continuing. "Once the party was over I went to the mission office and had them deposit my mission pay as well as the extra I got. I decided to go to the commercial district after that to get a few small items that I can't get here. Then I went and got food for us and came here."

"Good job on your first mission," I told her. "But don't get used to clients being as generous on future missions."

"I won't," she said. "I know better. I remember how my parents treated the trainers they hired once and a while."

We finished up the food and went back inside. Ginnette led us back into the computer room and logged on. We saw her bring up the available missions for the next few days.

"Are you going to try to sign up for a mission for tomorrow?" I asked her.

She shook her head. "No," she said. "I'm looking at the missions for the day after tomorrow. I want to train Tumbleweed tomorrow. The only direct damage attack he knows is Tackle. I want to try to teach him something stronger. I also want to work on getting him to produce Sleep Powder. That way he'll know all three of the common powder based attacks."

"Other than Sleep Powder," I said, "what are you going to try to teach him?"

"I think I'll try to teach him Bullet Seed," she said. "That way he has an actual damaging Grass type attack to use against Rock types. He's part Flying type so Rock type attacks are very effective against him. If he is able to learn both attacks tomorrow before sunset, I'll get him started on learning Acrobatics so he has a Flying type attack."

"That sounds like a good plan," I told her. "Do you mind if I join you tomorrow? I was planning on training Shade too. I want him to learn Snarl that way he has a long range attack he can effectively use against Flying types."

"Sure," she said. "That sounds like fun." She turned to Hugo. "What about you? You want to come along too?"

"Sure," he said. "I have a mission in the afternoon but I can train with you guys in the morning until it's time for me to go."

"Sound like a plan," I said. "If we're going to get up early to train then we should get to bed soon. We should be well rested if we're training all day. Especially Hugo since he has a mission as well."

"Go on ahead," Ginnette said. "I'm just going to go through all the available missions before I pick one. I'll head to bed once I'm done."

"I'll keep you company," Hugo said.

"Okay," she said.

I said goodnight to both of them then went to bed. Tomorrow would be a busy day of training for us.

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