Pokemon: Chaotic World

It's a whole new world. A world were Pokemon and their trainers are something to be feared. This is the story of a new trainer who must survive his new life as a Pokemon trainer and leave the life that he has known behind. Watch as he struggles through a Pokemon world unlike any that you know. AU Pokemon World.



11. Chapter 11: Group Training

I took the magnet train to the station closest to the mission office. The office was located in a small building near City Hall. Inside, I saw five stations with some old trainers sitting behind computers. There was a short line of trainers waiting in front of the teller stations. I waited in line as one by one the trainers in front of me were called up to an available teller. The line moved quickly and in a few minutes I was called forward.

"Next," one teller said.

I walked up to the teller and waited.

"Name and rank," she stated.

"Jacob Singleton. Rank D," I told her.

She typed some keys on the computer and stared at the screen for a few seconds. Once she was done reading what was on the screen she turned to look directly at me.

"It says here that you took on your first mission as a Pokemon trainer today," she told me. "Mission results?"

"Mission complete," I said.

"Any problems on your mission?" she asked.

I explained what happened with the Pidgeys and the family that was injured.

She nodded. "You completed your mission and kept the civilians from receiving any serious injuries. Good job on your first mission. The standard pay of $50 will be placed into your trainer account. Keep up the good work rookie." I thanked her and left the mission office. It was almost 3PM.

"I should have enough time to go to the Center and prepare for the training session with Hugo and Ginnette," I thought.

I took a magnet train back to the trainer district and quickly went to the Pokemart. I asked the trainer behind the register for help and he showed me everything that I was looking to buy.

"One small bag of dry food for Shade, $5," I thought. "One small bag of dried fruit, $5. One pair of those special sound attack nullifying earplugs, $20. Total comes out to $30. That's more than half of my mission pay. Good thing trainers don't pay taxes."

I paid for my supplies and decided to look around a bit since I still had some time before I had to meet Hugo and Ginnette. The Pokemart was divided into sections. There was one section that sold Pokemon food supplies. One Section sold food supplies for humans. There was also a section which sold some sturdy clothes and other supplies for traveling and camping.

There were two locked glass cases in the back of the Pokemart. One case kept medicine locked up. The other section kept different models of Pokedex. Finally, there was the class case behind the register which held pokeballs.

"Basic Potion, $300. Basic Pokeball, $200. Cheapest model of Pokedex, $200. No wonder these are kept locked up," I thought. "I would have to complete at least four D-rank missions before I could buy even one of these. It's a good thing they let us keep the medicine and Pokeballs that were left over from the Ordeal."

Ten minutes before 4PM I headed to the cafeteria to wait for Hugo and Ginnette. I was sitting alone for five minutes before they arrived together. I stood up as they were walking up to me and greeted them.

"Hi," I said.

"Hi," they responded.

"We don't have many hours of daylight left," I told them. "Let's head over to the training grounds."

They both nodded and followed me out of the Center. As we began searching for a suitable training ground Ginnette asked me how my mission went.

"It was uneventful for the most part," I told them.

"For the most part?" Hugo asked.

I nodded. "About a hour before my shift ended a flock of wild Pidgeys showed up at the park."

"What happened?" Ginnette asked. "Did the Pidgeys injure anyone?"

"They attacked and injured a family," I said. "We killed off most of the Pidgeys and the rest flew away. The family survived and were rushed to a hospital."

"Damn," Hugo said. "Your first mission and already you had to deal with wild Pokemon. At least you completed the mission easily."

"Not as easily as you think," I admitted. "Shade doesn't know any long range attacks. Since the Pidgeys could fly that meant that he couldn't hit them when they flew out of range. If the supervising trainer hadn't knocked most of them to the ground Shade and I would have been unable to do much to protect the civilians."

"What are you going to do to fix that problem?" Hugo asked. "Are you going to teach Shade some long range attacks or just catch another Pokemon? You do have another pokeball."

"I'm going to do both," I said. "I'm not just going to forget about Shade. I have a feeling that he's going to end up being my most loyal Pokemon. I'll continue to train him to become stronger and to be able to handle most kinds of missions. Eventually I'm going to catch more Pokemon but I haven't really thought about what I'm going to capture."

"What long range attacks do you intend to teach him," Ginnette asked.

"I thought about it on my way back from the mission office," I told them. "There are three long range attacks that Poochyena can learn relatively easy. Snarl, Hidden Power, and Shadow Ball. Snarl would be the easiest one that Shade can learn since it's a Dark type attack. Shadow Ball would be the most difficult since Shade would have to learn how to draw in some of the spiritual energy that Ghost types use to perform their attacks. Hidden Power should be somewhere in between."

"Which one are you going to try to teach him first?" Hugo asked.

"I'm inclined to try Hidden Power first," I said. "It should be easier that teaching him Shadow Ball and should give Shade some diversity in his attacks. Hidden Power can be of any Pokemon type of energy and each different Pokemon can have a different type of Hidden Power, even if they are the same species. I'm hoping that Shade will have a very useful Hidden Power type."

"How will you know the type Shade's Hidden Power will be?" Ginnette asked.

"I'll have to wait until Shade learns how to draw the hidden energy from within," I said. "The color of the energy will show its type."

"Are you going to start trying to teach it to him tonight," Hugo asked.

"No," I said. "His Assurance still needs work. I'm going to have him train on that attack tonight and maybe tomorrow. I don't have a mission lined up for tomorrow since I plan on going to visit my family. I'll come straight to the training grounds as soon as I wake up and work on teaching him Hidden Power until it's time for me to go."

We kept walking for a few more minutes until we came to a large mountain training ground. There was a small sized man made mountain with a long cave going from one side of the mountain to he other. We could see over a dozen practice dummies, some on top of the mountain and others spread out around it.

"This looks good," I said. "Let's train here."

They both agreed with me and we began setting up for training. I put down my pack and turned to Hugo.

"Keep your Zubat in his pokeball for now," I told him. "He's going to need the most work so let's set up Shade and Ginnette's Hoppip first."

"Fine," he said. He stepped away from us and crossed his arms.

"Shade!" I called out.

He materialized from his pokeball and waited for orders.

"We're going to practice your Assurance attack," I told him. I pointed to one dummy at the edge of the training ground. "I want you to keep hitting that target with Assurance until I tell you to stop. Keep trying to increase the Dark energy until you hit the target and release it all at once. Understand?"

He barked once and trotted over to stand a few feet in front of the dummy. We watched as he stood still for a moment before running towards it. His body began to glow with a dark light as he was running before he tackled it. The dark light flared dimly and disappeared. The dummy only shook a bit.

"Keep at it," I told him.

He barked again and moved into position to repeat the process. I watched him try it one more time before I turned to Ginnette.

"Call out your Hoppip," I told her.

She pulled out her pokeball.

"Go Tumbleweed!" she called.

The pokeball opened and released the Hoppip from inside. He appeared flying in front of Ginnette. He looked around once before flying slow circles around us.

"Tumbleweed?" Hugo asked with a laugh.

Ginnette blushed. "What?" she asked him hotly. "It's a cute name!"

"A cute name for a vicious monster," he remarked.

"I have him mostly tamed," she told him. "Do you see him trying to attack any of us?"

"It's a good name," I interjected before the argument continued. "As long as he responds to it the name doesn't matter."

"He responds to it," she said. "Watch."

She turned to her Pokemon and held out her hands.

"Tumbleweed," she told him. "Come here."

The Hoppip turned to look at her before flying over to her. He landed in her hand and she started to pet the top of his head.

"Impressive," I told her. "You really do have him tamed. Have you tried to teach him any attack commands?"

"Not yet," she said. "Until now I've only worried about getting him to listen to me and not try to attack me. I know that he knows at least Tackle and Poison Powder. He kept trying to hit me with them every time I let him out of his pokeball."

"What about food?" I asked her. "What have you been feeding him?"

"He is very easy to feed," she told me. "I just have to make sure that he drinks some water and eats some rich dark soil. After that he just has to sit out in the sun while he photosynthesizes his food."

"Impressive," I said again. "Well, lets start working on teaching him some attack commands. Tackle will be very easy since he already knows it. Just go over to one of the practice dummies and order him to Tackle it. Once he does, call him back to you and have him do it again. This way he gets used to attacking on command and he starts strengthening his Tackle attack at the same time. We can work on Poison Powder after he practices Tackle for a while. Then we can see if he can release any of the other powder based attacks."

"Its that simple?" she asked me.

"You already did all the hard work," I told her. "Once you actually get him to listen to you it's mostly down hill from there. Getting him to try to learn an attack that he doesn't know yet is a little hard but can be done with time and patience."

She nodded to me and took her Hoppip over to a practice dummy. I watched as she explained to her Hoppip what she wanted and he flew over to hover in front of the dummy. She then called out for him to Tackle the dummy and he flew forward at increasing speeds until he rammed into it. The dummy shook a bit but not as much as when Shade did a full bodied Tackle.

"Keep at it," I told her. She nodded.

I finally turned to Hugo. He had been standing silently watching while I helped Ginnette. I could see a bit a resentment in his eyes before he hid the emotion.

"Your turn," I told him.

He pulled out his pokeball.

"Wait," I told him before he called out his Zubat.

He stood waiting as I moved over to my backpack. I opened it and took out the earplugs and the bag of dried fruit I bought.

"Here," I told him as I tried to hand them to him.

He did not take the items from me. He just stood starring at them for a moment. He finally looked at me. I could see some anger in his eyes.

"What the hell is this?" he asked me.

"I bought these for you," I told him.

"I don't need your charity," he said.

"I'm not giving you charity," I said. "I owe you a can of Repel remember? These together don't cost as much as a small can but the can wasn't full anyway. I figure we can call it even with these."

He continued to stare at me for a long moment. Then he stared at the items in my hands. Eventually he reached over to take them from me.

"Fine," he said. "We're even."

I nodded to him. I stood there as he took out the earplugs and tried them on. Then he opened the back of dried fruit and looked inside.

"The earplugs I understand," he told me. "But why the fruit?"

"You told me that every time you released your Zubat he confused you with Supersonic then tried to bite you," I began. "I'm betting that he's trying to use Leech Life on you to feed. It's been days since you caught him and he hasn't eaten since. He must be on the brink of dying of starvation by this point. It's not the method that I would have chosen but you can use his hunger to try to tame him."

"So what do you suggest I do?" he asked.

"Follow me," I told him.

I led him away from where Shade and Ginnette were training. Once we were far enough that they would be out of the line of fire but I could still see them I stopped.

"This is a good spot," I said. "This is what you're going to do. You're going to release your Zubat and once he tries to confuse you and bite you I want you to hold out a piece of the dried fruit. If he doesn't stop, call him back into his pokeball before he bites you. If he does stop, wait and see if he will take the fruit out of your hand. Remember you can't show any sign of fear. He'll sense that and might try to attack you anyway."

"Then what?" he asked.

"If he does take the fruit," I continued, "offer him another piece and try to get him to land on your other arm. Try petting him at that point while speaking to him the entire time. This way he gets used to you and starts seeing you as his source of food. After that, you just have to make it clear to him that he has to start earning his food by following your orders."

He thought about that for a moment. "That is actually a really good idea," he admitted reluctantly.

"Don't sound too surprised," I said sarcastically.

He started laughing. "Alright," he said. "Let's give it a try." He put in the earplugs and stuck the opened bag of dried fruit in his pocket. He took out one piece of fruit and held it in one hand while he held the pokeball in the other hand.

"Wait," I said. I moved back a few feet. I stood slightly behind a practice dummy to try to stay out of line of sight. "I don't have any earplugs remember," I told him when he looked at me questioningly.

He nodded at that. Once he saw that I was ready he took a breath to steady himself and released his Zubat. Everything happened very fast. The Zubat was barely materialized before he screeched and sent out visible sound waves at Hugo. Even though I was standing behind the Zubat a few feet I still was affected by the Supersonic a little. My vision became a bit blurry and I had to hold on to the practice dummy to steady myself. Hugo didn't even flinch. He just stood staring at the Zubat and watched it as it began to dive for him . When the Zubat was halfway to him he held out the hand that had the piece of fruit in it.

The Zubat instantly stopped in mid air. We watched as it hovered in front of Hugo visibly sniffing in the direction of his hand. After a few seconds he slowly flew closer to Hugo until he was close enough to snatch the fruit in his hand. He then flew up high and began eating the fruit. Before he even finished with the first piece, Hugo reached into his pocket and took out another piece of fruit and held it out. He also held out his other arm in front of his open hand and waited.

The Zubat finished the first piece and started sniffing the air again. Hugo just stood still waiting for the Pokemon's next move. After a long moment he finally flew down and landed on Hugo's arm. He snatched up the second piece and ate it as he remained sitting on the arm. Hugo just took out another piece and waited for the Pokemon to finish. Once he swallowed the fruit, Hugo offered him the third piece. Once the Zubat took this piece Hugo moved his hand to pet the Pokemon's back.

The Zubat froze once he felt the hand petting him. He didn't make any movements as Hugo continued to pet him. After a moment, he continued to eat slowly. Once he was done, Hugo took out another piece and offered to him. He turned to look at me when his Pokemon took that piece.

I gave him a thumbs up. "Start talking to him," I mouthed to Hugo.

He nodded to me and turned back to the Zubat. He began to pet him again and started talking to him.

I watched them for a moment before walking away to give them some privacy. I walked back to the others and saw Shade and Tumbleweed still working on their attacks. Ginnette stood watching me instead of her Pokemon.

"Wow," she said once I reached her. "I saw the whole thing. I didn't think he would make any progress with that thing. You're a really good teacher."

I shrugged. "I've just been lucky so far," I told her.

"It's not all luck," she insisted. "You have some real talent when it comes to training Pokemon."

"Maybe," was all I said.

We turned to look at our Pokemon. Tumbleweed was hitting the dummy a bit harder. I could see it shaking a bit more than it was before. Shade had made some real progress as well. I watched as he hit the dummy with Assurance again. This time when he landed the hit the dark light surrounding him flared brighter than before. The dummy shook harder and I could see tiny cracks forming on it.

"They've both made good progress," I told Ginnette.

"You really think so?" she asked.

"Definitely," I told her. "I think we should try some new attack commands."

"If you're sure," she said. "I trust you."

I nodded and turned to Shade. "Shade!" I called. "Come!"

"Tumbleweed!" Ginnette called. "Come here!"

Both Pokemon stopped and moved towards us. They stopped once they were a couple of feet in front of us.

I thought for a moment on what we could try. "We're going to practice Howl," I told Shade. He cocked his head at me.

"He doesn't know how to howl?" Ginnette asked me.

"I'm not talking about the howls that Poochyena use to communicate with their pack," I told her. "I'm talking about the status affecting Howl that slightly increases a Pokemon's strength. It temporarily makes their physical attacks stronger."

"Oh," she said. "Shouldn't he know that one too."

"He should," I agreed. "I just need to teach him to use it on command."

I crouched down in front of Shade and tried to explain what I wanted him to do. When I was done I stood and moved back a bit.

"Ready Shade?" I asked him.

He barked and waited.

"Shade," I said. "Use Howl."

Shade threw up his head and let loose a loud howl. Once he was done he stood staring at me. We could see no visible difference.

"I don't think he understood what you wanted," Ginnette said.

"No," I agreed.

I crouched down to speak to him again. "No Shade," I told him. He cocked his head again. "That's the howl you use when you want to call the pack. When I say use Howl, I want you to use the one that makes you stronger. Understand?"

He barked again and waited for my command.

I stood up and moved back again.

"Shade," I said. "Use Howl."

This time I knew he got it right. The Howl he released sounded much deeper than before. Once he stopped howling and stood staring at me I could almost feel the difference. I could not explain it but Shade just seemed stronger.

"I guess he got it that time," Ginnette said.

"Yep," I said happily. I pointed to one of the practice dummy. "Shade, use Assurance!"

Shade took off running towards the dummy. He began to glow again as he was running. Once he reached his target he rammed into it hard. The glow flared brightly then vanished. The dummy shook hard for a few seconds. I walked up to it and inspected it. Shade's pumped up Assurance made a large crack in the wood. I turned back to Shade.

"That was excellent Shade," I told him.

He barked happily.

I moved over to my backpack and took out the bag of dry food. I opened it and put a handful on the ground in front of Shade.

"You've earned this," I said. "No more training for today. Just eat and relax until we're ready to leave."

He barked again and dug into his meal.

I walked back over to Ginnette and Tumbleweed.

"Let's start working on that Poison Powder," I told them.

"Ok," Ginnette said.

"Hoppip," Tumbleweed said.

I looked at the Hoppip. "I'll take that for an agreement," I said. I turned to Ginnette. "You said that he tried to use Poison Powder on you before so we know he knows that already. Also, Pokemon that naturally learn powder based attacks usually learn them all around the same time. It's likely that he knows Stun Store and Sleep Powder already. You'll have to try to get him to use them to know for sure."

"Alright," she said.

"First, let's move away from Shade," I said.

We walked away from where Shade was eating until we were several feet away. I checked to see the direction the wind was blowing and made sure Shade was not downwind from us.

"Alright," I said. "I think we're good here." I turned to Ginnette. "Have Tumbleweed move a few feet away from us. Make sure he's downwind from us and Shade. I don't want to have to use some of our medicine if we accidentally inhale the powder. Tell him to wait in the spot you choose and have him fly in a small circle and release the Poison Power when you give the command. Understand?"

"Understood," she said. She spoke to Tumbleweed for a moment and explained what she wanted. Once she was sure that he understood she had him fly a few feet away from us and wait for her command. She turned back to me.

"We're ready," she said.

I checked the wind again before nodding. "Let's do this," I told her.

She turned back to Tumbleweed. "Tumbleweed!" she called. "Poison Powder!"

Tumbleweed began to fly in small circles. Before he finished the first circle he began to release sparkling purple powder from his body. As the powder fell to the ground I could see the grass it fell on turn brown and shrivel up.

"Good job Tumbleweed!" Ginnette said. "You can stop now!"

Tumbleweed stopped flying in circles and the Poison Power stopped coming out of his body. He floated in the spot waiting for the next command.

"Let's see if he knows Stun Spore or Sleep Powder," I told Ginnette.

She nodded and spoke to Tumbleweed. "Tumbleweed," she began. "When I say use Stun Spore, I want you to try to release the powder that paralyzes instead of poisons. Understand?"

"Hoppip," was all he said.

"Alright then," she said. "Tumbleweed, use Stun Spore!"

Tumbleweed began flying in small circles again. He began to release sparkling orange powder as he was flying.

"Good Tumbleweed," she said. "You can stop."

He stopped and waited. Ginnette turned to look at me. I glanced up at the sky. The sun was beginning to set.

"Let's try Sleep Powder then call it a day," I said.

Ginnette nodded and turned back to Tumbleweed. "Tumbleweed," she said. "When I say use Sleep Powder, I want you to try to release the powder that puts humans and Pokemon to sleep. Understand?"

"Hoppip," he said. "Hoppip, Hoppip."

"That didn't sound like an agreement," I noted. "Give it a try."

"Tumbleweed!" Ginnette called. "Use Sleep Powder."

This time he did not begin flying in circles. Instead, he flew down and landed on the ground.

"I guess he hasn't learned it yet," I told her.

"I guess not," she said. She looked disappointed.

"Don't worry," I told her. "He should be able to learn Sleep Powder easily. I bet if you come out here tomorrow and work on it for a while he'll get it."

She nodded. I glance up at the sky again.

"The sun is almost down," I said. "Let's go get Hugo and head back to the Center."

She agreed with me. We both called back our Pokemon and moved to the spot where Hugo was working with his Zubat. We saw him sitting on the ground petting and talking to his Pokemon. When he saw us I made a wrap it up motion and pointed to the sky. He looked up and nodded. He spoke to the Zubat for a moment before calling it back into his pokeball. The Pokemon did not struggle as he was returned.

"I see you made a lot of progress today," I told him as he stood to join us.

"We came to an agreement," He said. "We're going to work on attack commands tomorrow."

"Good," I said.

"I guess this means you wont be retaking your Ordeal," Ginnette stated.

"You guess right," he said. "Bitey and I are partners now."

"Bitey?" Ginnette and I both asked.

"That's his name," he said.

Ginnette started laughing. "And you were laughing at Tumbleweed's name," she said.

"It's a good name for him," Hugo said defensively.

"It is," I agreed.

Ginnette just kept laughing for a bit as we started walking back to the Center. Once she finally stopped I spoke up.

"Do you two want to come with me again tomorrow morning for some more group training?" I asked.

They both thought about it for a moment. Finally, Hugo shook his head.

"No," he said. "Not that I don't appreciate all your help. I'm sure I would never have been able to tame Bitey without it, but I want to work on his attacks by myself. I need to prove to him and myself that I'm capable as a trainer."

"I can respect that," I said. We walked in silence for a bit. "Since you're finally making some progress as a trainer, are you going to contact your mother now? You still haven't spoken to her yet since the Selection Day right?"

He hesitated for a moment. "I think I'll wait until I reach D-rank and complete my first mission. I want to be able to send her some money to help her and my sisters."

"The longer you put it off," I said, "the worse it will be when you finally do speak to her."

"I know this," he said abruptly.

I let it go. I turned to Ginnette who was strangely quiet. Suddenly I remembered that her family had disowned her.

"Sorry," I apologized to her. "I forgot about your family."

She stopped and glared at me. "Why are you apologizing to me?" she asked hotly. "You didn't disown me, they did. You have absolutely nothing to apologize for."

Hugo gave a short laugh. "Yeah," he said. "That is a very annoying habit of yours."

"Sorry," I said again.

Ginnette just rolled her eyes while Hugo snorted. I decided to change the subject.

"So you didn't answer my question," I told her. "Do you want to train with me in the morning tomorrow?"

"No," she said after a moment. "I'm going to get up early and go to the Gym. I want to take my D-rank exam."

Hugo and I both stopped to look at her. She turned to look back at us.

"Are you sure?" I asked her.

She nodded. "I'm ready," she said. "Tumbleweed listens to what I say and obeys my attack commands. That's the first part of the exam right there. He can follow simple directions. That's the second part."

"What about the third part," Hugo asked.

"I'm pretty sure that Tumbleweed is so mellow that he won't even blink if Muliere tries that fake attack like he did on Jacob's exam," she said. "Even if he changes it around a bit I'm confident that I can control Tumbleweed in a stressful situation."

I thought back on Tumbleweed's behavior from our training session. "You know what? I think your right. You should have no problem passing," I told her.

She smiled at me.

"Well that's great," Hugo said sourly. "I'll have to wait for at least another day before I can take my exam. I still have to work on Bitey's attacks before I can take it."

"That's fine," I told him. "Don't rush it. Just make sure you two are ready so you pass it the first time."

"You're right," he told me. "I don't want to have to retake it. I want to start taking missions as soon as possible."

We reached the Center well after sun down. Ginnette and Hugo said they were going to bed. I told them that I would go in a few minutes. I just wanted to take care of something first. They said goodnight and entered the barracks. I entered the computer room and logged on.

Since I was going to use tomorrow to train and visit my family I decided to look for a mission for the day after. I went through all the D-rank requests and once again chose a city state requested mission.

Mission Rank: D

Reward: $50

Location: Southern Gate

Summary: Trainer needed for the afternoon shift to guard the Southern Gate. Must deal with any wild Pokemon that are spotted trying to enter the city state. Must take note of anyone that leaves the city state and report it if they do not return on the agreed time. Must make sure that no civilians exit the city without trainer escort. If any foreigner comes up to the gate, their papers must be checked and the foreigner must be registered and given a temporary pass to enter the city state. Trainer must report to the Southern Gate By 2PM. Shift will end at 7PM.

After reading through the mission I decided to take it. I accepted the mission and received confirmation. Once I was done I logged off and went to bed. As I was laying in bed I kept thinking about my upcoming visit to my family. I had a feeling that my visit would not end pleasantly.

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