Pokemon: Chaotic World

It's a whole new world. A world were Pokemon and their trainers are something to be feared. This is the story of a new trainer who must survive his new life as a Pokemon trainer and leave the life that he has known behind. Watch as he struggles through a Pokemon world unlike any that you know. AU Pokemon World.



10. Chapter 10: First Mission

I woke up early the next morning to get ready for my mission. Before anything else, I unwrapped my ankle to check my injury. The bite already healed over leaving only a white scar. I stood up and jumped but felt no pain.

"Those Potions are amazing," I thought. "I should have no problem at all today."

Once I was ready, I went to the cafeteria and grabbed some food to eat it on the way to District Five. I rushed over to the train station and boarded a magnet train. It did not take me long to reach the station in the district closest to the park.

District Five was the commercial district of the city state of Asidia. Although every district in the city state has some shops, this district was completely filled with malls, supermarkets, and many restaurants. There was only one large public park in the district located in the center. I made it to the park with 30 minutes to spare and walked around until I found the guard station. There were five trainers standing in front of the station talking. One trainer saw me and split off from the rest and walked up to me.

"Morning," she said. "You must be Trainer Jacob. I'm Trainer Jessica. I'm the shift leader for our shift."

"Yes, I am," I told her. "It's good to meet you."

"You're here early," she said. "Good. I wanted to speak to you before our shift started."

"Why?" I asked nervously.

"You're still a rookie," she responded. "And this is your first mission. I just wanted to go over what you can expect today."

"Alright," I said.

She motioned for me to follow her and we started walking deeper into the park. I took note of landscape as we were walking. The park was mostly low trimmed lawns with trees and park benches spread out. There was a paved path that wound around and through the park for people to walk on. There was also a good sized pond in the center of the park.

"This is a guard patrol mission," she began. "That means our mission consists of constantly patrolling this park looking for any wild Pokemon that may have made it into the city state. Unfortunately, the wall can't keep out every single Pokemon. Some of them do manage to sneak in and make it far into the city state. Most of them are smaller Pokemon that a D-rank trainer can easily deal with. Our primary objective is to protect any civilians that are in the park. Taking out wild Pokemon is secondary to civilian safety. Any questions so far?"

I shook my head.

"Park guard patrols are always made up of at least three trainers," she continued. "Two of the trainers are either D-rank or C-rank. The third is always either a C-rank or B-rank who is in charge of the shift. I'm a C-rank trainer and therefore in charge of this shift since I outrank you and the other trainer in our shift."

"If the third trainer can be a B-rank," I said, "that means that your mission rank is C. I thought that these guard patrol missions were all D-rank?"

"Mine is a supervisory mission," she explained. "It's my job to keep track of my subordinates and take care of any issues that you can't handle yourselves. I'll spend most of the shift in the guard station manning the radio and the park's intercom system. You and the other trainer will mostly be walking around keeping an eye on things. Understand?"

I nodded.

"You're lucky," she said. "This is a fairly easy mission. The morning shifts usually see little action. The night shifts usually encounter wild Pokemon at least once in each shift. There are also usually very few citizens moving through the park at this time of day. This will be a good way to ease you into taking missions."

"Should I have my Pokemon out during the shift?" I asked her.

She shook her head. "No. This is a civilian park. Unless we run into any wild Pokemon, it's best not to have our own out. We don't want to terrify anyone who decides to come here to relax."

"Understood." I said.

She glanced at a watch on her wrist for the time. "Let's head back," she said. "Our shift starts in a couple of minutes."

"Alright," I said.

We made it back to the guard station just before the shift change. Three of the trainers wished us luck and headed out of the park. That left Jessica, another D-rank trainer a couple of years older then myself who introduced himself as Mark and me. Jessica gave us each a handheld radio from the guard station and told us to begin patrolling together for a bit before splitting up. She sent us off then went into the station.

Mark had very little to say to me. He made it clear that it was not his choice to be a trainer and he remained at D-rank by choice despite being an active trainer for almost three years. Not knowing what to say to him, I spent most of the time walking next to him in silence. I was relieved when one hour into our shift, Jessica contacted us on the radio and told us to patrol separately.

I continued walking on the path through the park on my own for the next couple of hours. There were only a handful of civilians around and most of them gave me a wide berth when they saw my trainer armbadge. Every 30 minutes I had to radio the station to report no problems. So far I did not report any signs of wild Pokemon.

At noon, Jessica ordered Mark to take a 30 minute break. After he was done, it was my turn. Since I had no food or money, I decided to sit on a park bench and watch the civilians coming and going.

"Halfway trough my shift and no problems to report," I thought as I watched a couple taking a leisurely walk. "We were always told stories about how dangerous trainer missions were. This isn't so bad. I'm actually enjoying myself."

My break finished and I began patrolling the park again. I was glad that the shift was almost over with no issues. "I hope that most of the D-rank missions are as easy as this one is," I thought. A few seconds after I had that thought, I heard I heard a panicked scream from the other end of the park.


"Spoke to soon," I thought as I spun and ran in the direction of the scream. There were some civilians running away from the area I was running too. As I was running I heard Mark over the radio reporting to Jessica about the incident and that he was en route. Once he was done, I used the radio to tell her I was en route as well. A moment later, I heard an alarm sound and Jessica's voice echoing through the park.

"Attention Citizens!" she said. "Wild Pokemon have been spotted in the vicinity. All civilians are to immediately evacuate the area. Please exit the park quickly and calmly."

I finally reached the area of the disturbance and came onto a scene of total mayhem. There was a flock of about two dozen Pidgeys in this area of the park. Some of the Pidgeys had a family of three pinned down and were hitting them with Peck attacks. The rest were focusing their attacks on Mark who had gotten to the scene before me. He had two Pokemon next to him doing their best to take down the Pidgeys.

I recognized the Pokemon as a Shellos and a Dwebble. The Shellos was knocking down the Pidgeys with Water Pulse while the Dwebble crushed them with Rock Blast. Since most of the Pidgeys were keeping the other trainer busy, I went to deal with the few that were still focusing on the family.

"Shade!" I called out.

Shade appeared in front of me and quickly spotted the problem. He stood tensed, ready for my commands.

I pointed to the Pidgeys still pecking the family. "Bite!"

He ran towards the Pidgeys and leaped at the one closest to him, bitting it in mid air. He brought it down and began shaking it as it tried to Peck at him. The rest of the Pidgeys flew up high and focused their attention on Shade. He finally bit down hard enough to kill the one in his jaw and spit out the corpse. I ordered him to attack the others but they were too high for any of his attacks to reach them. They remained just out of reach and kept sending Gust attacks that Shade did his best to dodge. Finally, I just ordered him to defend the family on the ground instead of trying to attack the Pidgeys.

"Thunder Wave!" a voice cried out.

Dozens of small bolts of electricity flew at the Pidgeys. The electricity didn't hurt any of them, but some began sparking and fell to the ground as they became paralyzed. I turned to look in the direction that the Thunder Wave came from. I saw a Pachirisu with Jessica standing slightly behind it.

"Don't just stand there!" she yelled to me. "Take care of the ones we bring down!"

I immediately ordered Shade to Bite the ones on the ground. Since they were still being affected by the paralysis, he was able to easily take them out. Jessica's Pachirisu kept sending Thunder Wave at the remaining Pidgeys and bringing them down for Shade to finish off. Once we were done we went to help Mark finish the rest off. When there were only a handful of them left they decided that enough was enough and flew away.

Jessica and I rushed over to check the family while Mark kept an eye on the retreating Pidgeys. The parents had the worst injuries as they were doing there best to cover their child.

"You'll be alright," she told them. "I called emergency services to send over an ambulance before I left the station. They should be here soon."

Meanwhile I was doing my best to calm their child. I had mostly succeeded by the time the paramedics made it to us. We helped the paramedics load up the family on stretchers. They then rushed the family to their ambulance to take them to the nearest hospital. Once the ambulance was gone, Jessica turned to us.

"Good work you two," she told us. She then turned to Mark. "Did you see where they were heading?" she asked him.

"South," he responded.

She nodded. "I'll go radio the stations in that direction to have them on alert. Just in case those Pidgeys decide to land in a different part of the city state instead of going back to the wilds. Jacob, come with me back to the station to get some supplies to clean up this mess," she told me as she motioned to all the corpses of Pidgeys all around us. I noticed Shade eyeing some of the corpses. "Mark, keep this area secure until we come back," she told him.

"Got it," Mark said.

I hesitantly pointed to one dead Pidgeys that Shade was staring at. "Can he feed on some of those?" I asked her.

She shrugged. "Sure. That will be less Pidgeys for us to pick up."

"Help yourself," I told Shade.

He immediately began tearing into one of the Pidgeys. Jessica and Mark both recalled their Pokemon. Jessica and I headed back to the guard station. Once Mark was out of earshot she began speaking.

"Listen," she said. "You did well handling the situation back there. Defending civilians in such a situation should always be first priority. But, as I made it to the scene I noticed that your Pokemon was having trouble with the Pidgeys. They could hit him from up in the air but your Pokemon could not hit them. That left both him and the civilians open to long range attacks while you couldn't hit them back."

She stopped talking for a moment to let that sink in.

"Let me ask you something," she continued. "What attack commands have you trained your Pokemon to respond to?"

"Shade knows Tackle, Bite, Sand-Attack and Assurance," I answered. "We're still working on assurance though. It's not as strong as it could be."

"So he only knows three close range attack commands and one close range status affecting attack command," she said. "Can you see the problem here?"

I nodded reluctantly.

"You need to either teach Shade some long range attacks or capture another Pokemon that has some," she said. "You should also try to teach him some better status affecting attacks. Sand-Attack is only good at close range and is useless if there is no sand or loose dirt for you to use. It shouldn't be hard for you to teach him some more useful ones. I guarantee you that Shade already knows Howl and Odor Sleuth. He would have learned those two as a pup from his pack. You just haven't taught him to respond to those commands."

"I didn't think about that," I admitted. "You're right. I wasn't prepared. I should have made sure Shade was ready to deal with different situations."

"No real harm done," she said. "It's just something for you to consider before accepting your next mission. Like I said, you handled the situation well despite your handicap."

"Thanks," I told her.

We made it back to the guard station. The first thing Jessica did was use the radio to alert the guard stations south of us of the remaining Pidgeys flying in their direction. The other stations told her that they would keep and eye out to make sure the flying Pokemon wouldn't land in their areas. After she was done, she moved to a closet and took out a large roll of garbage bags and two shovels. We left the station and went back to the spot where the Pidgeys were.

Mark was just standing there watching Shade eat a Pidgey.

"That's his third one," he told me. "Any more and he will be to full to even more."

"No more for you," I told Shade.

His ears drooped and he began eating the Pidgey more slowly. We began shoveling the corpses into the garbage bags as he was finishing up. Once we were all done I recalled Shade and Mark and I went to toss the filled bags into the dumpster while Jessica went back to the station to return the supplies. There was still about 30 minutes left on our shift so we did one more quick patrol around the park to check for any more problems. Civilians were just starting to carefully reenter the park. We went back to the guard station just before our shift ended.

The next shift of trainers were already there waiting for their shift to start. Jessica was talking to one, explaining what happened on our shift. Once 2PM came Mark and me handed our radios over and wished them luck. Mark immediately said goodbye and took off. Jessica and I began walking to the train station.

"So," she began, "What did you think of your fist mission?"

"Not really what I expected," I answered. "Except for the incident with the Pidgeys, It was pretty easy. Are all D-rank missions like that?"

"More or less," she said. "For the most part D-ranks are low risk missions. Most of them are simple guard missions where we have to patrol a certain part of Asidia and keep the civilians safe. Normally we only deal with low level Pokemon like those Pidgeys. If any stronger Pokemon had made it this far into the city state, I would have handled it. If it was too hard for me to handle, we would have sent an emergency call for a higher rank trainer to come deal with it."

"Do we usually have to deal with wild Pokemon in every guard mission?" I asked her.

"Not every mission," she said. "There have been days where I've gone through a D-rank mission without encountering a single wild Pokemon. The gate and wall guards usually take care of any before they enter the city state. It's mainly small, sneaky or Flying Pokemon that make it past them that we have to deal with this far in."

"That's good to know," I said.

"Wait until you reach C-rank," she continued. "I normally only take on one C-rank every couple of weeks or so. D-ranks may pay less but I'm less likely to be killed on one. It's almost a given that you will run into wild Pokemon out on a C-rank, even the C-ranks that you have to complete within the city state."

"Muliere did tell me that not all missions you take within the city state were D-rank," I remarked. "What kind of C-rank missions are normally available to take within the city state?"

"The sewer missions," she answered promptly. "This is a fairly large city state and there is a large network of sewer tunnels underneath. The sewer company has to go regularly down into the sewers to perform maintenance. Problem is, wild Pokemon can easily enter the sewers from the pipelines that remove waste from the city state. There are almost daily mission requests for trainers to escort sewer workers into the sewers to protect them while they work. Once a week they request several trainers to go down and clear out as many wild Pokemon as they can, but those are B-rank missions."

"Huh," I said. "What about C-rank missions outside the wall?"

"The are many different kinds of C-rank missions you can take outside the wall," she said. "There are escort missions were you guard workers such as woodcutters and miners while they collect materials that can't be produced within the city state. There are the missions were you yourself have to go out and collect something from the wilds. There are even Pokemon catching missions."

"Pokemon catching missions"" I asked.

She nodded. "There are some wild Pokemon that have various uses either for the city state or for the private sector. I had one such mission a couple of months ago. I accepted a mission from a leatherworker to go out and capture some Stantler. The mission called for me to capture a minimum of three Stantler. After that, each additional Stantler would earn me bonus pay. I brought in seven so I earned the $150 standard pay for completing the mission plus $30 each for the rest."

"So you made $270 on one C-rank mission," I said. "That's pretty good."

She scowled. "The leatherworker most likely sold the Stantler meat to a butcher once he finished skinning them. Exotic foods cost more than food produced within the city state. He most likely made back what he paid me for the mission plus interest."

I didn't know what else to say. We continued walking in silence. Once we reached to station she spoke up again.

"I have some errands to run before I head over to collect my pay," she said. "Just take a magnet train to the mission office in central district. Talk to a teller there to report your mission complete. They will deposit your pay directly into your trainer account."

"Alright," I said.

"It was nice meeting you Jacob," she said. "I hope we work another shift together someday. Good luck with your other missions. Just remember what we talked about earlier about your Pokemon's attacks."

"I will," I responded. "Thanks for all your help today. I hope we work together again too. Bye."

"Goodbye," she said and walked away.

I boarded a magnet train and headed to the mission office to report my completed mission. As I was sitting in the train, I kept thinking about Jessica's advice and the training session with Hugo and Ginnette I had planed.

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