You're 18, I'm 20

A college student choose to study abroad in his final year of college. At the train station he meets a girl and it's like love at first sight but after the train ride they get "lost" from each other. He begins to search for her but it's harder to find her than what he thought. She is the only thing that he can think about, but will they ever meet again?
(Based on a movie)


1. Train Station

Train Station

Ryan's point of view
The train station was filled with people, more than Ryan
 thought it would be. the sun was shining and it was really warm today and with a lot of people around it definitely didn't make it better. 

At the station he saw a fortune machine and decided to pay about 35 cents to see what it would say. He took some money out of his purse and out of the machine came a little paper which said:
"You're going to meet someone like you, may be your life partner"

Emma's point of view 
Emma was at the station, she was a bit confused of which of the trains she was meant to get on. as she is walking on her right the fortune machine immediately catches her attention and brought back a lot of memories as a child whenever she and her father saw a fortune cookie or a fortune machine they would always get one for Emma. it was their thing and it's something that always made her smile whenever she thought of it. Now that she is older she is still really obsessed with it and always look forward to see what the message on the paper is.

She put some money in the machine and out came a little piece of paper which said: 
"You're going to meet someone like you, may be your life partner"  
She takes the little piece of paper and put it in her pocket. as she is about to ask for help to find the train among all of these people, she finds the train and go straight towards it.

Ryan's point of view
Before heading to the train Ryan sees a little books shop at the station which he decides to explore. It's going to be a long train ride so having a book will definitely make the time fly a bit faster, he thought to himself. The book "pride and prejudice" by Jane Austen immediately catches his eyes, and he doesn't think twice to buy it. It's a classic so even though he has read it before a long time ago it's a book you can always read again and again.

He gets into the train and find his seat, he notice his shoelace is not bound so he take his bag and put it beside him and then bend down to tie his shoelace. Right when he has tied his shoelace and is about to sit straight up he notice a girl tying her shoelace, he moves his eyes from her shoe to her face and in that moment he is blown away, with his mouth open and eyes wide open he studies her face for 2 seconds, but quickly realise he is being impolite and immediately looks away and out of the window.

She just looks at him for a second and then go to her seat which is the seat to the opposite of his seat.

He wants to not look at her but struggles a lot with it. His eyes slowly moves towards her and she notice him looking at her which makes him look away immediately.

A few minutes later with only silence, a group of 4 people come in and take the seats that are empty next to both Ryan and Emma. 2 men sits beside Ryan and a woman and her teenage daughter take the seats next to Emma. They talk a lot and seems to be really happy, they made the silence go away by constantly talking but as they talk the sound seems to fade away as Ryan's eyes are locked on Emma, she is looking outside and looks just so beautiful and seems to be lost in her own thoughts. Not only does the sound fade away but the world surrounding them suddenly seems to be going in slow-motion and the only thing that seems to be really "alive" right now is Emma and Ryan, in Ryan's opinion. 

Ryan comes back to the real world and the train just started to move. As it takes off he takes his headphones and starts to listen to some music.                    



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