A small town girl feeling trapped but just want to live a normal and happy life. Her parents are religious, but especially her father is very strict and looks down on women. she just wants to escape this nightmare but it's easier said than done. Her only hope seems to be her brother until she meets him, the guy who changes it all.


1. In Love With Love


In Love With Love 


I was in my bed crying again, silently with out letting any sound out of my mouth. It was a struggle in itself to not cry loudly and i was sick and tired of anything and everything, but mostly at my father. He's an old and religious man, and did not hide his feelings towards women, who he only saw as cleaning and birth giving machines, the funny thing is that he always wanted boys instead of girls but his got 2 daughters but also a son who ran away a few years ago, because he couldn't take this life anymore, and i didn't blame him, it's only gotten worse as i've gotten older, and he was especially strict towards us girls even my mother than towards his own gender. It was a nightmare that you could not wake up from.

My father treated my mother poorly, but she always got his back no matter what, she never really stood up for us children when we needed her the most. I felt bad for her and maybe she was scared of him, but i could never forgive her. She was the one who almost got my brother, Jason caught when he tried to escape, but luckily he got away. The last time i talked to him was the day he got away, and what he told me that day has been giving me hope for a better future ever since

"I'm gonna go away for a while, but i promise to come back to get you girls, i will do anything for you guys to have a better life, and my goal in life right now is to get us a place, so just hang on until i come and get youthese were the words that he said before he took his bag and ran, i still remember it like it was yesterday.

Everyday i look down the road and everyday i have a hope to see him coming towards me to finally get me and my sister out of here.

it's the year of 2003 and i'm an 18 year old girl who has never been kissed.

My father does not want me to go to parties with alcohol which most of them are, i have a few friends and meeting boys is not easy, especially with my father who wants me and my sister to get married to the man of his wishes. obviously we are not getting married to anyone anytime soon and definitely not to a random guy who my father wants us to marry but because we are a little scared of him, we never say anything, which makes him believe that we will do anything that he says.

He always keeps an eye on us and if he ever see us talking to a guy, i'm not sure what he will do and i don't want to know.

I love reading it's my escape from the world, we have a tv but i don't watch tv much and we do not have a computer or a mobile phone which is something everyone at school talks a lot about. I have a little dog that i talk a lot to when i'm home, lately i've talked a lot about boys and my desire to be kissed.

The books i've read have really effected me in a good way, and the word love have just recently gotten a whole new meaning for me. I'm in love with love and i can't wait to meet the perfect guy. I will do anything for my happiness even if it means going against my father, only time will tell what the future will bring me. 


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