The Fairest of Them All

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  • Published: 2 Jun 2017
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This is for the Battle of The Fandoms. It's Swan Queen Fanfiction for all you Swen out there. The ending is unexpected


1. Battle of the Fandoms OUAT

I watch my baby sleeping peacefully in the cradle decorated with silver ribbons and light pink lace. The golden tassels move in the wind blowing from the open balcony door. The cold winds make me shiver in my nightdress so I try to shut the door but a noise keeps me from shutting it. It’s the cry of a thousand little babies out in the wilderness. I shut the door anyway and head over to where my baby sleeps peacefully.  I pick my baby up and hold her close to my chest. She begins to cry and I gently bounce her up and down.

“It’s okay little one, Mommy has you. No need to cry.”

I turn around to find Regina leaning against the doorway in her red silk bathrobe. She smiles as she watches me soothe our daughter. I place Lilith back in her cradle and cover her with the pretty golden sheets and her pretty pink blanket. I kiss her goodnight and walk over to where Regina is standing. I turn off the lights and place my arms around my wife’s hips. She looks up at me and whispers.

“Are you going to punish me Miss Swan? Have I been a naughty girl?”

“Madame Mayor, you are under arrest for being very sexy.”

“Emma, I wish I could tell you that I loved you.”

“Regina you are the fairest of them all.”

“No Emma, you are the fairest of them all.”

Emma's POV

         I wake up drenched in sweat and stare at the alarm clock. It wasn’t even five in the morning yet and I couldn’t ever go back to sleep after that dream. I loved Regina and I had loved her since the first day I laid my eyes upon her. She invited me into her house and we drank cider, I wanted to kiss her in that moment and right now I want to kiss her even more. Regina was getting married today and after she got married I would be single forever. When Regina says her vows in a few hours I would have to make due with her sister or Ruby.

       You see when Gold died, Belle and Gideon turned to us for support. Killian and Belle fell in love and left me in a black hole full of hatred. When Belle had Mila and Liam I did everything in my power not to crush their hearts. Regina was all I had left; it was either she or Zelena. I would never go for Zelena she could marry Robin for all I care.

       The sapphire blue dress that Mom had gotten me for the wedding stood in the corner, hanging on the mirror. Mom had so kindly given me the room upstairs to stay in for a while and Henry had moved in with his Mom. I ran a comb through my hair and perfected the blonde curls. I put on red lipstick and black eye shadow. I took out the ring box and placed it in my dress pocket. I put on the dress and slipped on the red shoes. I was ready to propose to the one I loved and nothing could hold me back. I loved Regina and nothing even Robin Hood would stand in my way. I would ruin the wedding if I had too. As long as tonight I had Regina in my arms and in my bed.

Regina's POV

         I was about to make the single most important decision of my life. I was about to say ‘I do’ to a man that I went to Hell and back for. To a man who I cried over and got stuck in an alternate reality for. I stood in the mirror and saw my curly locks. I stared into my brown eyes and smoothed down my wedding dress. This was the happiest evening of my life and something inside me told me this was all wrong. It shouldn’t be me in this dress it should be my sister.

         Robin met Zelena after Marian died, before he met me. He fell in love with Zelena as Marian but it still counted. Zelena fell in love with Robin after Hades. Killian met Belle after he met Milah. I met Emma after Daniel and she met me after Neal.

“Regina, what are you doing? You love Robin don’t you? Then go downstairs and marry him. No, I can’t I don’t love him. I love Emma and I’ve loved her since the day I met her.”

         The wedding was off, I was in love with Emma, but I was marrying Robin. I changed into a red dress and put the diamond ring back in the box. Maybe Robin would find his true love one day but I sure as hell wasn’t his soul mate. I got the box out with Emma’s engagement ring and put it in my pocket. I slipped on the blue slippers, Emma had the red ones, and I walked downstairs to the kitchen. The wedding was off, Robin would be out to get coffee soon, and he would see the box and the note I wrote.

         “Dear, Robin I don’t love you. The wedding is off and I do know something. You love Zelena and she loves you. Hell, Robyn is a love child her magic is love magic. The curse never broke because I never loved you and you never loved me. Well, we might’ve been in love but we aren’t anymore.”

         I grabbed my phone off the table and grabbed my car keys. I knew the perfect spot to purpose, Emma and I would become wives soon, and I wanted that more than ever. I quickly drove to the beach and walked over to our spot. Emma was already there, she dropped her phone, and I realized she was about to call me for the same thing.


Emma's POV

 “Regina, why are you here?”
“Why are you here?”

“About to call you.”

“I was about to do the same thing.”

       I walked over to where she stood and she watched me with those beautiful brown eyes. Wait, she had a wedding to attend and a marriage to start. She still had to help raise Roland and Henry.

“Regina isn’t you getting married soon?”

“No, the wedding is off. I realized I didn’t love Robin.”

“Who do you love then Regina?”

“You, Miss Swan. I love you Emma.”

“Regina, I was about to ask”

       Regina quickly shut me up with a quick kiss on the mouth. The kiss was quick but it was passionate. She pulled away as I looked at her with shock. She took a step back and bit her lip while staring at the sand. I took a step forward and picked up her chin so that she gazed into my eyes. I kissed her and pulled her nearer to me. We made out for a few moments until I was sweating.

“Regina, you have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that.”

“Miss Swan that was better than I ever dreamed of.”

“Should we stay or go to a wedding that isn’t even happening?”

“Miss Swan let’s stay right here forever.”

“Agreed, you are the fairest of them all.”

“No Emma you are, I have to ask you something.”

“I wanted to ask you something.”

       I got down on one knee and took the box out of my dress pocket. Regina just stood there with a grin on her face and tears of joy in her eyes. I took the box out and opened it very slowly. I stared into Regina’s eyes and asked a question I had been dying to ask since the day I met her.

“Regina Clarisse Mills, will you make me the happiest of all and marry me?”

“Emma I’m speechless, I knew you loved me but not this much.”

“So is that a yes or a no?”

“Actually I have a question for you but yes, I will marry you.”

       I slipped the ring out the red velvet box and slipped it on her finger. She looked at the ring on her finger and kissed me with passion. Then she got down on one knee and pulled the ring out of her red dress. The box was velvet and it was blue. She pulled the box out and opened it before asking me the same question I had just asked her.

“Emma, the fairest one of all, I know I agreed to marry you. Will you make me the happiest queen alive and marry me?”

Regina's POV

       Emma stood there on the beach with me half buried in the sand and she was speechless. I had finally confessed that I loved her just like she loved me. The engagement ring that she had given me was stunning. I took the box out and waited for her reply. I was waiting for her to say yes.

“Yes, I will marry you”

         I slipped the ring on her slender finger and stood up. Emma wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me in for another kiss. I put my arms around her neck and kissed her even more. The sun was setting and together we watched as lovers, as an engaged couple and we planned a glorious wedding together. I wondered if Robin would marry my sister because he couldn’t marry me. Roland looked up to me and I loved him with every bone in my body but he would never be my child. Roland was Robin’s son and soon he would be Zelena’s.

         Emma and I watched the sun set together and soon we heard voices of a rescue party coming to search for us. Robin would be a little angry but I didn’t care, I loved Emma Swan. As the voices grew louder I became very afraid. I raised my head and looked into Emma’s eyes. She was afraid too. As the search party found our hiding spot Emma and I vanished into a cloud of purple smoke. We weren’t ready for the world to see us as we truly were.

         We reappeared at Emma’s house because Henry was probably at mine. Emma picked me up and set me down on the couch. For some reason I was shaking so she just wrapped her arms around me and summoned a cup of hot chocolate with cinnamon and whipped cream. She wrapped a blanket around me and held me in her arms. I was roughly the same size of her but for some reason in her arms I felt very small and safe.

“I love you Regina.”

“I love you too Emma.”

         I fell asleep in Emma’s arms and towards morning I opened my eyes again. Emma was sleeping so I just lay on the couch and let a million thoughts run through my mind. Maybe today we should show up at Granny’s and tell the town that Emma and I were in love and getting married. Snow wouldn’t be too pleased and neither would David but once they saw the love in our eyes they would understand. Zelena would be a little hurt and so would Robin but I had a plan to get them to fall deeply in love.

         A few hours later I was changed into a beautiful blue dress covered with black designs. Emma wore her red leather jacket and her black blouse. Emma also wore her blue jeans and her sheriff badge. She carried her gun in her holster and wore cowboy boots. She came up behind me as I was getting ready and kissed my cheek.

“Morning Madam Mayor, you look wonderful.”

“You look amazing as well Miss Swan.”

“Regina you make me so happy.”

“Emma you are the fairest of them all.”

“No your majesty you are the fairest of them all.”

         We walked into Granny’s hand in hand. As soon as I entered Robin jumped up and ran to give me a hug. When he saw me with Emma he took a step back and almost collapsed. Zelena let Robyn down and picked Robin up. He looked at her with big eyes. I think he literally just fell in love with my sister. Belle and Killian stood with Liam and Mila in the corner. They were very surprised in fact everyone was shocked except Henry. He had his book open in the corner and he smiled.

“I knew you too would end up together.”

“How did you know Henry?”

“Back in the Enchanted Forrest in an alternate reality you too married and had a daughter named Lilith. You also raised me from birth.”

“So kid my dream was real?”

“Emma, what dream?”

         Emma described her dream to all of us and left the whole town in deep shock except Henry. Emma wrapped her arms around my waist and waited for the town to quiet down. I cleared my throat and both of us held out our engagement rings.

“We’re getting married. Emma and I are getting married.”

         Robin put his arms around Zelena and announced as well much to my dismay. Zelena extended a hand and showed us the ring that once grazed my finger. I felt jealously and pain.  Emma wrapped her arms around me and calmed me down.

“Regina, I hope you’re not upset. Zelena and I are getting married. We married once and I met her before I met you.”

“Robin, it’s fine. As long as all of us are happy then I’m happy.”

“Thank you Regina, actually I have another announcement.”

         Robin took the book from Henry and turned the pages to page 23. It was a picture of our wedding in the Enchanted Forrest. I couldn’t remember the day but something must’ve happened to alter the past. He turned to page 34 and showed me the picture of my holding a baby boy in my arms. He turned to page 54 and showed his wedding to Zelena, page 55 was I marrying Emma and holding Henry. Page 58 was Zelena holding baby Robyn. Page 62 was Emma holding Lilith while I stood in the door and the very last page was I setting the curse and resetting time so that we couldn’t remember anything or have our children.

         “Henry what is this?”

“This is what really happened before Isaac decided to rewrite our stories. I found the real book and this is what happened. You see Isaac made the book to happen after Storybrook. He couldn’t change anything but he just pushed it forward in time.”

“What is page 34?”

“Mom, it’s the day you gave birth to Roland. Robin never originally married Marian. You were his first love and Zelena his second.”

“Roland is actually my baby?”

“In the original book. Now he’s Marian’s.”

“Why would you tell me this?”

“Because Roland’s your son again.”

“Roland’s older than you?”

“He was originally.”

Emma's POV

         Regina nearly collapsed in a pile of sorrow as she looked through Henry’s book. She was a mess after hearing all that really happened. Isaac had changed our stories. Storybrook never happened, all this mess was never supposed to happen until Isaac screwed up our stories. I could’ve had Regina in my arms for Henry’s childhood; I could’ve had a daughter and Roland as my children. Baby Robyn would’ve existed but only as my stepson’s sister and cousin.

“Regina is you okay?”

“Yes Emma I’m okay. I just never knew. I didn’t get to raise my son and you didn’t get to raise yours.”

“You raised your son.”

       Roland came up to us and climbed onto Regina’s lap. She wrapped her arms around him and rocked gently back and forth. She let tears stream down her face as she held her long lost baby boy close. Robin and Zelena held onto each other as they watched baby and Mommy reunite. The whole town watched with happiness even if they were upset about me marrying her.

“Regina is you my Mama?”

“Yes baby I’m your Mama.”

“I love you Mama.”

       Roland jumped off his Mama’s lap and came to give me a big hug.

“Are you going to be my other Mama?”

“Yes Roland I am.”

“I love you Emma.”

“I love you too.”

       Roland jumped off my lap and ran to his Papa, he would need some time adjusting to Regina being his Mother. I would need some time adjusting to having two children instead of one. The normal atmosphere returned as Zelena and Robin celebrated their engagement. Regina and I left as soon as we could. We needed time to think about our future and about what happened in our past. I wrapped my arm around Regina and together we left Granny’s arm in arm. Soon we would be married but first we needed to do so much planning.

       Regina and I wanted to get married July 15 but sadly Zelena and Robin took that date already. As the day dawned for the wedding of a thief and a green witch I waited for Regina to get out of the bathroom. She finally came out wearing a floor length sea green dress, her brown hair was down and she wore a white flower in her hair. She looked simply breath taking. She would Zelena’s maid of honor today and she looked like an angel.

“Regina you look amazing.”

“Thank you baby.”

“I love you more than ever.”

“You Emma are the fairest of them all.”

“No Regina, you are the fairest of them all.”

       I wore a knee-length black dress with my blonde hair down and black boots laced up to my knee. I would’ve preferred to wear a pair of jeans and my leather jacket but Regina made me wear a dress. I wore the dress and escorted my beloved fiancée to the car where we would go directly to the woods. Regina and Robin got married years ago in the woods in the Enchanted Forrest and so did Zelena. It was only fitting to reenact the first wedding. We drove to the side and followed the guests up.

       I sat down and watched the wedding from a seat in the woods. Regina walked up the aisle towards Robin and he smiled at her. I knew in his heart that he wanted to marry her with every ounce of his being but he was marrying Zelena. Regina stared at Robin with love in her eyes and it broke my heart in half. Zelena came up the aisle in her wedding dress and I fell instantly in love. She stared at me and she smiled. She looked at Robin and then looked back at me. Regina had to marry Robin before she married me. Zelena had to marry me before she married Robin and Henry knew this and he had something to say before the wedding moved on.

“Um Moms, we have a problem.”

“What is it Henry?”

“Mom you have to marry Robin before you marry Mom. Zelena you have to marry Mom before you marry Robin.”

“What do you mean?”

“According to the storybook that happening right now. It’s not going so well.”

“Henry little boy, I’m not listening to that book. I’m marrying Robin and that’s final.”

“Zelena don’t get jealous calm down.”

“Shut up Regina!”

“Okay let’s get this wedding started.”

       Zelena finished walking down the aisle, she wore a big smile on her face. Her red hair was down and she wore a flower crown on her head. She carried white roses to the altar and passed them to Regina when she took Robin’s hand and stood in front of Tinker Belle ready to officiate the marriage. Tinker Belle looked a little sad, as she got ready to marry Zelena to Robin. Tink had always been a major Robin and Regina shipper; she had married them the first time. Regina stood serene as she watched her sister and former husband.

“Do you Zelena take Robin to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forth in sickness and in health, for poorer or for richer till death do you part?”

“I, Zelena take thee Robin to be my lawfully wedded husband. From the first day I met you to the moment I watched you care for our daughter I knew that she would be the happiest because she would have her Papa. Reading that book and finding out that we had married and that my sister had a child with you was very upsetting. But, when you proposed to me and when you asked me to marry you for a third time. I was happy. Yes Robin I do take you to be my husband.”

“Do you Robin take Zelena to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forth in sickness and in health, for poorer or for richer till death do you part?”

“I Robin take thee Zelena to be my lawfully wedded wife. Zelena, I never intended to marry you today. I was intending to be married to Regina and I was hoping that by now your sister and I would have a little one on the way. After she broke the engagement and after Henry told us the truth, I thought to myself that maybe Regina was my first love and it was all an illusion. Regina loved Daniel but he was an illusion, Regina loved me but broke my heart. Regina loved Leopold and she loves Emma. But you Zelena, I married you three times and I’m marrying you again. I will always find you and you’ll always be my wicked witch of the west. You Zelena, I choose you.”

       “ Do we have the rings?”

       Zelena took the ring from Roland and placed it on Robin’s finger. Robin took Zelena’s ring from Roland and placed it on Zelena’s finger. Robin took Zelena by the waist and kissed her passionately. He kissed her with more passion than I kissed Regina. Tinker Belle smiled for the first time since she had been there. I smiled as Regina watched her sister walk back up the aisle as husband and wife. I fantasized about what my wedding would be like. Regina and I hadn’t even chosen a location or set a date. We were supposed to be married today and I was glad we weren’t.

Regina's POV

       Emma and I got to watch take care of Robyn while her mommy and daddy were celebrating their nuptials for a week in the Enchanted Forrest. I shouldn’t have opened that portal for them but I was happy that they were having fun. While Roland watched his younger sister and Henry played all emo in his bedroom talking to Violet, Emma and I planned a wedding.

“Okay Miss Swan, what’s the location?”

“Well Madam Mayor, I have no earthly idea.”

“We can have it at sea where Killian got married or in the woods were Robin got married. We can have the wedding at the town hall.”

“Well maybe we should have it at the town hall or our house.”

“Okay let’s have it at town hall. What about the reception?”

“Well Zelena had hers at Granny’s and Belle had hers at the library. We can have ours at our house.”

“Which house? Never mind Killian took yours. You lived at your Mom’s.”

“ We can have the wedding at town hall in the courtroom. We can have the reception directly after at our house.”

“Well Miss Swan it sounds like a plan.”

         That was two weeks ago and today was the day I was getting married. The courtroom had been decorated in red and white flowers with dark blue decals. The bridesmaid dresses were sapphire blue and white. Each chair had a black covering and a big red ribbon. The cake and cookies and drinks and food were set up in the dining room. The cake was a four-layer cake with blue and white frosting. The cake had tiny seed pearls and tiny apples. On top of the cake was a swan wearing a golden crown. When Emma first showed me the cake I about cried.

         I stood in my office with Belle, Zelena and Ariel. They were my bridesmaids. Well Zelena was my matron of honor. They helped me put my hair in curls and helped pin the long tulle veil in place. I wore a floor length cream wedding dress with lace and little diamonds. The dress had quarter sleeves made entirely out of lace. Zelena had found red roses in the woods and picked me a bouquet. At last minute I tore the veil from my head and got ready to walk down the aisle.

         Emma was in the makeshift room and her mom; Ruby and Ashley helped her get ready. Emma was already standing at the altar holding red roses and wearing a floor length plain white wedding dress with no sleeves. Her hair was all up in a bun and she had a simple veil. I walked up to her and took her hand. Zelena and Snow both began crying. Emma whispered.

“If I wasn’t marrying you, you would’ve been my maid of honor.”

“Well Miss Swan, I’ll soon be your wife. Isn’t that better?”

“Madame Mayor, it’s much better.”

         Tinker Belle stood ready to officiate the wedding and today she seemed happier than at Zelena’s wedding. My niece Robyn served as the flower girl, my son Roland served as the ring-bearer and our son Henry served as my escort. He escorted his mother down the aisle towards his other mother. Tinker Belle cleared her throat and I handed my bouquet to my sister.

“Have you prepared the vows? Regina, would like to go first.”

“Emma our wedding is untraditional, our marriage is untraditional and so is our love. Difference has always been good. I met you for the first time when you brought Henry home from Boston. When I laid eyes on you I knew I would never have you so I lashed out. Now, I stand here and realize how wrong I was. In Henry’s book we got married, we raised Henry from birth and we raised a daughter. We’re getting married and Henry’s already risen. Will you help me raise our daughter? Emma, I will love you untraditionally and unconditionally till death to us part.”

         “You have dark magic and I have light magic. I’ve had dark magic and you’ve had light magic. We have a son, we have each other, we have Roland and very soon we’ll have a very unique marriage. I met you in the Enchanted Forrest when I went back in time to change history and stop you from casting your curse. I picked up Mom’s engagement ring and fell right in your path. I met you when I brought Henry home and I fell for you. I had a dream were I was holding our daughter and you stood in the doorway watching. We were happy and I want to be happy with you. I don’t want to stay in Storybrook. I want to live with you in our castle, in the Enchanted Forrest. Will you do that with me?”

“I will.”

“Then I will to.”

“I pronounce you wife and wife. You may kiss your bride.”

         After the wedding the wedding party piled into cars and drove across town to our house. We celebrated the perfect union and had fun. After everyone left Emma and I went up to our newly renovated bedroom. She put me down on the bed and went into the bathroom. I waited around until she came out in lingerie. I was shocked.

“Miss Swan! What is this?”

“Do you like?”

“I love it but, you never.”

“I do now, I’m married.”

         Emma came over and pounced on me. I expected this behavior out of me but never out of Emma. She was like a tigress in sheep’s clothing. Not a wolf a freaking tigress. Emma slowly began trying to remove my wedding dress but I stopped her.

“Miss Swan I beg your pardon but I’m a married woman!”

“Sorry Madam Mayor, I have to arrest you anyway.”

“Have I been naughty?”

“Very naughty Your Majesty.”

         Emma took my dress off all the way and began kissing me passionately. We didn’t stop to near dawn and then we slept till noon. Our wedding night was full of love and passion. I couldn’t wait to see what the future would bring. Emma woke me up with a kiss and we began making love again.

Emma's POV

         Regina and I had been married for a few months and we really wanted a baby. I offered to carry our child but Regina wouldn’t have it. She said it was her turn to have a baby. We discussed options with Dr. Whale and he agreed to perform some miraculous act of magic. Regina sat on the side of the bed and waited to Dr. Whale to come in. We began to talk about what we would name the baby? How would Henry and Roland react to the news and we discussed why Regina wanted to carry the baby.

“Emma I’ve told you a thousand times. Sure Roland is my son but in this reality I didn’t give birth to him.”

“I gave birth to Henry and I understand but Regina are you physically able.”

“Why wouldn’t I be able to deliver a baby?”

“Madame Mayor all due respect but you aren’t exactly in the perfect health.”

“What are you getting at Miss Swan?”

“I don’t want my wife’s dead body on my hands.”

“Emma you worry to much.”

       Regina got off the bed and crossed over to the other side of the hospital room. We needed to hurry before Whale came in and told us whether two eggs produced a baby or not. Our child wouldn’t have a father she or he would have two mothers and be created out of inhuman biology. Regina sat on my lap and put her arms around my neck. I put my arms around her waist and stood. I held her by the waist to where she looked down at me. She leaned down and kissed me with love. We heard a knock on the door and ran to get back into our positions. We tried to act natural.

       Whale walked in with a folder in his hand and a smile on his face. We both stood to hear the news but Whale wasn’t going to utter a peep until one of us asked. I was just about to ask before Regina read my mind and asked for me.

“So what news?”
“You might want to sit down for this.”

       Regina crossed over to where I sat and sat on my lap. We both stared at Whale as he opened the file and began reading the results. He was going to stretch time as long as he could because he always did.

“Oxygen levels at 99%

CO2 Levels at 1%

Amniotic fluid at 100%

Placenta at 100%

Pregnant 100%”

       Regina looked at me with wide eyes as we both realized what Whale had just said. We were having a baby and I couldn’t wait till that day. Regina and I walked out of the hospital hand in hand and walked to Granny’s. As we walked we began talking about names, about things that were perfect for a child. We talked and we stopped beneath the old oak tree. She kissed me on the lips and I wrapped my arms around her trying not to cry because I hardly ever cried.

“So how many names should we come up with?”

“Two boys and two girls. You never know I could have twins.”

“Should we keep the gender and number a surprise?”
“Gender we can wait.”

“Emma, you give a boys name and a girls.”

“We have Roland and Henry. I’ve always wanted a daughter and to name her Elizabeth Bennett Swan- Mills.”

“Lilith Marie Swan-Mills.”

“Jackson Daniel Swan-Mills.”

“Henry wouldn’t like that.”

“So Daniel’s a good middle name.”

“Emma Swan!”

“Jackson Alexander Swan-Mills.”

“Sean David Swan-Mills.”

“Wow Regina, we need to slow down on the names. We’re almost there.”

       As we neared Granny’s door we got ready to prepare to tell everyone the good news. Regina opened the door to a sob-fest. Candles were lit and almost everyone was wearing black. Zelena was curled up in fetal position with Robyn trying to get Mommy to cheer up and Robin had a hand on his wife’s back. Mom came over to fill us on with the news.

“Zelena just found out that she was pregnant with twins but one of the twins is stillborn.”

“That’s terrible.”

“Regina, maybe we shouldn’t tell just yet. Zelena might get upset.”

“Okay we won’t. I’m going to go sit with my sister.”

       Regina walked over and sat down next to Zelena. She put her arms around her sister and soon Zelena wrapped her arms around Regina. I could hear sobbing from the corner. I sat at the bar and ordered a coke. Henry came up and sat beside me. He opened his book and spoke to me in whispered tones.

“If you don’t listen to the book bad things happen. Zelena lost a twin, I hope Mom isn’t pregnant because she’ll lose a baby too.”

“Kid, that just it. Your Mom is pregnant.”

“Mom, really? That’s not good.”

“Don’t tell Regina understand Henry. She’ll get upset. We’ll wait to tell the town until whatever.”

       Regina and I left the restaurant and headed home. She could loose the baby since we didn’t listen to Henry’s book. As soon as we got home Regina passed out in bed. I sat up and thought about what Henry said. It would be a dying shame if I were to loose my baby just because I didn’t follow the storyline. Regina lay down in bed and didn’t move for a long time. I covered her up with a throw blanket and lay down next to her. I cradled my wife in my arms and we went to sleep and dreamt peacefully.

       The next morning was a slow morning. I woke up and changed into a pair of sweatpants and a red t-shirt. I slipped my burkins on and went downstairs to make breakfast. I whipped up some scrambled eggs, made toast with apple jelly, fried a few pieces of bacon, poured two glasses of orange juice and arranged the plate to where Regina would approve. I was about to call her to come downstairs when I forgot she wanted a sliced apple with peanut butter every morning. The only apples we had were green and Regina liked red apples.

       I simply made a red apple appear all the way cut and already covered with caramel and peanut butter. I could hear Regina moving around upstairs and went upstairs to bring her down. She was in the bathroom, in the tub with a bloody towel under her and blood soaking through her silk pajamas. I stood there shocked and about died seeing my wife this way.

“Emma, call the doctor, get me to the hospital.”

“Regina, what happened?”

“I was sleeping and I felt like I had my period. So I came in here and saw all the blood then I remembered that I was pregnant.”

“It’s okay Regina you’ll be okay.”

“What about the baby, will the baby be okay?”

“Yes, Regina the baby will be fine.”

       I picked her up out of bed and called my mom while we were in the car. She didn’t answer until the fourth ring and Regina was in the backseat sobbing. I called Mom and called her and called and called. Finally she picked up and I explained everything.

“Mom I’m taking Regina to the hospital. Will you go to our house and clean up. There’s a lot of blood and breakfast is on the table.”

“What happened Emma, are you okay?”

“Yes, Regina’s pregnant and I think she could have lost the baby.”

“Oh no! Okay I’ll clean up. Keep me posted please?”

“I will Mama, I promise. I just hope my wife is okay.”

Regina's POV

       When we arrived at the hospital I was an absolute mess. I couldn’t see correctly through all the tears and the pain was unbearable. Emma lifted me out of the backseat and carried me to the open hospital room. She laid me down on the bed and went to retrieve Whale. Right before she left she whispered.

“Regina, you are the fairest one of all.”

“No, I’m not you are Emma.”

         She walked out and returned with Dr. Whale and a nurse. The nurse hooked me up to a blood pressure machine and a heart monitor. Dr. Whale popped on some gloves and Emma helped take off the bottom half of my nightclothes. Whale examined me and then finished in a few moments.

“Everything looks fine so far but you’ll need additional testing. If the child is lost then it’ll be a stillbirth. You are five months pregnant.”

“I thought I was only three.”

“No you’re five months.”


“Madame Mayor all due respect it’s very complicated.”

“Okay Whale, please proceed.”

“Nurse Ratchet can we get an IV and get some fluids going. She’s going to need an amniotic transfusion and a blood transfusion.”

“Will she need any pain medications doctor?”

“Madame Mayor on a scale of one to ten how much is your pain?”

“Right now about a three.”

“Nurse gives her 10g of morphine and 5g of epidural.”

“Why does Regina need epidural?”

“We may have to manually deliver the baby.”

         Doctor Whale left and Nurse Ratchet left but she soon returned with four needles, three monitors, and four bags. The nurse put the long needle into my lower abdomen. She placed one in my upper arm and the other one in my hand. The fourth needle went into my lower back.

         When the nurse left Emma came over and sat at the edge of my bed. I had monitors on my belly, and monitoring my heart. I also had monitors beeping and machines going on and off. Emma buried her head in my chest and I stroked her long blonde hair. I could tell she was worried about me and I was scared. I was scared for the safety of my child. The transfusions were going and the fluids were being pumped into my body.

         Emma picked her head up and looked at me with her puppy dog eyes. She stood up and held my hand; she let the tears run down. I knew she was worried about me. She leaned down and kissed me as I wrapped my arms around her neck.

“I couldn’t help fall in love with you. Emma, you are the fairest of them all.”

“No Regina you are the fairest of them all.”

         Dr. Whale came in with an ultrasound machine while we were still being a mushy couple. He cleared his throat and Emma stood up and put a hand on my shoulder while I lifted up my shirt and Whale put the cream on my abdomen. He turned on the machine and began moving the wand around. He stopped and asked a few questions.

“Do you want to know the gender?”

“No we’ll wait.”

“There’s only one heartbeat.”

“Isn’t that good.”

“Not in your case, you’re carrying twins.”

         I looked at Emma and my heart dropped one of my twins was stillborn just like Zelena’s. I about died in that moment. I had lost my baby. Whale removed the machines and said that we could go home. Emma helped me out of bed and we walked to the car. I had killed one of my babies. I had two children in me but only one was growing. Maybe just maybe we could save them both.

“Hey are you okay Regina?”

“I’m fine let’s go to Granny’s and announce my pregnancy.”

“Do you think Zelena will still be?”

“No, but she’ll comfort me.”

“Okay Regina let’s go.”

         We drove to Granny’s and Emma helped me out of the car. I looked down at my abdomen and realized that I wasn’t even showing yet. Emma held my hand as we prepared to enter Granny’s. Before Emma even opened the door I broke. I couldn’t bite back the tears. I was five months pregnant with twins and one of them was dead. I couldn’t hold my tears. Emma opened the door and I walked in crying.

         Zelena was sitting next to Robin. Roland and Robyn sat across from their parents. Zelena’s baby bump was showing and she was only five months pregnant. She got out and walked over to me before bringing me in for a tight embrace. Emma tapped a glass and cleared her throat. I could hear her trying to bite back tears as she spoke.

“Regina and I have an announcement. We were expecting twins and one is stillborn.”

“Emma that’s amazing and sad at the same time.”

         My sister wrapped her arms around me and let me bury my face in her shoulder. Robin came over and I fell into his arms. Emma then came over and I fell into her arms. Emma was trying to be strong but she wanted to break just like I broke. Emma held me close and cried with me. Then Zelena gave some bad news to us both.

“ Dr. Whale said that I might have to have them both removed. And since we both are five months pregnant, you might have to have premature labor as well.”

         I pushed my sister away from me and got so angry. I stood up and walked out of the diner. Emma tried to stop me before I left but I pushed her away as well. I walked outside and tried to take a few deep breathes before vanishing into a cloud of purple smoke. I wouldn’t give birth to my other child early. I wasn’t going to risk losing the other one since I lost one. I reappeared next to the tree that Emma and I had made out under.

         I sat down before feeling a terrible pain rip through my abdomen. I was at least three miles from the hospital and a few blocks from the nearest phone. I could easily teleport but I was too weak to do so. I wish Emma were with me. I closed my eyes and bit back a scream of anguish.

         I felt the weight of a hand on my shoulder and realized Emma had appeared in a cloud of grey smoke. When I felt her hand she caught me before I fell and kissed me passionately. She laid me down in the grass and held my head in her lap. She stroked my hair and held me close.

“I’m here. Regina, we should really get you to the hospital.”

“No they’ll take the baby. I don’t want to loose her.”

“How do you know it’s a girl?”
“Motherly instincts.”

“We need to get you to the hospital.”
“No Emma I don’t want to go.”

         I disappeared into a cloud of purple smoke and collapsed into the vault’s floor when I reappeared. I was in so much pain and there was so much blood and fluids coming down my leg. I didn’t want to go to no stupid hospital. My daughter wouldn’t be born today. I refused. I leant against the mirror and whispered.

“Show me my sister Zelena.”

         The mirror showed me Zelena sitting in the diner. Holding Robyn on her lap. Soon Zelena pushed Robyn off her and crouched over in pain. Robin shouted to Leroy.

“Get my car, Zelena’s in labor.”

         I wasn’t going to let my daughter share a birthday with my sister’s child. I refused to have my baby early and I refused to give birth until it was time. That’s when I decided since Emma knew my hiding place I would go somewhere else. I vanished into a cloud of smoke and I was in so much pain.

Emma's POV

         Regina had vanished into a puff of her purple smoke cloud and I knew exactly where she would be. After knowing her for so long and being married to her for so long, I knew my wife’s antics and I knew all of her secret hiding places. Normally after a day like this she would retrieve to her vaults and look up how to turn me into a flower. I was halfway through the cemetery when I received a phone call from someone. I looked down and realized that it was my mother. I answered it of course and what was on the other line was shocking.

“Emma gets to the hospital, Zelena’s in labor.”

“No Mom, for once I can’t listen to you. Regina’s in labor as well. I’m trying to find my wife.”

“Okay Emma, see you when you come. I’ll tell the family that Regina’s going to have the baby as well.”

       I ran towards Regina’s vault and opened the doors. I ran downstairs and looked everywhere for her. Could she have gone through one of the tunnels towards her office? Could she have gone home? I didn’t know but Regina sure as Hell wasn’t in her vaults like she would normally be. I ran a few yards down one tunnel.


       I ran a few more yards.


       I entered her office and found it cold and empty. She wasn’t in her vaults and she wasn’t in her office. Could she have gone to the hospital? I decided to call the security guards and find out.

“Hello, yes this is Sheriff Swan.”

“Hello Sheriff, what can I do for you?”

“Has the Mayor come into the hospital by any chance?”
“No Sheriff she hasn’t. Anything else you’d like to know?”
“How is Mrs. Hood by the way?”

“Madame Zelena has given birth to two beautiful baby girls. The funeral for the eldest is in a few days. They named her Roxanna. The youngest has emerald green eyes and the reddest hair. Her name is Emerald Rose but they’ve nicknamed her Rosie.”

“Any chance what time it is?”
“It’s ten pm.”
“Thank you!”

       I had been down in the tunnels for hours. Regina and I had left Granny’s at three. I ran back to her vaults and decided to try a locator spell on her. I did have her earrings on today after all. I looked through numerous books and finally found the potion to make the location spell.

“Or Emma you could do it the easy way? Why would I want to do that? I don’t know how to do that. Okay Emma focus. Three teaspoons of cordial, four rocks of ages, two drops of tears and one diamond earring.”

       The earring began to glow and float into space. Regina would be angry with me for using a locator spell but she was in labor and I needed to find her fast and efficiently. The earring led me down one tunnel and deep underground. It twisted and turned and got colder with each few yards. Regina must be freezing down here. The earring stopped right in front of the door to the mines. Why would Regina be down here? It was cold and very dangerous. I snuck up close to the door and could hear her moaning in pain. I pushed the door open and stared at the sight.

       Regina was leaning up against the wall. One hand was gripping her stomach and the other hand was wrapped around a sword. She let the sword down when she realized that it was I. I walked over to her and sat down next to her. She laid her head against my shoulder and began talking with pain in her voice.

“Emma I don’t care what you say, I’m not having the baby the day my sister has hers.”

“Regina you won’t have to worry about that. Zelena had her daughters.”

“Wasn’t one stillborn?”
“Yes the eldest, her name was Roxanna. Her funeral is in a few days. Zelena gave birth to Emerald Rose or Rose. Robin, Roland, Robyn and Zelena are very happy.”

“Emma don’t get mad at me but it could have been Robin, Regina, Roland, Robyn and Rose.”

“Regina it could’ve been Emma, Killian, Henry, Liam and Mila.”

“No it’s Emma, Regina, Henry, Roland and the baby.”

“Yes, it is. Do you want to go to the hospital?”

“No not today.”
“Regina it’s almost eleven. I’ve been looking for you since three.”

“Okay Regina, do you want to go home?”

“No I can’t move. It hurts so much that I can’t even teleport.”

“Regina may I at least see how far along you are?”

“Whatever, better you then Whale.”

       I changed Regina into a dressing gown and examined her cervix. It looked to be about three inches in circumference so she had a while to go. I looked back at her and then lifted her into my arms. Tomorrow as soon as the sun came up we would go to the hospital. I would take her now but I didn’t want a death warrant on my head.

“Okay you’re three inches dilated. About another inch and then we’ll go to the hospital.”

       I summoned some blankets and a mattress. I built a small cabin with the wave of my hand. I wanted my wife to be comfortable because tonight was the last night as a couple with no responsibilities except caring for Henry when he wasn’t at his grandparents and Roland when he wasn’t at his dad’s. Henry stayed out most of the time but when he did go home he stayed in his room talking to his girlfriend.

       My alarm rang in the early morning and I soon realized where we were. Regina was in labor and I needed to take her to the hospital. I didn’t wake her up but I teleported us both in a cloud of smoke. Regina was laid down in the hospital bed and IV’s and medicines were hooked up to her. When she woke up she was a little angry. She looked at me with hurt eyes and said.

“Emma, you betrayed me. I don’t want to have this baby.”
“Regina you could’ve died.”

“I don’t care you still did this against my wishes!”

       I stared at my wife and just watched her. She was in so much pain and she was fighting against the delivery with every ounce in her body. She was afraid that she would die, that’s what she was afraid of. I climbed onto the bed next to her and held my beautiful queen in my arms. I kissed her head and then kissed her lips. We hadn’t kissed in so long. Dr. Whale came in with the results of the test in his hands. He opened the file and began speaking. I felt Regina squeeze my hand and I squeezed back.

“Good news, you’re ten centimeters dilated and in perfect condition to push.”

“Okay, that’s good right Emma?”
“Yes Regina, we are going to have the twins today.”

“Emma, you’re the fairest of them all.”

“No Regina you are.”

“Okay Regina it’s time to push.”

       Regina took my hand and took a deep breath. She pushed so hard that the vein on her forehead popped out. She continued pushing with every ounce in her body. I kissed her sweaty brow and whispered words of encouragement as she pushed with all her might.

“Regina come on you can do this.”

“I’m never getting pregnant again!”

“I’ll do it next time I promise.”
“Emma, I love you.”

“I love you too Regina.”

“Okay Regina stop pushing. You look exhausted, I’m going to try to deliver the baby manually.”

“Okay Whale is careful. You hurt her and I’ll kill you.”

“Okay Emma, easy. He’s trying to help.”

       I kissed Regina’s forehead before lifting up her legs so Whale could work with her. He made a few simple motions with his delicate hand and a syringe. He then took forceps and delivered a beautiful baby with ease. He held the child and looked at me. He shook his head and cut the cord with a simple motion. It was the baby that was dead.

“It’s a girl. Congrats!”
“Emma is she dead!”

“Yes Regina, she’s dead.”

       The nurses cleaned her off and handed her to me. I held her in my arms and felt her cold body in my arms. I brought her over for Regina to see. Regina held her still body in her arms and cried bitter tears. I cried as well. Our daughter had died days ago and nothing would bring her back. I held the little girl in my arms and walked over to where Regina still lay in labor. She kissed our daughter’s head and cried. I kissed Regina’s sweaty brow and kissed the baby’s cold one. I looked down at her and saw her closed eyes and brown hair.

“Regina look at her, she’s so beautiful.”

“I know Emma, she will share a grave with her cousin Roxanna.”

“What are we going to name her?”

“Catherine Eloise Swan-Mills.”

“That’s perfect, let’s lay our little Kate down in her bassinet.”

       I walked over to the bassinet and laid Catherine’s cold body to rest. I covered her cold body with a white blanket with feathers and kissed her forehead. I let a tear drop on her face. Whale would soon come back in to deliver Catherine’s twin. I leant down next to her ear and whispered.

“Catherine Eloise Swan-Mills, Mommy loves you and I bid you to never forget.”

       I walk over to the other side of the room and sit down in the chair next to Regina. She would soon deliver Catherine’s twin and then I would name her after my own heart. I squeezed Regina’s hand as she pushed with all her might. The vein in her forehead popped out again and I smiled. The nurses were buzzing around and not paying any attention to the dead baby in the corner. I heard a cry and looked. It was Emerald Rose in the other room. Zelena must’ve gotten her baby back from the nursery.

       I heard cries from inside the room and looked at Regina then turned to Whale. He held a baby in his arms and held out the scissors for me to cut the cord. I cut the cord and held my daughter in my arms. She had big green eyes and brown curls. Her skin was a tan color beneath the red and she had my dimples.

“Regina, we have a daughter.”

“Bring me my baby.”

       I placed the baby on Regina’s chest and she held her daughter. The baby girl was still covered in blood and wailing. She screamed for a few minutes before her momma began feeding her. She was a healthy little baby. So much like her twin sister but at the same time so different. I watched my beautiful wife feed my beautiful baby and I nearly cried when I saw the nurses come in to remove Catherine.

“Miss Swan, is this her?”
“Yes, it is.”

“May we take her to the morgue along with Roxanna Hood?”

“What is her name?”

“Catherine Eloise Swan-Mills.”

       They took little Kate and Regina watched on in tears all while feeding the baby. I walked to the door and watched them go down the hall pushing the bassinet. I ran after the bassinet and stopped them. Mom, Dad, Henry, Neal and all other family watched me pick Catherine up from the bassinet and walk back down the hall with her in my arms. I walked back into the hospital room and Regina was holding Catherine’s twin while I sat down in the rocking chair and rocked my daughter to her death.

“Emma you really should let her go.”

“No, Zelena’s daughter will be the only baby to die.”

“Emma she’s dead.”

“No she’s not Regina!”

“Emma what is our other daughter’s name?”

“Elizabeth Sophia Swan-Mills.”

“Emma, Elizabeth needs you more then Catherine.”
“No Regina Catherine needs her mother.”

“Catherine’s dead Emma, please let her go.”

Regina's POV

       Elizabeth slept in my arms before the nurses came to clean her and take her to get her shots. She had already bonded with both her mothers and now it was time she was vaccinated. I watched Emma hold Catherine long into the night before I finally went to sleep myself. Before I closed my eyes, I could hear Emma singing a lullaby to Kate.

“Constant as the stars above

Always know that you are loved.

And my love shining through you

Will help make your dreams come true

Will help your dreams come true.”

         I closed my eyes and listened to Emma rock little Catherine. Emma grieved in her own way by playing with the dead, I grieved by taking care of her sister. I listened to Emma sing and listened to Zelena speak to Robin in the room next to mine. They were discussing funeral arrangements for Roxanna. It must’ve been hard for them to loose their own little one. I could hear Emerald’s cries from down the hall, she cried just like her mother.

         I woke up in the hospital to the cries of Elizabeth. I looked for her bassinet and she wasn’t there. I looked at Emma and she was holding Elizabeth in her arms. Emma still sat in the rocking chair but I was glad that she finally let Kate lay in peace. Emma looked at me and smiled with her little grin.

“Good morning Madame Mayor.”

“Good morning Miss Swan. How is our daughter this morning?”
“Elizabeth’s in the nursery and Catherine’s crying up a storm.”

“Catherine’s dead Emma.”

“No she’s not.”

“What do you mean?”
         Emma removed the blanket from Catherine’s dead body and revealed an infant waving her arms and whining a little. I gasped as Emma brought my daughter to me. I held little Kate in my arms and then blacked out.

         When I opened my eyes again it was still dark and I had just been dreaming. Emma still sat in the corner but this time with no baby in her arms. I called out to her and she answered.

“They took Catherine, she’s going to be buried when Roxanna is. They mean to do it today.”

“So I’ve been checked-out?”

“Yes, Elizabeth is sleeping in her cot next to you.”

         I turned and found Elizabeth sleeping peacefully. I tried to climb out of my hospital bed but failed. Emma rushed to help me climb out. Once on my feet I fell and Emma caught me. I looked up at her and saw the sadness in her eyes. She wanted to have Catherine alive just as much as I did but she was still dead. Emma kissed me and helped me stand.

         I bent over the cot and found Elizabeth sleeping like a baby. Then again she was a baby, so she was sleeping like she should’ve been. I looked at her and stroked her hair all while Emma held me in her arms. I still wore a hospital gown but changed into a sapphire blue nightdress with a wave of my hand.

“Oh Elizabeth Sophia, your mothers own hearts. We love you Lizzie and we bid you never forget.”

         Later that day I stood in front of Catherine’s open coffin with Lizzie in my arms. Kate wore her christening gown and a little bow on her head. The coffin was tiny for a normal sized baby but perfect for one born premature. Emma kept her hand on my shoulder all through the funeral. Robin kept his hand on Zelena all through their daughter’s funeral. Zelena held Emerald Rose in her arms the entire time.

         After the funeral Emma and I both placed sunflowers on Catherine’s grave. I read the epitaph out loud to little Elizabeth so that she would never forget her sister. Emma left for work and I stayed behind. I held Lizzie and knelt down beside Kate’s grave. My two daughters never met outside the womb but I would be damned if they never got to know each other. Lizzie was sleeping but I spoke.

“Elizabeth Sophia this is your sister Catherine Eloise. Lizzie she’s buried here. She died long ago; this is your twin sister. Do you want to here what her tomb says? It says Catherine Eloise Swan-Mills daughter of Regina Mills and Emma Swan. Twin sister to Elizabeth Sophia Swan-Mills and Little Kate will be missed by her family and her friends.”

         I stood back up and held Lizzie’s frail little body close to mine. I examined Kate’s tiny grave and it seemed so small in the big cemetery. I felt a hand on my shoulder and realized it was my sister and two nieces. Robyn carried a single red rose to place on her baby sister’s grave. Zelena held Rose in her arms.

“Regina that was wonderful. I wish that our twins didn’t have to grow up without the other. They need their sisters just like we needed each other when we were younger.”

“Zelena, we need each other now. You married the man I loved.”

“Regina you married the woman I loved.”

“You love Emma?”
“Yes and you love Robin. Our daughter’s died because we didn’t marry the ones we loved. The universe was trying to tell us something and yet we didn’t listen.”

“Zelena, it’s in the past anyway. That was six months ago.”

“Yes six months of hell. I don’t love Robin. I love Emma and I want my daughters to be raised by Emma.”

“To bad sis, Emma’s mine.”

Emma's POV

         In the months that followed Elizabeth’s birth and Catherine’s funeral our family slowly adjusted to two new additions. Elizabeth grew fast and every chance we got we would take flowers to Catherine’s grave. I began working again and Regina stayed at home to care for Lizzie. I didn’t work much because Dad had the station under control. Mom taught school still and Neal started school. Henry was doing well with his girlfriend and life was as it should be.

       One thing was wrong though Lizzie began to look more and more like Robin. Emerald Rose began to look more and more like me. Zelena and Robin separated and things fell apart in my marriage to Regina. Our first anniversary was approaching and Regina became cold and distant. I hoped things would get better soon because I didn’t want Lizzie to grow up without her mother. Lizzie had my eyes, my nose, my fingers, her mother’s hair, lips, and ears along with Regina’s skin tone.

       I rolled over and began to rub Regina’s side. I sat up and kissed her neck. I moved her hair back and surrounded her with my arms. She moaned and pushed me away. She had become moody lately. I kissed her cheek and she pushed me away. I looked down at her and sighed. Our relationship was strained and going downhill. I bent down and kissed her cheek before getting out of bed and retrieving Lizzie from her bed. Lizzie was crying and crying so I retrieved my crying daughter. Lizzie was getting big.

       I opened her bedroom door and found her standing with one hand on the side of the crib and the other arm wrapped around her baby. Her baby looked just like her and Lizzie called her baby Cathy. When Regina first heard Lizzie say that she was so happy and yet so sad. I walk in and walk over to her closet door. I look at her and ask.

“Lizzie what do you want to wear today?”


“Blue, okay. Are you ready to go see Catherine?”

“Kate, twin.”

       Lizzie’s first word was Kate, for months we had taken her to see Catherine’s grave and today was one of those days. Lizzie had only been talking for a month. She might’ve been six months old but my baby girl was a genius. She was smarter than Emerald Rose that was for sure. I take out Lizzie’s sapphire blue dress with a tutu and her big white bow. I take out her white shoes and white socks as well. Then I pick her out of her crib, change her diaper, change her clothes and get ready to go downstairs to make breakfast.

“Do you want to see Mommy?”

“Ma ma goes see ma me”

“Yes Lizzie goes see Mommy.”

       I pick Lizzie up and put her on my hip. She was growing fast. I walk down the hall and open the door to our bedroom. Regina’s not in the bed but I hear her in the bathroom puking her guts out and crying. I set Lizzie on the bed, give her a toy, kiss her head and go to the bathroom. The doors locked so I shake it around a few times.

“Regina open the door.”
‘No Emma you can’t come in.”

“Regina opens the door please.”

“No Emma, don’t. Go get Lizzie.”

“She’s on the bed, open the door please.”

“No Emma no”
“So the fairest of them all won’t open the door for me?”

“I’m not the fairest I’m sick. I need to get to the doctor. BTW I thought it was your turn.”

“Regina is you…”

“Yes Emma I’m pregnant.”

“Regina please opens the door.”
“Go away Emma!”

“Okay I’m going to make breakfast. Isn’t today apple and banana breakfast for Lizzie? Are we still going to the cemetery?”
“I don’t know Emma, maybe you should drop Lizzie off at your Mom’s or my sister’s and go to the OB/GYN.”

“I can call Whale after breakfast.”

“You do that, I’m going to clean up.”

       I pick Lizzie up off the bed and carry her downstairs to the kitchen. I put her in her highchair and cover her dress with a white pinafore. I didn’t want my baby getting her dress dirty. I change with a wave of magic into a pair of blue jeans and my red jacket. I put my long blonde hair up into a ponytail and open the door to the fridge. Lizzie’s apple and banana mixture was in a container marked Saturday. It was Friday that means Roland would come over.

       Henry never came out of his room and Roland never came over anymore. It was Regina, and Lizzie forever. The boys became very distant after Lizzie was born. After Emerald Rose was born our family tore apart. I sat down at the table and watched Lizzie eat her breakfast. She knew how to use a spoon but didn’t know how to use it well. So, today I decided I would help my baby eat. I fed her and then cleaned her up. I carried her in my arms and kissed her head. Her brown hair was so beautiful and curly.

“Oh Elizabeth, Catherine’s twin and one after my own heart. I love you and I bid you never forget. Elizabeth Sophia Swan-Mills.”
“I ove oo ma ma.”

“I love you too Elizabeth.”

       A few hours later Lizzie was playing in her pen when Regina came downstairs. She sat on the couch next to me and lay down on my lap. I ran my fingers through her hair and we began talking.

“Do you want to go to the doctor?”
“Yes and no. I can’t believe I’m pregnant again.”

“I know, Lizzie’s only six months old.”

“Let’s drop Lizzie off at your Mom’s and go to the hospital.”

“Are you sure Regina?”
“Yes Emma I’m sure.”

       Regina sat up and got up but I took her hand and stood up after her. I took her into my arms and kissed her lips. She kissed me back but I knew she wasn’t in the mood. I couldn’t believe that she was going to have another baby. Regina went upstairs and changed into her black pencil skirt and white blouse. She fixed her hair straight and clasped a watch onto her wrist. She came downstairs in heels and red lipstick. She took her clutch and I took Lizzie.

“Looking sharp Madame Mayor.”

“Like the day we met Miss Swan.”

       I kissed Regina and she took Lizzie into her arms. It was odd seeing Regina in her mayor clothes holding a little baby in her arms. It must’ve been like this when she adopted Henry. Elizabeth looked so peaceful in her mother’s arms. Regina never really had time to care for her anymore. I walked into the living room and listened to anything Regina said to her daughter. The two needed time to bond.

“Oh Elizabeth, my dear sweet Lizzie-loo. Mommy loves you and I hope that you never forget that no matter what Lizzie I do love you.”

Regina's POV

       I would have preferred Emma coming to the hospital with me but I had to work and so did she. David and Emma were at the Sheriff station. Mary Margaret was at work.  Belle was at the library and Killian was caring for Mila and Liam. Henry was at school and so was Roland. That meant Lizzie would have to go to Cinderella’s daycare. I hated taking her to that awful place. Maybe I would take her to Zelena’s. Robin was off in the woods and Zelena was a stay at home mom. I would never be a stay at home mom and neither would Emma.

“Lizzie do you want to go to Auntie Zelena’s?”

“Ya ma ma.”

“ Lizzie you’re only six months old and yet you can stand and talk. I need to get your IQ tested. Maybe tomorrow while Mommy’s at work.”

         I stopped at Zelena’s and she opened the door. I just handed her Lizzie’s baby carrier and her diaper bag. I didn’t utter a word. I was still mad at Zelena for confessing her love for my wife. I got into the car and drove to work. I got my paperwork from my assistant and went into my office. I went to my mini-fridge made myself an appletini and got to work.

         I looked up at the clock at eleven and decided it was time to leave. I left my papers with my assistant and still didn’t say a single word. I left the building and climbed into my car. I drove to the hospital and walked in. I didn’t even go up to the front desk. I walked into the room and sat down on the examination table. Nurse Ratchet came in a few moments later with a clipboard to ask a few questions and give me a proper examination.

         “How long have you been experiencing morning sickness?”

“A couple days.”
“Did you have an operation to implant another egg?”

“No I didn’t. What are you implying?”

“I’m implying that the baby isn’t Emma’s and neither was Elizabeth or Catherine.”

“I haven’t slept with a man in a a year.”

“Regina I think that the baby is Robin’s.  I think all the children in Storybrooke of you and your sister are Robin’s.”

“ I’m leaving.”
I knew the baby was Emma's. I loved Emma and I was going to be with Emma. The baby was Emma's. Just like the twins were Emma's. I was Emma's and Emma was mine. I walk back to the office and then decide to head over to the Sheriff's station. I walk in and find Emma. She stares at me and I walk up to her. I wrap my arms around her neck and kiss her. 

"I love you Emma. I'm sorry we fought. I'm sorry I thought I didn't love you. I don't care what Henry's book says as long as I have you."

Emma smiles and kisses me. 

"You know what Regina you really are the fairest of them all."


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