The awakening

A girl named Raven is figuring out the way of life. But when she comes across a boy who is the Alpha of a wolf pack will things start to change as she slowly falls in love.


5. The family

We walk slowly together, I'm still annoyed feeling loads of emotions but i still feel safe. Something about Him makes me feel safe. Makes me feel warm and tingly inside. I get loads of messages from my dad but I do just ignore them. We kept walking, then we stopped In front of these gates. Tall black gates with spikes so sharp they could cut you in one slice.                                             "Why we stopped here"? I asked confused on why we had stopped.   "This is my home"! He said proudly. I was speechless I practically lived in a dump, and he lived in this house that was probally worth more than the school I used to go to.  

Wow I thought in my head. Then he pressed a button an the big gates open  revealing a massive house white with no cracks in what so ever. No speck of dust. Nothing. It was pure. Tall stained glass windows towered at the top of the house and I could see on the top balcony a group of people staring down at us. One decided to scream out.              "Ohhhhh who's your mate"! I was so nervous that I did that thing in my head, I say something over and over until I feel brace or confident. I think he could tell I was a tiny bit nervous as he said.                                          "You will be alright, just kiss me" I was slightly confused but I did it. I almost felt like he was declaring me mine as if I was a piece of land. But I didn't really mind.                               The big doors opened wide and I stepped in. The warm house was very welcoming but the people inside didn't feel like I was wanted. I was told to go wait in the living room and wait to be greeted. I did as I was told as I was scared almost petrified because I read a lot of books when I was younger. From the kitchen I heated screams furious screams.     "YOU TOLD HER WHAT"!!!!!               " Calm down" I headed a few people say then suddenly about six people come in a sit. And finally came through a seventh. And boy she did not look happy. It almost felt as if she wanted to slap me. But I had to be strong. She sat herself down and said.                                                    "So you know".......        

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