The awakening

A girl named Raven is figuring out the way of life. But when she comes across a boy who is the Alpha of a wolf pack will things start to change as she slowly falls in love.


3. The date

OMG!!! He is here. I hear a knock on the door, and it was a harsh one.

"I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready. Let's  do this for fuck sake"! I run down the stairs open the door and he smiles and says hi. I was so excited to finally go on a date. We went to the cinema and watched a movie. I asked him about his family which he seemed not to like.

"So how's your mum and your family doing" he totally blanked me, I understood that he didn't really wanna talk about so I asked him about the teeth I saw early that day.

"Oh ummmm......" he said nervously"I need to know I can trust you and you know that everything after this moment is going to be different. He took me outside, the moon shone down glistening. Then his changed and he grew fangs and he whispered "I'm.....a.......wolf"

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