The awakening

A girl named Raven is figuring out the way of life. But when she comes across a boy who is the Alpha of a wolf pack will things start to change as she slowly falls in love.


8. The Arrival....

I cant believe they are sending me away,and I'm still so confused about Trey and who he is. But I can't stop condradicting myself because maybe this is for the best,I could learn more about Zev, how he works and maybe I could start out fresh. Give a new impression. I wanna be Bad ass I don't wanna give a shit about life. I just can't stop wondering what Zev meant when he said I was all his. 

Writers view   

Raven opened the old looking door slightly with her bags clutched in her hands so tight her knuckles where going red. She took a deep breath in and started walking,she started  walking out on the footpath. All of Zevs family where stood still at the door in a line as if they were protecting someone. Zev is screaming behind the door getting angry very angry. Despite this Raven just keeps walking. She was walking fast with speed. She hopped into a car, the one Zevs mum was pointing at. Raven chucked her bags in the back and got in.

Ravens view 

I was so nervous. I just got into a car who I didn't even know the man that was driving it. I was heading out to the middle of nowhere with wolves. Real life wolves. I always the myths where true, oh I was scared. Scared to find out who Trey was scared of people not liking me, but life is life and I have to get on with it.


2 hours it took me to get here. 2 hours like what the hell. But just it to continue. I walk through the gates of the school and into the big building. Everyone is staring at me as if I was abnormal, like I was an alien. I hated it here already. I signed it at the counter and some weird lady started talking to me, I was so confused.       "I'm sorry girl I think you got yourself lost This is a wolves school no humans".    

I didn't know what to say but he remember Daniel saying his last name, oh what was it.                          "Bailey, the Baileys sent me". I said, all eyes where on me AGAIN, as if they all knew what I said.                   "Hey sexy,I'm Trey and it's a pleasure to meet you. Someone says  "TREY IM SURE YOU HAVE A CLASS TO ATTEND TO SO GET YOUR ASS THERE NOW"! I hear someone say very furiously from down the corridor.                                 "Follow Mr Feghi and explain everything to him" the wierd lady said. I was so confused. But I did what she said and went to the weird man. We had a conversation on everything that happened and why I was here. He seemed to understand very well actually I seemed surprised. He handed to a timetable and a key to a dorm room, which I have to stay in over my weekend stay. I headed off to my first class, and it was 'LEARNING ABOUT MARKING'. I sat down next to this girl who seemed nervous about being here.                                         "Is this your first day I ask"? But I got no response. I decided to start listening to what was going on.         "So when one wolf decides to mark someone or something it means they claim them to be his or hers forever, this means they get protective and it usually happens when one says such things like 'mine' or growl at people when they get too close.                     I stopped listening. I was so angry at Zev for doing that to me. I was really mad... when I get back to that house things will be regretted.....

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