The awakening

A girl named Raven is figuring out the way of life. But when she comes across a boy who is the Alpha of a wolf pack will things start to change as she slowly falls in love.


10. Temper.

I was scared, scared of Zev. The tone in his voice was different. He seemed angry. But I had no idea at what he was annoyed about. I asked myself questions. Like did this have to do with me leaving? Or me  coming back? I was so confused. 

"Is..he ok Daniel" I asked. He looked at me and pointed inside the house. "Go" he said. I did as I was told as standing here right now was so scary I was absolutely petrified. I knew something was wrong but somehow I couldn't find the words to ask anyone what was going on. I was sent to the living room. I sat on the same chair as I did before. Then everyone walked in, everyone cake and sat down. Sort of like a family meeting. Zev was even there.    That's what frightened me the most. Then Zevs mother spoke to me.                 " How was your trip dear-" but she was interrupted.                                 "That's not what we are here to talk about" Zev growled loudly.                 "Ok dear calm down " his mother responded some what scared of Zev. "Ok dear let's get straight to the point" her voiced changed as if she was interviewing me for a crime I committted. " Did you meet Trey".     "Yes...." I said nervously. I didn't kniw what came over me but I just had to tell them.                                 "Did you and -"                                     "HE PUSHED ME ON A TABLE AND STARTED KISSING MY NECK"! I practically screamed aloud.               "Mum... is she marked".                     "I don't know honey". Out of nowhere I get a rush of anger. As I remembered what Zev wanted to do.  "ZEV HOW DARE YOU TRY TO MARK ME WITHOUT MY PERMISSION"! I scream. Everyone stared at me for a moment. Then the silence was broke by Zevs mum telling us that the reason we where here was to declare about what happened with Trey. And if he marked you. Did Trey mark me??...


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