The awakening

A girl named Raven is figuring out the way of life. But when she comes across a boy who is the Alpha of a wolf pack will things start to change as she slowly falls in love.


7. Sent away

zevs view. 

I cant believe I saw her with another guy, why did That make me feel like that, it's not like I love  her or anything. But I needed to make sure people knew she was mine. But I didn't want to mark her without her consent. Oh wow the stress that comes with this one girl.                        Ravens view.                                      I could see it in his eyes. He was annoyed at me. Really annoyed. I wanted to say something but he looked so angry. I could see it in his eyes. They were bloodshot, he was breathing so heavily. I was worried then he said to me.                                    "You are coming back to my house, no discussion, end off" the tone in his voice was violent. I didn't want to say anything but being stupid I did.   "You don't own me, you can't just tell me what to do"                             Oh I really annnord him then. The rest of the journey was silent, just him shaking his head or clenching his hands into fists as if he was going to hit. I knew he wasn't,but I didn't want to take any chances.                 Here we where again, in front of the big tall gates. I wonder what would happen today when we went inside. He barged past everyone leaving me standing there in the doorway with these oranges eyes on me.                 "What did you do this time" his mother said, almost in a growl.          "I did nothing, but I'm really confused" I say.                                    "Why is that"? His cousin and his mother both asked at the same time.  "On the way here he kept on saying she's mine,she's mine and it was really creeping me out.                        "He is going to do it isn't he"? His mother said to the rest of the room. But the tone in her voice change does she wasn't angry anymore she sounded worried.                                "She dosent know enough about us, Aunty"! The cousin blurted out. The. All of them started talking just discussing who knows what but I was scared. The whispers the nodding of heads. Make me scared.through all the whispers I heard someone say.                            "Send her there for a week or two then when she comes back she will know"!                                                 "Yes Danielle that right" Zevs mum said. She then sat me down on what was a very comfortable chair, and she explained how they where going to send me away to a highly  educated school, for wolves where I was to learn about them and I when I come back Things would be  different. I knew I didn't really have a choice so I  agreed. She phoned my dad and told him about a school trip. And he understood.                               "You will be leaving in a day"she said "what"?! I say very confused. And I don't think i was the only one who was confused.                                        "YOUR SENDING HER AWAY"!! I hear Zev growl very loudly. I think he didn't agree with sending me away but I think it was for the best.             "So.....where exactly are you sending me" I ask politely.                               "Somewhere that will teach you about us and you can decide if you still want to be with zev. I didn't quite understand I personally thought everything was fine then she said.     "You need to understand what zev meant when he said you where his". I was curious but didn't really want to know. I have never been to a school for wolves but I guess I was about to find out what is was like.     "Did you forget about one thing Mother" he said almost worried. "TREY IS STILL THERE"! "And you know what he is capable of mother, we eBay's everything I have, I it"!!!                               What did he mean... And who the hell was Trey!....

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