The awakening

A girl named Raven is figuring out the way of life. But when she comes across a boy who is the Alpha of a wolf pack will things start to change as she slowly falls in love.


11. Anger

I had a feeling Zev was angry. I could see it in his bloodshot eyes the redness in his face. It told a lot about him, his face. I felt like all eyes where on me. Like I was being watched. Obviously I was being watched. But I still needed to know if Trey marked me or not. If he did I could sense something bad happening. I had slight hopes he wouldn't have done it. But then again who am I to know about what he is capable of. Zevs Mum explained how they will have to check if he did by running tests on me. So yet again I had to be sent away. I arrived a couple of hours later at a white building as I entered it was almost as if I was in prison except I got to wear what I wanted. I was told I was only there for a day so they got straight to work. I must  admit I'm not the best with needles and I think it showed through. I screamed as soon as they came close to me with the thing. In the end they had to give me some general Anaesthetic, so no one would think I was being tortured. After was they put me in a room a white room that had no windows and an iron door. There was a voice that came from the other side.                                      "Raven, Raven are you awake yet"?  "Yes, why am I in this room".             "The test they ran may have  released some hormones that can make you angry". At this moment in time I was confused but what the voice said made me made me... angry. I started lunching the wall screaming shouting for help.               "LET ME OUT NOW"! I screamed continuously. I didn't care if it was the drugs they gave me I just was angry. Angry about Zev, about Trey about everything. A few hours later I had calmed down I was let out. I was walking out to the car that Zevs family sent to pick me up and the doctor who performed the tests handed me a white piece of paper. I was instructed not to open it until I got home. But I didn't really give a shit. So I handed it to the driver and said he was not too give it to me until we got back 'home'. When we finally got back I was handed the piece of paper and walked inside the house. Everyone sat together and they opened it. Everyone gave off a sigh of relief.                                       "Thank God for that" Zevs mother said with a smile on her face. "She isn't marked"! Everyone was happy but I knew how to make the mood change instantly.                                 "So....Zev.. you tried to mark me without my permission"....

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