The Promise

Harry Styles is on tour with his band One Direction. You are left at home. One day, a dark figure appears in your house, and Harry is left in LA, helpless.


3. What's going on?

Your POV

I had been working most of the day. Work had taken over my life, which at first I thought was a good thing, so I wouldn’t miss Harry so much. But it actually made it worse.

I sighed as I drove home, I missed him so much it hurt. I called him everyday but it wasn’t the same. Which reminded me that I was supposed to FaceTime him at 6:30pm. I smiled as I turned onto the main highway. Every time we tried to FaceTime, the other boys would pull faces and pretend to slow dance behind him. Harry would turn around and catch them, and they’d start to laugh.

As I turned into my driveway, I noticed something different about the house. I was POSITIVE I had turned all the lights off when I left early this morning. And I was SURE that I had locked the door, but when I tried to open it, it was unlocked. I was already feeling uneasy when I walked into the house, but it became worse when I walked into my bedroom and saw all of my jewelry boxes were open and half of my stuff was missing.

When I walked out and went to go to the bathroom, a man in dark clothing stood right in front of me. I screamed and tried to run away but he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me away.

The next thing I remember, I was running away from him while he was chasing after me. I swore this was a dream but the pain in my chest was real, and the pounding in my head was real.

All I had on me was 5 dollars change, so when I was sure I lost him, I ran to the nearest pay phone and called Harry.




A/N - Hahaha hello!!! These author's notes are probably really annoying, but I just want the suspense to kill you. Sorry. Hahaha I'm so evil. I love you all!! -Phil Trash #2

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