The Promise

Harry Styles is on tour with his band One Direction. You are left at home. One day, a dark figure appears in your house, and Harry is left in LA, helpless.


4. "Help!!"

All I had on me was 5 dollars change, so when I was sure I lost him, I ran to the nearest pay phone and called Harry. “Hello?” I heard his adorable husky voice answer the phone, it made me melt inside, but there was no time for that. “Hello? Harry?” I was struggling to breathe. “(Y/N)!” He yelled into the phone, I heard the sound of a dropping table tennis bat and he sounded concerned. “Harry I- I need help,” I started crying and explained the whole story to him. He listened patiently until, all of a sudden, the phone was grabbed out of my hand and I screamed. It was that same person! I kept screaming Harry’s name and I could faintly hear him yelling my name over and over. That’s when the phone ran out of credit and it hung up. I continued to cry and scream, hoping to attract attention, but everyone was out. The guy continued to abuse me and then all of a sudden he dropped me on the ground and ran away. I lay there, every part of my body aching. Everything was becoming blurry until it was all dark. I thought I heard Harry call my name, but it was all my imagination. Harry, I thought to myself, I’m trying to stay, I promise. A/N - Part 2 coming soon! I'm actually writing another fanfic which hopefully should be up soon. But anyways, I love you guys. Even if like, no one has read it yet. So yeah. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you soon! - Phil Trash #2 (twitter @philtrash#2)
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