The Promise

Harry Styles is on tour with his band One Direction. You are left at home. One day, a dark figure appears in your house, and Harry is left in LA, helpless.


1. FaceTime


I clicked call one more time. (Y/N) wasn't answering her calls. She promised she would FaceTime me at 6:30pm, and nothing was happening. When she didn't answer the first time, I understood and clicked call again. But this was the twelfth (yes, I was counting) time I had caller her. I didn't understand what had happened?

I sigh as I shut my laptop when I hear Niall come in. 

"What's wrong buddy?" He says as he sits down on the couch. 

"(Y/N) isn't answering her FaceTime calls" I said, trying not to cry. 

“Maybe her phone or computer just died?” Niall suggested, trying to make me feel better. 

“Maybe,” I said, but wouldn’t she try to charge it? I realised how unfair I was being on (Y/N) and tried to calm down a bit. 


Me and the boys were playing table tennis when my phone began to ring. I picked it up and answered it while Liam was still hitting the ball at me.

“Hello?” I said into the phone, still trying to hit the ball

“Harry?” I heard a weak voice say, it sounded really familiar.

“(Y/N)!!” I cried, dropping the table tennis bat and sitting on the couch

“Harry I- I need help” she started crying, “I’ve just been kicked out of the house by a random stranger who was trying to rob me, and I left all of my stuff in there. I’m calling from a payphone near my house… please come and get me-”

Suddenly she screamed as the phone was grabbed out of her hand.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N)!” I screamed, “(Y/N)! Can you hear me?” 





A/N - Haha sorry its so short!! I wanted to leave you in suspense for the next chapter! I hope you're enjoying it so far, it took a while to write it. Fun fact: I actually wrote this one a while back for my Google + page! I copied it and pasted it because I couldn't be bothered to start writing another one and I am already working on one for someone else. So if you want a fanfic, go ahead and request one here or at: 

Also, maybe give me a follow on Twitter?? Thanks!! - Phil Trash #2 

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