The Promise

Harry Styles is on tour with his band One Direction. You are left at home. One day, a dark figure appears in your house, and Harry is left in LA, helpless.


2. "Can you hear me??"


“Harry I- I need help” she started crying, “I’ve just been kicked out of the house by a random stranger who was trying to rob me, and I left all of my stuff in there. I’m calling from a payphone near my house… please come and get me-”

Suddenly she screamed as the phone was grabbed out of her hand.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N)!” I screamed, “(Y/N)! Can you hear me?”

All I could hear on the other end was someone yelling at her to shut up and her screaming out my name.

Suddenly the phone ran out of credit and it hung up. I shut off my phone and immediately burst into tears. But I couldn’t sit there crying, I had to go help (Y/N).

As I got my stuff ready, I explained to the boys what happened and how I had to go get her quickly.

I then called our tour manager and explained to him that something had happened to (Y/N), and how we couldn’t perform tonight.

I then said goodbye to the boys and began to drive. By the time I reached her, the guy was gone, and she was just lying there shivering.

“(Y/N)!” I yelled, rushing over to her. But she didn’t respond, so I pulled my phone out and called 000.

“It’s going to be OK, (Y/N),” I whispered, “I promise”


A/N - oooooooooh scary stuff!!! Sorry another short one, the next chapter is actually from 'your' point of view so I wanted to spread it out a bit and make it seem longer lol!! I hope you're enjoying it. It's fun copying and pasting and then writing an author's note hahaha!! Have a great day/night/evening/morning or whatever. xx - Phil Trash #2

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