Solangelo- Nico and I

After the war heaps of campers died, most of them died in Will's arms. He could barely live with that thought, the only thing that kept him going was his crush... Nico. But, does Nico love him the same way? They are complete opposites.
BoyxBoy. Hope you enjoy! Solangelo!


1. After the War

 Will’s POV


The war was terrible. After the war was terrible. Before the war was terrible. They were all so terrible.


Hundreds of campers were injured, 32 campers died, most of them died in my arms. It was terrifying.


The only thing that keeps me going is my crush, Nico.


He doesn’t know that yet.


He’s probably not even gay.


He doesn’t even notice me.


So, I made a plan. I know it’s usually Percy and Jason coming up with the plans, but, I realised that Nico was actually very weak. He never admits it, but all that shadow travel will make him fade away literally.


I ordered him to stay in the infirmary for 3 days!


I might not be a son of Athena, but I have to admit, that’s a pretty good plan.


“Can I go now!” Nico says interrupting my thoughts.


He’s been in the infirmary for a whole day now, and has been complaining nonstop.


“Nope!” I say popping the ‘p’.


“Come on Will! I swear I’m fine.” Nico claims.


I roll my eyes trying to contain the butterfly’s in my stomach.


“You’d have to swear on the Styx for me to believe you.” I say crossing my arms.


Nico huffs, “You are so annoying Sunshine.”


“It’s part of my job Death Boy.” I say secretly admiring the fact that he made a nickname for me.


“Do not call me Death Boy!” Nico yelled, luckily there was a smile on his face.


I smiled as well.


We both looked at each over and started bursting out laughing.


I have never heard Nico laugh like that before, but it was amazing and I wanted to hear more of it.


“You’re cute when you laugh.” I said, but instantly I regretted it. What was that Will! You just blew up the relationship, he’s never going to like you now! I thought.


Unexpectedly he blushed. I thought it was adorable, but this time I didn’t say it outloud.


“I’m not cute.” Nico stated trying to control his blush.


Straight after he said that my sister, Kayla, entered the room.


“Will! C-Connor S-Stoll, s-stab, sh-shoulder! GO!” Kayla yells obviously out of breath.


I turn to Nico, he points towards the door and I nod my head straight before I run out of the door.


I want to be with Nico, but their was a patient who needed my help. I didn’t want anyone else dying in my arms.


I ran into the sword arena where nearly all of the campers were standing around.


“Get back! Get back!” I yell.


Everyone moves out of the way to reveal Connor, son of Hermes, lying on the floor with a sword stuck in his shoulder, blood soaking his camp shirt, and with every drop of blood was more of a chance of him dying.


Being a doctor I was fine with the blood, but I could tell everyone was freaking out.


An Aphrodite kid passed out next to me, but Connor was the first thing on my mind. Other than of course…. Nico.


But that was crazy thought, I had a patient to look after. That was my first priority, then it was Nico.


I told my siblings to get the tools I needed and then focused back on sword wound, but every once in awhile I would get flashbacks of Nico laughing and blushing.


Stop thinking of him! I told myself.


But I couldn’t.


So, I went with a different strategy and pretended that it was Nico dieing in front of me. It worked. I operated on Connor as best as I could, and in no time, he could stand.


I never knew that love could save lives.



Hoped you enjoyed this! This is the first chapter of Nico and I. Comment any feedback! Remember to like this. This is my first fanfic I did by myself.

  Love you guys!!!






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