Solangelo- Nico and I

After the war heaps of campers died, most of them died in Will's arms. He could barely live with that thought, the only thing that kept him going was his crush... Nico. But, does Nico love him the same way? They are complete opposites.
BoyxBoy. Hope you enjoy! Solangelo!


3. 3... 2... 1... Kiss

Will’s POV


After dinner I walked back to my cabin still thinking about what I said to Nico, and if it was the right thing to say, to invite him to the infirmary when he had the chance.


Will he even come?


Should I confess my feelings right then and there?


Would that destroy their friendship?




I am going to do it. Next time I see Nico I will confess, I don’t care what he says, maybe I do. I don’t know anymore.


Interrupting my thoughts, Kayla tapped my shoulder.


“What’s going on?” I ask.


“Someone’s here to see you!” Kayla squealed.


She knows all about my huge crush with Nico, she basically helped me realise the truth. I held back my squeal just in case Nico heard.



On the outside I tried to act as casual as I could, but on the inside I held a zoo of butterflies. I walked into the infirmary to see a nervous Nico sitting on a spare bed playing with his skeleton ring. I love it when he does that, it gives me a boost of confidence.


Thanks to any god who was watching, I didn’t faint of awkwardness.


I was just standing at the door, Nico was sitting on the bed, and we just stared at each other


It couldn’t get anymore awkward than this.


Finally, Nico decided to break the tension.


“Hey, Will.” He said looking around nervously.


“Hey Nico.” I replied.


“Listen I really need to talk to you about something.” Nico stated.


“Sure, anything. As a matter of fact, I need to talk to you as well.”


“Can we go somewhere a little more private?” Nico asked.


I looked around and saw all of my siblings trying to hide behind potted plants and such.


I nodded and leaded him away into the forest. I led him to the spot I always went to if I wanted to be in peace and away from all of the commotion that happened inside of camp.  


It was a breathtaking view of a lagoon with birds chirping sweetly which is like music to your ears. It was basically a

enchanted forest, and the perfect place to confess your love for someone.


I sit down on a beautifully carved stone and patted the spot next to me indicating for Nico to sit down.


He was still bewildered about the amazing sight he was seeing but sat down anyway.


“This place is amazing.” He said shocked.


I stared into his deep chocolate brown eyes, “yeah, it’s where I go if I want to think.”


He nodded, and we just sat there for a couple of moments taking in the view, until I broke the silence.


“What I wanted to talk to you about.” I said, the shorter boy looked up at me expectantly.


“You can go first.” I said too nervous to continue.


Could I actually confess my love for Nico?


Would he ever talk to me again?


Would he hate me forever?


I pushed those thoughts aside.


I’ve waited too long, I have to tell him, today!


“Let's do it at the same time.” Nico ordered.


I agreed.


We count down from 3.


“3...” We said in sync.


Could I do this?




Be brave.




As soon as I said it I smashed my lips onto his, at first I thought he was going to push me away. But, instead he kissed me

back. The feeling was magical, my lips melting into his, at first I went softly, and then I was affectionate, and then delicate, as I was going deeper and deeper into his lips.


We stopped to take a breath.


And I just said those powerful 3 words…


“I love you.”

  Hope you liked this! Don't worry this isn't the end. Comment what you think so far. Love you guys!
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