Never Leaving You

After the war between demigods and Gaea, Annabeth and Percy are finishing their last two years at high school. It's nearly the end of their junior year, and that means tests and exams. While studying, demigods at Camp Half-Blood are disappearing, causing struggles in their relationship.


4. Chapter 4

"You know Percy, it's strange,"


"How come there are no monsters around trying to kill us?"

"I thought you were the one with all the answers. I guess we're just lucky."

Just as the words escaped his lips, a flash of silver appeared in the streets of New York. Percy pulled out his pen, Anaklusmos or Riptide. As he pulled the cap off, it transformed into a Celestial Bronze sword. Annabeth pulled out her sword made of drakon bone, a gift from Damasen the friendly giant, after she lost her dagger in Tartarus. As the thing came speeding towards them, Percy could make out a group of girls with bows and arrows, dressed up in silver clothing.

"Hunters of Artemis." Percy and Annabeth said in unison.


Leading the group was a friend of Annabeth's: Thalia Grace. She had jet black punk-style hair like always and wore a silver parka, jeans and had a necklace with a moon on it. Being Artemis's (the goddess of hunters, maidenhood and the moon) lieutenant, she had a beautiful silver tiara. All Hunters of Artemis are immortal, but they have to stay forever maidens, so don't try go out on a date with them or Artemis will shoot you with her silver bow. 

Thalia spoke before Annabeth could say anything.

"Annabeth. This is an emergency. Demigods at Camp Half-Blood are going missing. We can't help you. Right now we're hunting the Teumessian Fox. And it's nearby. Gotta go." 

And the forever maidens were off. 

"What's the Teumessian Fox?" Percy asked.

"Didn't you hear her? Demigods are missing! We have to go back."

"Well, I'm sorry, but I have a pregnant mother that I need to take care of!"

"Percy! Last time I checked Camp Half-Blood was our home! Why are you acting like this?"

"This is my home as well. If you don't like it then go back to your home."

Annabeth wiped beads of tears of her face. 

"Fine. I will."


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