Never Leaving You

After the war between demigods and Gaea, Annabeth and Percy are finishing their last two years at high school. It's nearly the end of their junior year, and that means tests and exams. While studying, demigods at Camp Half-Blood are disappearing, causing struggles in their relationship.


3. Chapter 3

It was Sunday and Percy thought it would be nice to go to the movies or something. Annabeth had smiled and agreed.


They strolled casually down to the cinema, watching Autumn leaves bungee jump from the branches. Annabeth looked as beautiful as ever. She was sporting a warm sweater, jeans and brown boots.

"You haven't told me what we're watching yet." She smiled.

"Oh, it's called the Theory Of Everything. I thought you might enjoy it." Percy replied. So far, so good. He already had a few dates with Annabeth, yet he was still so nervous. 


He got himself comfortable, while the movie started. Munching on popcorn, he stared at Annabeth more than he stared at the screen. Percy moved closer to Annabeth and they turned to each other. Their lips touched and they kissed for more than a minute. 

"I need to breathe, Seaweed Brain." she whispered, then went back to kissing him. Percy's heart was beating like a drum the marching band would play. When the lights came back on Annabeth's face was streaked with tears. Annabeth rarely cried. This was one of those moments. They strolled casually back to the apartment.

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