Never Leaving You

After the war between demigods and Gaea, Annabeth and Percy are finishing their last two years at high school. It's nearly the end of their junior year, and that means tests and exams. While studying, demigods at Camp Half-Blood are disappearing, causing struggles in their relationship.


2. Chapter 2

Annabeth knew that Percy would still call Nico. Because she wanted to be a supportive girlfriend, she followed Percy into the bathroom. He turned the tap on and from his pocket, he produced a golden coin. Throwing it through the water, the golden drachma disappeared.

"O, Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow, accept my offering. Show me Nico di Angelo at Camp Half-Blood."

After a few seconds, a image of Nico and Will appeared.

"Hey Annabeth! Hey Percy!" Will said brightly. Nico waved.

"Um. Hi Will, Nico. Has Hades said anything abou Leo-" Percy started.

Nico's expression changed from contentment to disappointment. He sighed

"You're not the first to ask or the last. Hades has said nothing in my dreams! I'm not a god or something! I can't tell if he's suddenly alive!" A hint of anger and frustration crept into Nico's voice.

"Hey, hey Percy. Lay off him for a while." Will said in Nico's defense.

"I wasn't-" 

Annabeth interrupted.

"Thanks anyways. We got to go help Sally make some, uh-"

"Enchiladas!" Percy exclaimed. Annabeth put her hand through the image and it disappeared. She put her hands on her hips.

"Seriously? Enchiladas?"

"I was remembered that we were supposed to make enchiladas for dinner." Percy replied, sheepishly.

"I know you're mom is...but I think we should visit Camp Half-Blood. Visit Grover and Piper and-"

"I know you want to Annabeth, but I need to take care of mom."

Annabeth looked disappointed.

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