Never Leaving You

After the war between demigods and Gaea, Annabeth and Percy are finishing their last two years at high school. It's nearly the end of their junior year, and that means tests and exams. While studying, demigods at Camp Half-Blood are disappearing, causing struggles in their relationship.


1. Chapter 1

Percy scrambled through the pile of books that lay on his bedside table. 

"Damn it"

He spent the whole night studying. Because his mom, Sally was pregnant, Percy had no time to study during the day.

'At least Annabeth is staying over.' He thought. Just thinking about his girlfriend, Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena (the goddess of  wisdom and warfare) made him smile. Her blonde hair. Her stormy grey eyes. The one streak of silver hair that they shared.

"Hey Seaweed Brain. Did you lose your Algebra book again?" asked a familiar voice. Percy turned around. There,  leaning against the door frame was Annabeth.

"Um, hey. Just studying. And no, I did not lose my Algebra book." He found himself saying to Annabeth.

"Really? 'Cause that's what you said last time."

"Fine, Wise Girl. I did lose it." He replied. Annabeth was still taller that Percy by a few inches. Leo had once told him that 'The shortest guys are the hottest.' 


Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus, was one of his friends. During the battle to defend Camp Half-Blood from Octavian and hi onagers, he sacrificed himself and got launched into nowhere. Annabeth's voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Still thinking about Valdez, huh?" Annabeth sat next to him on the bed. "It's not your fault. I know what Nico said, but maybe he's wrong."

Percy stared at his sneakers. 

"Maybe, I should talk to Nico." he said.

"Nico just got into a new relationship with Will. Let them have some time. He's new to relationships." 

"You're right." Percy replied uncertainly.

"Here, I'll help you."

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