All eyes on her

Everything in my life revolves around her


3. 3.

I kept going to those parties, always sitting by the fire, hoping to see her again.

I spent months listening from afar to loud music and intimate moments. I peeked into the same people's lives every weekend, and learned their secrets. Julie would go with a different man every week. Matt would always try to beat his beer chugging time: thirty-seven seconds. Betty would always come with her girlfriend dressed up as kittens. The boys would stand on the other side of the fire and talk about who would try to get with who. I slowly forgot about the elusive girl and started going to learn more about these people. I started making a habit of bringing a journal to write and draw in while listening to people.

The summer came and went, and when the host declared that the next bonfire would be the last of the season, I decided to give up searching. I found the bar and helped myself to it.

 I had always thought that alcohol was bitter until I drank it with a pit in my soul. It was like a fire being ignited in me again, and as the fire got warmer inside of me, I went to find more to comfort me. 

I found Betty and asked her why her girlfriend always dressed like a kitten.

I challenged Matt on his beer chugging,

And I soon forgot about the sadness that had been within me just a few hours ago.


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